Tomorrowland Terrace Fireworks Dessert Party

I reserved the party (for December 30th!) I know @GrumpyInBrooklyn (& Mrs. Grumpy) will be there. Anyone else? Are you attending another party on a different date? Roll Call here! What are your favorite desserts at the party? (I'm eyeing the Mango sliders...)

We booked our first TTDP for 12/2. Have you seen the Video where @NotThatKevinSmith tried the mango sliders? It cracks me up.

I haven't - I'll look it up smile

@ThatDisneyGuy_outer1 Much to our disappointment, we did the TTFDP during our May trip and not only were those mango things gone, but so was a LOT of stuff. It was really bare bones. Not sure if it was an off-night or they just removed a lot of stuff but it wasn't really replaced with anything.

Oh no!

Well that's no good! I wonder if anyone else has a recent report. Then again I think we aren't going to get a lot of useful information for a few days while things calm down. At least I hope they will lol.

We are going on 8/30 so I will try to take some photos and report back!

Nov. 22nd! It will be our 1st time and I'm thrilled because our 1st time trying to watch Wishes was not so magical.

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I hope all of the foods are there!


We are going next Tuesday. This is our first time going, so I really don't have anything to compare the amount of desserts to. I'm sure my daughter, world's greatest dessert connoisseur, will help remember all the items on the buffet. I'll let you know!

I have a suggestion for amateur photographers who attend the TTFDP. I bought a Joby portable tripod and used it to attach my camera to the fence. It let me take great fireworks photos without a lot of trouble, and it was small/light enough for me to carry in my park bag. There's plenty of space along the fence for everyone to see without worrying about getting in someone's way. Also, if you stand down by the food you'll have a more straight-on sight-line of the castle and the fireworks.

Here's a link to the Joby Tripod
And here's a link to my Flickr photos that I got during the TTFDP using it. TTFDP flicker slideshow


Oh thanks for that @SallyEpp_cot, I'm taking my DSLR that day for good pics and that will be really useful.

I'm not mechanically inclined but my DH had no trouble attaching it to the fence for me. Then I could adjust settings and click away to my heart's content. I don't think I actually WATCHED the show very much, but my kids did and I was having a lot of fun. That evening was one of the highlights of our trip for me.

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I'm not too worried about missing it. We'll see Holiday Wishes twice and regular wishes once and illuminations twice lol. I will have no shortage of fireworks opportunities.

We had such a great time in May at the TTDP! First time D11 and D8 would stay for Fireworks. I tempted them with Desserts. Get everything including your ice cream first time up as line gets very long!

Great tip. I didnt know there was a fence so didnt bring my Gorilla tripod. Of couse this was one of the first months that the TTFDP was offered. My pics arent the greatest.

I love all your photos, @SallyEpp_cot! Thanks for sharing!

Thanks @scrapper1617! Now I just have to make it back to WDW so I can post some NEW ones. 104 days!

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Nice pictures, @SallyEpp_cot!

@SallyEpp_cot, are you doing the dessert party again? I'm trying to convince my DH to go. He's not a big sweets person, except for ice cream. He thinks it's too expensive.