’Tis the season for holiday Member events! This is a bizarre for Disney-

Celebrate the holidays as you dine with your Disney Vacation Club ®family inside PizzeRizzo at Disney’s Hollywood Studios ®. More than just pizza, your festive feast includes delightful dishes inspired by holiday traditions around the world.

When: 12/15 & 12/22*
Where: PizzeRizzo at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Price: $159 per adult, plus tax, $129 per youth (ages 3 – 20), plus tax
The price includes park admission & reservation to Disney’s Hollywood Studios after 4:00 p.m. for each Guest and beer & wine for Guests 21 and older.

Who: Eligible Members who have made a reservation/modification before November 27, 2022, 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time using their Membership (points or cash) to stay at a Disney-owned-and-operated hotel at Walt Disney World ® Resort over an event date

How: Event booking opens on November 29, 2022 at 11:00 a.m. Eastern Time

Read and re-read the email over and over-

Theme park admission is included that never frigging happens- the cost isn’t much more than a typical dessert party and includes PARK TICKET?

Is this an acknowledgment that members are unhappy with not being able to purchase APs?

Yikes. Seems like quite a money grab. That is a lot of money for after 4 access to the park and some food. Especially since likely most people already staying on a DVC reservation would have tickets for parks already

I stopped dead at Pizza Rizzo :joy::joy:


Those are the days of extended hours at HS. So I guess it’s kind of a good deal?

It’s not priced much higher than say the plaza dessert party “treats and seats” at $114 per adult and that doesn’t include any park admission.

Staying DVC doesn’t necessarily equate to having park admission- for every day of the trip and especially for every guest on a reservation…

I see it as quite a reasonable offer- here is why although most of my family are AP holders and combined DVC sorcerers & FL pixie our passes are ineligible for any Park during those dates- we have one family member that has been unable to get any AP and is strictly day to day tickets since the sales pause…considering we will be in town during that timeframe - slightly more notice and we probably would have made a room reservation just for that event-

It may sound ridiculous but that’s exactly what had me wishing we had an eligible room stay…

Since my kids were little “muppets Christmas carol” is our family’s favorite Christmas movie-

The beginning of the season for us starts with the line
“ light the lamp not the rat”


But the dessert party includes a nice view of the fireworks without seeking like a sardine. That is where the value comes from.

I wish my kid liked the Muppets. After multiple trips not going to the Muppet show I finally got her there thos summer. She was likr, “okay we’ve done it. I never have to do it again, right?”

BUT I should have kept reading, that does look like fun, and the park admission is :exploding_head:

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Ok here we go again- can we agree to disagree…

We often do the “dining night time packages and desert parties and unless it’s a pontoon boat your crammed in like sardines as soon as the shows starts everyone gets up and crams on that railing @ tomorrow land terrace-

I personally see value for this for my family…

If they offer something similar for our upcoming trip to VGC will be jumping on it…

We have a 7 day stay but 3 day hoppers non of us are key holders it’s our first trip…

Why I think this would be an incredibly value for us -

I think it’s a perfect solution for “travel” check in day and or resort days…No need to waste half a day’s ticket in lining up for check in ect…I get to see the show with the “package” without it interfering with our touring plans and IMO free up part of that 3day ticket to head to attractions because a must do bucket list item is already done

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Exactly- that’s pretty unprecedented IMO-

And it’s saying something- kinda why I brought it up the idea that it’s being treated similar to MNSSH or MVMCP- has me wondering why?


Of course. I like to discuss differing opinions.

I just fail to see value in this…at all. If you already have tickets, it is cheaper to add another day in than to buy this. You only get part of an evening, and not exclusive park access (such as with MVMCP). So for the price differential compared to adding a day on to existing tickets, you could have a nice meal or several holiday food options.

Am I missing something? I feel like I am missing something.

Again- my question is less about how value is perceived individually -and let’s face it anything Disney related value is subjective

but why now would they start including- park access
Unless they are realizing DVCs are not heading in…

So…is this an event they do every year?

Nope it’s new 2 dates- 1 of which falls on a blockout for almost all APs-

So far that to me screams TEST

What’s the angle

I don’t know…but given they have convinced a lot of folks to pay quite a lot for access to the TOLW lounge, this seems like a next step…see if there are enough DVC members with money to burn through these “exclusive” events, even if they don’t add a ton of “true” value. And thing is, they probably will fill it up.

I can see how perhaps the DVC members who are staying on property but not planning to go into the parks might splurge for this…an opportunity, perhaps, to see HS decked out for Christmas…not to mention TSL and SWGE at night.

I guess.

Ok so I got the keep it civil warning- so again

Sorry but I don’t think Disney does anything that isn’t strategic in nature-
many DVC owners are upset over the impact the APR system and lack of new AP sales….and many talk openly about how these changes have brought about discussions of selling

Would love to hear thoughts and interpretations of what this new offering may mean- vs opinions on the value of the product…

I guess that’s it, though. I am not seeing much strategy in this other than eeking out a few more dollars from DVC guests. Perhaps, doing so, they are calling this a DVC exclusive offering just to try to make DVC members feel like they are being given something? If so, it doesn’t seem (to me) like they are trying very hard.

But it kind of comes across to me like AP exclusive merch…which is really nothing particularly special, and just a way to get APs to spend more.

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You can’t compare this to TotWL access-

As that doesn’t give park time at all-

If you need something to compare it to its most similar to an after hours ticket park ticket and certainly can’t be compared to AP exclusive merchandise as that’s requires an AP and therefore a TICKET

@ryan1 have you ever known a dessert party ect to include park entrance before? I am betting it’s a NO, and that’s because generally people inclined to go these types of events are paying for both with no hesitation.

So it absolutely boggles my mind as to why they are offering it In now…

Hmm. I don’t see it even close to an after hours event. An After Hours event is exclusive park access with guaranteed shorter lines, etc. This is simply letting you into the park with everyone else…but only after 4 PM. The only thing exclusive it offers is some unique food options. So it isn’t like a party even either.

TOTWL provides unparalleled views of the fireworks (well, sort of) plus some food. It is also way cheaper than this.

This is why I said I must me missing something, because nothing about this seems like a great deal. If it WERE like an After Hours…such as similar to the moonlight events…it would make more sense to me.

Ugh - I’m done here

Cause at this point nothing new has been added-

You don’t think this is worth the cost understood loud and clear…

I had hoped for a discussion from owners that were interested in the event and how this addition of “park admission” that coincides with deluxe extra magic hours effects that - what’s Disney’s motivation that kinda thing

But it appears this can’t happen and we are just going back and forth so I wish you a happy thanksgiving
and all the best goodnight

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