Toll Roads

With the opening of SWGE, we have decided to forgo Disney transportation. We will be renting a car from MCO. How many toll stops are there on the way to WDW? How much for each toll? Can I pay cash? Is there a booth with an employee? Or is there a certain lane that I should be in to pay cash? I have heard that some rental car places included a toll sticker in the car rental charge. Do any of you know if this is the case with MCO rental cars? Thanks in advance!!

In my experience there is one toll. I believe it is $2.50. There are designated cash lanes (on the right). The cash lanes veer off to the side. Although I carry the change, there has always been a person collecting the toll.

This is one of the things I’m so stressed about. DH usually drives and I look for signage.

Is this a Disney toll? Does Disney have any tolls?
If they don’t I’m sure they will in the future. In the last decade it seems that Disney puts a charge on everything little thing that used to be a benefit/perk that went with the price of admission.

No Disney tolls!

Of course not. Disney doesn’t want your money! :wink:

1 Like has driving directions from the airports to WDW resorts, including the tolls. It also has options for stopping off at grocery stores to stock up on the way.

Be very careful with any toll offer that a rental car company has - most of the are rip-offs, with a flat per day charge PLUS the actual tolls.


There are two different ways to go from MCO to WDW and both routes have tolls. I always just bring a roll of quarters. The cash lanes have baskets that you can toss the money into. The way we go has 2 tolls I think? Then I use the rest of the quarters for the penny-press machines.

Definitely don’t pay for the toll transponder from the rental agency! They will charge you per-day even if you aren’t going through tolls. It’s ridiculous and I can’t believe it’s legal, personally. If you want to do some research you can buy your own transponder but that feels like a lot of effort to me unless you’ll be back again soon.

I was just looking at this on the car I am renting, it said it has some PASS thing, and when I clicked through the details it talks about a 5.95 PER DAY charge, plus the actual toll. No thanks.

That really annoys me.

If we rented a car from MCO and drove to WDW, we might not have any quarters to pay the toll with. Do they all have manned lanes too? I was reading a while ago how some of them don’t anymore.

We always rent from Alamo onsite instead, rather than risk DH driving whilst jet-lagged and sleep deprived. We give things a couple of days, rent from onsite and have a day before heading offsite anywhere.

I don’t think they have any manned lanes. In general, states seem to be doing away with manned booths and even more, the lanes in general. Up where I live, it’s mostly “open road tolling” with just regular lanes of travel with a row of cameras above them. If you don’t have a transponder, it takes a picture of your licence plate and bills you. This does make it an issue for rental cars and I think this is where the rental agencies have FULLY exploited the customers!

I am returning on Sunday. In February there were manned lanes. You need to exit to the right to access the cash lanes then merge back on the highway.

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I’m quite concerned about how we will manage this in the fall. It looks like there is a maximum on certain rentals. I will definitely navigate myself toward those companies.

This program has been extended once so far


If you take 528 it’ll be $2.50 in tolls each way - with people in the booths available to give change. Be careful though - if you get off to fill up your rental car gas tank before the airport you will likely have more tolls and it will likely be an unmanned ‘you better have quarters’ booth - I think the last exit right before the airport is $1.25 in quarters. (Alternatively you can take the no toll road to the airport that loops around and takes longer, but this is an option.)

If you take 418 - good luck, just bring a ton of quarters - $5, maybe more? I think most, if not all, of the booths were unmanned. I did that once and never again. 10/10 will drive farther to avoid that road.

Now I’m annoyed at paying tolls so I take the non-toll option to the airport - select the no-tolls option in your GPS and it should take you there. It is a little longer, so if time is an issue, I would not recommend.

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Interesting program. I’m going to try it. We are flying in for a quick weekend visit for the SWGE AP preview, renting a car since time will be at a premium and don’t want to be waiting/depending on buses.


I just drove from MCO to Disney in July and did not run across any tolls. I just selected no tolls on Waze and it gave me directions to and from the airport without having to pay tolls. It does take longer - and we ended up in some neighborhoods, but it worked.

While driving a car I rented in Oklahoma to Dallas, I did not take advantage of their toll pass.

Texas charged the rental company my tolls and it showed up later on my credit card as a charge.

I have a SunPass Transponder that I ordered online. Even though we will be flying in the fall, I’m still taking this with me just in case I for any reason need to rent a car once I’m there.

See, that seems ideal to me! Easy enough. But I feel like most are jumping at the opportunity to upcharge customers.