I like this too, just like a shared history.

Despite having been a member of TP for many years, I didn’t find chat until early in 2014. It was fun to follow along although someone snapped at me early on for answering a question. My answer wasn’t accurate enough. I didn’t post much after that :cry:

The forum began in maybe June or July of 2014. My recollection was that we were asked to use chat only while in the parks needing answers and the forum for everything else. I’m a rules follower so that’s what I did! It caused lots of problems and hurt feelings though. I remember it being a big drama and a big divide. It was sad.

I think the titles started by Laurel just giving them out based on what she gleaned from reading posts. Then there was a time when others could suggest a title for others which is how I got mine. This helped those of us who aren’t as clever or who didn’t stand out as much. I think a timeframe was communicated to everyone to post suggestions. There were so few people back then. It was just different. The thing I like most about my title is that it reminds me of the liner who suggested it as well many others who are no longer here. Many have moved on for whatever reason but I still have fond memories of those I “met” here and got to know. Titles or not the greatest thing about this space is the community that is built. I think that was true then and is still true now.


With all affection @Flavita I don’t think your not noticing the difference even counts or surprises us. :heart: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :wink: :heart_eyes:


But we face in different directions! Totally different.



Absolutely. Y’all look totally different to me. :rofl:

Yours might even be on a pole where @PrincipalTinker is clearly seated.


@missoverexcited’s is Sexy Jedi Tink.


Yes, a title like … and this is purely theoretical …“The Nice Guy with Chicken Legs” :slight_smile:


Omg me too :rofl:

I will miss it.



(But I still want to keep mine :woman_shrugging:t2:)


Well, now I’m conflicted … I think a title would be fun, but I don’t like being considered part of any “in” crowd. I’m an “out” crowd kind of guy.

Me too.

And I agree with this.

First time that I’ve agreed with @ryan1 this much on anything.


This happened to me too! But I started in 2015 so missed the forum vs chat mess. Luckily, eventually, I ventured out again!

This is why you have always been such an important voice on both the chat and forum. I can say that at times whem I thought I might not have a place, you have always been the voice that says, "“everyone has a place!”


I promise I don’t care about it this much, but it’s a little weird to me that the consensus seems to be that since people can feel left out without a title, the answer is that no one [new] should get one instead of everyone. :thinking:

It seems that the real reason not to do it is that it’s a lot of work so just leave it alone. I can live with that.


Bit of both


See, I don’t see that as the least but odd. I know plenty of folks personally who struggle with wanting to fit in and try, but then end up not noticed or ignored, which just contributes to increased self esteem issues. I think it is more common for those who are introverted.


Which covers a sizeable portion of the folks here. :thinking:


Please tell me where you got that from?


Nothing you said.

But after hashing it out here, it does seem like it would be a lot of work to decide on a process, implement it, and then forever be explaining to all new users how to get a title. If it was just a matter of opening up functionality for us to add our own titles, it would be a different story.


Maybe what we need is some AI to start assigning titles to folks. That could be fun!


First world problems here




My two cents: people who feel like there’s an “in” crowd and bystanders will feel that way regardless of whether official titles exist. There are just too many inside jokes that can only be kept up with if you can spend a couple hours on here each day. And those that do have forged an amazing bond. I said when I went to the Epic Liner Meet in 2022 that I felt like I was going to meet the stars of my favorite television show. That “cast” is incredibly gracious and welcoming and encouraging of all forum users. And yet, it’s all too easy for others to feel, well, “othered.” Even I feel like a massive outsider most of the time and I’m probably more known than many others.

And whether there are official titles or not, “Pop Pop,” and “Sexy Legs,” and “Noodz” and whatever else I missed in the 8,000 posts on the uncensored thread the last week when I was busy with work and kids and life and trying to keep up with six concurrent trip threads, all appear from time to time (or more frequently) anyway. So I don’t think titles make a difference. Those of us who are active frequently enough and are on La Cava (paid subscribers) bestow unofficial titles all the time. So if titles ruffle feathers I don’t think they should be resurrected.

But I will say I loved reading about obnurse’s laundry > voice of reason a year or two ago and I was delighted to see jjt’s link to his original trip report that granted him his Homeric author title. I think the legacy ones are super fun and I’m not jealous that I don’t have one - only slightly angry that it took me so damn long to find this fabulous place.