To Disney World We Go! (Enablers unite!)

Ok, so. I had this stroke of genius as I was setting foot in Batuu for the first time last month. My dad would looove it here So, fast forward 4 weeks and I am seriously thinking about taking him in September for a short 3 night/4 day trip. Why my dad? Well, he first introduced me to Star Wars as a kiddo and instilled my love for it. Also, I know he would not go on his own accord because he really only travels with my mom and she isn’t a fan of traveling that far away from home. Then there’s the fact that he’s not getting any younger. He’s still in good shape and able to keep up on a day at the parks. I feel like he’s in his prime for a father daughter trip like this.
So what could go wrong with this plan? Mom guilt is definitely setting in here with this one because I haven’t gone to the World without my kiddos. For those who have traveled to WDW without your kids, what advice do you have for me? Lastly, as the title says, I truly am calling all enablers (to convince me why this is a good idea of course)!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Explain that your love for them is like the love between you and your own Dad. That you need to do this for him, because he did all kinds of great things for you. Like you’ve done for them. And that you doing this for your Dad doesn’t take away for when you will do this for and with them.


You rang???

Listen to me, and listen to me hard: If you can do this thing with your Dad right now? DO IT. The kids will get over it. Hell they may even learn from what you’re doing. I WOULD GIVE ANYTHING to have had the chance to do something like this with my own Dad. Don’t pass up your chance.

(And please, keep us in the loop – I love living vicariously)


Did you read @Olafsdad trip reports with his daughters?? You will book immediately after reading.


Ok but with this trip YOU are the kid. Your kids went with their parents so you should not feel guilty going with yours.


Yes yes yes! You are my PEOPLE! These are all excellent, valid points and I am getting so excited that this may actually happen!


I think others have already convinced you (if you needed convincing :rofl:) but as someone who is going to DLR with my wife in September with no kids, I can say that the kids will get over it and can generally understand how these things work as long as you don’t present it as a choice for them.


do it. i took my mom a couple of years ago. i had gone with other family members the year before. while there (and seeing families with older parents in wheelchairs), i thought my mom would love wdw. it would also be something special just for her. (she and my dad, who had passed just a couple of years prior, took us to wdw a time or two when i was little.)

seeing my mom’s face light up every time she saw mickey was priceless.

setting that example to your kids of the love and kindness you share with your dad could leave a great impression.


So, I am setting a good example and that one day, they should take me to WDW. I like this line of thinking! Paying it forward! :wink:

Yes this x1000000000 :blue_heart::blue_heart::blue_heart:

Yes, and this is great anecdotal evidence that I should do it!

I always feel like a kid at WDW, so I might as well go with my dad, right? :two_hearts:

Thanks for calling out the bull :poop: :joy: because yeah, I came here because I knew you all would know the right things to say.

:sob: I am so glad you got to go with her. She’s lucky to have you!


You must share with your kids your photos and memories of your trip with your dad.
You are teaching them how kids care for parents.




So, first of all, you haven’t been to the World without the kids. That means you’ve taken them. They had a turn! Sharing turns is a great lesson for kids.

I love how @Jeff_AZ phrased it - if you don’t present it as a choice, it isn’t an issue. One of the things I figured out with parenting is that, if you don’t think it’s a big deal, neither do the kids. Of course there are exceptions - they might have particular fears that you don’t, etc. - but overall, I’ve noticed that as long as I don’t freak out about things, they stay calm too. And yes, that requires a bit of acting sometimes, as it will for you - that mom guilt is REAL. But you are a daughter, too. And an individual apart from the kids.

Finally, something that we’ve all felt with this Covid nonsense: when you can do something, just go ahead and do it. If you’re able, and it sounds like a good idea to you, go for it. It’s like a “seize the day” mentality. Within reason, of course. But this feeling is what caused us to change our travel plans from a different vacation to Disney this summer. And the anticipation is already making me feel like it was worth it!


So much of what you said is so true. My dad had a very serious stroke about 8 years ago and he was very lucky to have responded well to treatment and had no serious side effects. It was a very eye opening experience for him and also me. It definitely causes you to have a seize the day mentality and I think this trip is waiting to be had.

I am going to talk to DH and see if logistically the trip could work with such relatively last minute planning (for me!). Either way, I am going to be planning a trip for us soon- it just depends on the when.


My dad had a heart attack the year I got married. He was young for a heart attack, and I know it made all of us wake up a bit. Luckily, he was able to walk me down the aisle, and he’s doing great today. I’m so glad your dad is doing well!


Thank you! I am glad that your dad is well too!


Do it!

I’m 43 and both my biological parents are gone and my bonus dad is as good as gone.

Seize the day! Go on the trip! Eat dessert first!! (then walk off all those calories!!)



Hugs :heart::heart::heart:


My daddy passed away 8 years ago today. Take the trip.


I am sorry for your loss. :revolving_hearts:


I’ve also not done Disney without my kids. But I did get to do it with my dad.

He always talked about going to “MGM.” In 1994 I planned a family trip, with AAA books and Birnbaum’s guide. I called airlines and booked it. I was a 22 yo college student and paid my own way, so my parents only had to pay for theirs and my sister. We went June 1994.

My dad was so happy to see MGM Studios! (And Epcot and MK.). I cherish a photo we took there that morning. (Few photos bc - film.)

He died suddenly in May 1997, one month before my wedding. It was our last trip together.

DH and I don’t do stuff without our kids, but I do encourage you to make a trip with your dad to happen. :heart: