Tips for getting your RotR BG confirmed

My family and I went to Disneyland last week and had a blast! On the top of our list (like everyone else it seems) was to get on the Rise of the Resistance ride. I read all the posts (this one and this one), videos and articles on how to do it and best practices for securing your boarding group (BG). I thought I’d share what we did and can tell you that by doing this we had BG 31 and I can honestly say that for as high as our expectations were this ride exceeded every single one of them.


  1. The Disney App - it is a must as everyone has already told you. Get it, be sure it is updated, has all your tickets linked to it and that you are signed in and have it open ~ 5 minutes before it is time.

  2. Timing - whatever time the official park time opens matters as in down to the second it matters. If you have an iPhone you’ll notice on the clock app that there is a red second hand so leverage that to do your countdown. Once it hits the time take a deep breath and reopen your Disney app.

  3. Buttons - what may seem confusing actually isn’t once you’re there and you’ve familiarised yourself with the Disney app. You should already have clicked on ‘Find Out More’ before the timer begins. At the moment it is time click on ‘My Status’ and then on ‘Join a Boarding Group’. In that order. In speaking to staff at the park last week this gives you the most direct line access to the server.

  4. Location/Connection - we played it safe and turned off wifi and used our cell service. we made sure not to be on a ride and to be outdoors in an open space. Worked like a charm.

  5. When to get there - this was my biggest concern. we decided to use our magic morning this day so we would be absolutely sure we were inside the park at the right time and that we weren’t shoulder to shoulder with a bunch of other guests who were doing the same thing on Main Street before rope drop. I am glad we did this and would recommend it to others.

I hope this helps. We absolutely loved it and can’t wait for next time.