’Tis the season for holiday Member events! This is a bizarre for Disney-

I am not trying to be argumentative at all. I thought I was answering your specific question on this, based on my take.

When I look at the dates involved, park reservations aren’t full for any park, but this particular evening is a special extended evening hours for HS. So, it costs them money to staff up the Extended Hours…but they might not be getting enough attendence for it to make financial sense. I can see, then, them trying to figure out a way to help offset the cost…and this event might do that. Bring in extra income to help drive up attendence and revenue for the Extended Evening hours.

So…what is Disney’s end game? To create an event under the guise of a DVC member event, but really riding on the back of Extended Evening hours which was already advertised so they can make more money.

I really can’t help but see it any other way.


Pizza Rizzo



Also a no from
Me :rofl:


Which is awesome! Have at it!

I am not impressed by this. Irrelevant since I won’t be there anyway.

But I’m glad it works for you!!

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There’s a warning for that?

(Real question)

There is a warning that says something about not just talking to one person and including other people in the conversation. That’s all I can think of.

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Oh that one! I get that one all the time. I didn’t notice it mentions being civil :rofl: Oops! I should pay better attention :rofl:


I don’t have DVC, but for what it’s worth, I understand your inquiry. Like, “Why do we think Disney chose this angle?”

And I’ve got nothing.

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I guess @noreen99 feels this is a good option because APs are blocked out at that time? I get that

But then, a 1 day ticket to HS, if that’s what you’d want to do, is not a lot different than this event.

I think they are looking at this as the Pizza Rizzo thing being basically free in light of that, and are finding value in that

But for me, I look at this and see Disney saying "instead of unblocking you with the pass you already paid for, here’s an opportunity to spend even more money which is their favorite song of late.

We all have different feelings on that, and I think it’s great that it’s a good option for @noreen99 and family :slight_smile: Just as I can see the other side of the coin too.


So - they are dressing up a sow’s ear?

The extra is pizza and beer? Am in reading that right?


Again really it’s not about what the value is but WHY they are suddenly including the fare media-

No. It says they are having food from holiday traditions around the world. So it is AT PizzaRizzo, but it isn’t their food.


I honestly think it’s because it’s the only way to “trick” people into buying, basically, a one-day ticket who are normally locked out and who probably otherwise would not


Do you see this coming for other dessert parties
Dinning events ect?

And yeah I don’t see this as anything that much different than the park after dark events like typhoon lagoon…I also see this as a possibility of a replacement to Moonlight Magic ect

I have no idea.

That’s exactly why I started this thread- not value vs 1 day ticket

But wholly shit these things have never included “park access”

What’s the change

They are selling a ticket they wouldn’t have sold. That is my opinion.

And maybe optics - like here’s another exclusive thing (kind of)

What do YOU think is the change?

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I honestly have a ton of thoughts-

Like is this going to become a normal thing- expanding to other events ect…

Will this DVC exclusive event become the genie+ eliminating moonlight Magic same way fast pass was replaced by pay to play…

With DVC owners (specifically benefits eligible) unable to purchase APs - are DVCers hitting the parks less than prior years and therefore not spending on things like events ect…

It feels very much like the test that was done through DVC with the purchase of extra fast passes when staying at cooper creek -that also offered minimal food beverage offerings

Incase anyone forgot about the program - it didn’t last very long