I think if nothing else, it’s good to reacquaint users with why some people have titles. Lots of new users who don’t know how/why and now they do. I certainly have learned a little history today. Which is cool and makes me love this space and group of people even more. :purple_heart::purple_heart:


This sounds an awful lot like not being happy with Laurel, or at least not being happy with the bestowment of titles which only she did.


Not literal friends, But if you couldn’t ask for one, but then the rules changed and suddenly you could but only for a few days / weeks then that was a favour. Especially if not everyone who asked got one.

I have just often wondered how some people had them. Like I said, I always assumed it was from a certain time in the forums. (And now I know it was from 2014j).

I think it would be nice if people could create their own, but it seems that isn’t possible with the forum software. I’m not asking that they all be deleted either.

But it does create that situation where anyone without one can never get one. Kind of like the “if you weren’t born and raised in this town you’ll always be considered an incomer - even after 50 years”.

Presumably this thread is to establish whether that’s a problem. Otherwise I’m not quite sure what it’s for to be honest.


Yeah it’s kind of the definition of exclusivity. But to be honest I’m fine with exclusivity if that’s what everyone wants. If it changed, I think it should still not be something everyone gets immediately, but they would have to establish some sort of presence on the forum.

This seems like a good reason to bring it back!

Ultimately it’s up to the mods and whether they want to deal with whatever it entails (clerical work, drama, backlash, etc.). I’m not going to get my knickers in a twist over it (they’re just a little bunched up now but I’ll get them straightened out :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:).


I wasn’t around, so it didn’t affect me. I genuinely had no idea how or why people got titles, and hadn’t heard of Laurel.

All I know about the history of the Forums is that when it was set up it was very contentious for some reason.


I think what course of action you should take here depends on whether people on the forums see custom titles as cosmetic or a status symbol. I personally believe the vast majority of active and inactive community members side on the former.


While I know who Laurel is I don’t know her and we are not friends.


Yes this

Mine used to reference doing laundry because I always sing the praises of going home with clean laundry and always stop at the laundry rooms to review


I had forgotten about your laundry tagline. I do quite like your current one.


Yes, so my point was that although it’s a small number of users which makes it seem exclusive, there really weren’t that many users around at the beginning. It wasn’t done out of favouritism with hundreds or thousands of people were left out.


I’d forgotten that! You were the laundry expert.


I’d like to think I still am :wink:


Random thoughts on the matter.

I joined in 2017. While I have always wondered why some had titles and some didn’t, I haven’t put more thought into it other than idle curiosity.

I have no idea who Laurel is.

It seems like opening the ability to have titles has the risk of being fun for some, while also causing some people to feel like they aren’t somehow part of the “in” crowd, whether true or not.

I don’t care one way or the other, but if pressed I would stick to the status quo.


I joined in 2016 and have thought more about titles today while reading this than I have in the seven years I’ve been a member. I couldn’t give two :poop: either way. I had always assumed it was something done before I joined and was no longer done and had assumed people had titled themselves.


I think this is already how some users feel, and I would hate to add to that feeling or make anyone feel unwelcome.


My two cents since you asked :wink:

When I first migrated over from chat I thought it was something those that had them added themselves. Just assumed I was technically incapable of figuring it out. :rofl:

When I heard the story of how they came about I thought it was pure fun! Imagine the surprise of a new one popping up and everyone laughing at how perfectly it fit (or didn’t)!

I’ve often thought it would be fun to see what could be thought up for others. Some would be easy, others not so much.

If a mod were to volunteer to take it on I think it would be fun! But it also sounds like a lot of work so I understand if no one wants that job :grin:


I brought up exclusivity - so I want to make a clarification!

I agree with this!

And I agree with this! To me the current titles show who have been around since early on. I don’t see it as exclusive, more a mark of having been here long enough to get an extra something for being an OG. For example, i am sad @PrincipalTinker removed her title - because she has totally earned it (but respect her choice to keep or remove).

I am solidly pro - people who have titles keeping their titles.

My thought was that if we STARTED giving them again - they have the potential to feel excluding - because there is the opportunity to get one. If you can’t ask for them especially, It seems like an aweful lot of work for the moderators to have to try to keep the awarding of titles “fair” moving forward.

So if you are a subscriber who has posted a certain number of times and that triggers a title - I am all for it. If they have to keep up wtih who “should” get one - that seems messy, especially for the mods.

But again - I am solidly supportive of those with titles, keeping titles - you paved the path for us.


I think there are too many on the forum for tag lines to be anything but a mess.

Some folks are here a lot, some are here if their work isn’t taking up all their time, some check in from time to time. Meaning handing out tag lines becomes even more difficult.

With a small group - possibly not understanding each other - tag lines could be important. Hasn’t the forum evolved?

As the uncensored thread shows, currently we have little difficulty in having fun. The Reedy Creek thread is evidence of doing a fair job of getting along in tough circumstances.

And possibly my posts being flagged at least twice provide proof if you will of the ability to find fault where none was meant.

Somehow I knew Laurel bestowed the tag lines, once upon a time. I knew that Laurel had some connection to Len. Some tag lines are great, some inscrutable now, and I’m fairly sure I’ve been completely clueless as to @OBNurseNH 's prowess as a laundress. meaning to say the community has moved on

I’ve been on other forums where folks get tiered titles based on how many posts. I’ve always liked that this forum isn’t that way.

As to keeping people sorted when their avatar or whatever it’s called - make a cheat sheet. :smile: :upside_down_face:

Oh, what am I saying. Make a spreadsheet. :wink:


I realized that there will always be new people who will not know about the titles and potentially will feel left out. I loved my title. I loved that I was “inappropriate” and I knew why Laurel gave it to me. That being said, this community and new members feeling included is more important to me.