Tipping at Chef Mickey etc

So at places like Chef Mickey, and TuskerHouse ROL package our bill for 4 will be $190. Do you tip 15-20% of that? I wasn’t sure if that was standard when your food purchase is a fraction of that. But I’m assuming it is. Thanks!

Tip for table service is alway 15 - 20%

The poster was referring to dinning packages. You pay a premium for the event, but I think you just top on the cost of the food. I’m not sure why you would tip for the cost of the tickets.

I would tip 15% at most for buffet, and about 18% for table service.

Yeh that’s my point exactly. Listen, I waited tables in my 20’s. I’m a great tipper. I remember the days well. But I’m not eating $190 worth of food. Lol or my server is the entertainer. Do they share the tips? Does Mickey and crew get a piece of that $40? Busboys?

Personally, I would tip based on the cost of the food. We are doing Tiffins ROL and HBD for F! at DHS. At Tiffins, we probably will eat the amount comparable to the ticket, but at HBD for lunch, we won’t get close - particularly with it being lunch. I look at it as paying for food and a ticket.

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For buffets the general rule of thumb is tipping 5 - 10%. Full service 15 - 20%.

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That is not what is suggested at Disney (noted at bottom of receipt).

Edited to add: for another opinion: http://blog.touringplans.com/2016/03/04/tips-tipping-walt-disney-world-transportation-restaurants-hotels/

But this could be interpreted to specifically apply to buffet, like Biergarten. A package, where your paying extra for ROL seating is not really part of the buffet. That’s why it’s confusing to some. Not meaning to be cheapskates :wink:

Yeah I don’t agree with the lower tip percentage for a buffet vs a table service. However, I still stand by tipping on the price of the food not on the price of the package. To be perfectly honest, with the cost of food at Tiffins + cocktails we might go over, in which case I’m not going to skimp on the tip for the server just because I got a deal.

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as a waiter many years ago - THANK YOU. For me Tipping is part of the price. You want to go out to dinner - you tip. Regardless of anything else and your thoughts etc. Going into it the social norm is - you tip your waiter. I usually tip at 20% and if the service was exceptional - I go up. If something got comped on my bill - I include the cost of the comped item in the tip calculation. If the service was bad (depending on the situation) I also tip appropriately and tell the person why their tip is meager. Although this rarely happens - but has (it has to be REALLY REALLY bad).

If the person is bringing me water and clearing my plates (buffet) - I tip 10%. If they are great and cheery and entertaining etc I do tip more.

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I also agree, TS vs buffet - %15-20% is standard and appropriate. My question was more geared towards character meals and packages, where I’m paying $60 for myself for breakfast. Like everything else we all have our opinions on the matter, just trying to get a general consensus to I can trip appropriately. Thanks all!

It is about $5-7 extra for the package right?

I was a server/restaurant manager for many years. The expectation will always be to tip on THE FOOD AND DRINKS. You don’t need to tip on the ROL production, for instance. The server isn’t putting on the ROL production, right?

So, 15-20% of food+drinks is acceptable.

actually that’s a great question, I have no idea. On my reservation it doesn’t even say how much the ROL package is. So I’m not sure how much we are paying for it! Thanks for pointing that out :wink: Just double checked, and I was looking at the dinner price. Breakfast price for ROL dining package is
Breakfast, starting at:
$39.00 adults
$24.00 children ages 3 to 9

No idea how that compares to regular meal. $120 is much better than $190 for breakfast! Thanks PrincipalTinker!

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Yeah if it’s a buffet I would definitely go and find the price of the buffet w/out the ROL package. Since I’m going to two traditional TS locations, it will be easier to calculate off the menu, but in your shoes I would definitely look up the normal buffet cost at the restaurant.

I think it’s $10 extra for F! dinner packages. That’s for when I booked for 30th December 2016.

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I have been searching for the chart and all I can find is Kenny the Pirate saying $5-$7. Tiffins can actually save you money.

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Yep for breakfast $9 more for kids and $4.99 more for adults. So for us it will be $28. I didn’t even want to Eat at Tusker House but I got swept up in the ROL hype and was worried we wouldn’t get a seat :joy:

Emily Post says 10% for Buffets.
I always tip more if the waiter is extra attentive or extra nice, buffet or TS.