Today’s podcast

Someone over on WDWMagic has posted that Len talked about DVC being sold off in today’s podcast.

Did anyone listen to it? I have no idea if this is wild exaggeration of what was discussed or what. How do I find the podcast?


I have not listened yet, but I did see a post on Facebook about it. You’ll need to download the Bandcamp app to listen. It is not on Spotify. It might be on iTunes though if you have an iPhone. “Disney Dish” with a cartoon picture of Jim and Len against a purple background.

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Just got to that part as I drove in to office #2 for the day; will listen on the way home later on. Sounds interesting.

No it seems to be discussed in the free episode.

Unless they go into greater detail on bandcamp

Sorry, yes it’s a free episode, but I don’t have iTunes so even the free stuff I have to listen to on Bandcamp (which is a terrible app). I can’t get it on Spotify where I get all my other podcasts.

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Sounds dreadful to me. I bought into the Disney Vacation Club, I don’t want to be part of the Marriott timeshare.


I was trying my new Monday optimism out. :wink:


They’re available on Google Podcasts, if that helps.

Oh interesting! I think the google podcast app is gone from my phone since google links through Spotify. Thanks! I probably still must use Bandcamp for the exclusives though. Boo hiss.

Also available on Stitcher. I also stopped at that point. Wanted to start my day wishing I could go food tasting at Disney with Christina instead of hearing stressful news.


Ooh, that sounds fun. :wink:

Mine had gone by 11am, I’m exhausted, can’t even face making dinner. Hoping DH will offer. :flushed:

It’s not actually working.

Was it suggested that they would be bought by Marriott specifically? (Who I am now enemies with.) I was just kind of under the impression that they were looking to sell in name-only and it would just kind of be another thing they outsourced. It’s already a separate business unit so I wasn’t thinking it would be a big deal.

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Holy shit there is so much more to this than just the time share element. Wait until you are either already in a very bad mood, or in a good mood (depending on your personal preference for hearing bad things) before you listen.

We need to all listen and then all return for a book club style conversation instead of dribs and drabbing this one!


Is the one for Sept 27th?

Oh geez! I usually listen in the shower lol.

I haven’t listened yet. :grin:

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wait… you just stirred a pot but haven’t’ listened? I’m listening now.

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I can probably get through at least the first half tomorrow morning and skip the last piece of the history of the HM. Good luck!

I find it fascinating from a business speculation stand point. And Len reiterate this is all musing. So I should circle back to that!