Time for a new mattress

So…our mattress has had a long life. More than 20 years old, though, and it is due to be replaced.

In 2020, the king size mattress at Pop Century was the most comfortable mattress ever…but I failed to remember to check what it was. I asked @Randall1028 to check during his trip, but he didn’t stay in the king room, so not sure if it is the same. After a lot of research into the various sites that sell hotel mattresses directly including for Disney, we came up empty.

So, this year’s trip one of our goals was to determine which mattress we loved most so we could order it. Turns out Disney has had two main suppliers…Beautyrest and Posturpedic. Anyhow, we stayed in SSR and BWV…and the SSR mattress was amazingly comfortable and the clear winner of the two. Took a picture of the label and started looking again. Shophbd.com sells the Posturpedic mattresses…but they didn’t have the right one. I contacted the company and they said they have it, but with a new name. So…we now have a new mattress coming! Yay!


This was quite the journey to read your post and get to this! :joy::joy::joy:

Congrats! I may have to do the same thing when we eventually get a new mattress, which may be a long ways off. I think mattresses are best after being broken in.

(Yeah, I see it. Go ahead.)




I bought a Disney Posturpedic a few years ago. Best decision I ever made ( although, for a little while, I’d be at work dreaming about going home and laying on it, is that weird?)
Anyways, CONGRATS! a good nights sleep is the key to a happy life!


I started a thread near labor day about mattresses. I was going ot update it in a few days after I’d been using it for three months.

We ended up splurging for a Sleep Number and at first I was disappointed because when it first arrived I didn’t instantly start sleeping better. But three months in (almost) I would never trade it. It is better than I could have hoped for. They had a Labor Day sale that was interest free financing, so although we had the cash on hand, we went ahead and financed it for three years.

I hope your new mattress is outstanding. Sleeping comfortably is no joke.


So which mattress is it, out of curiosity?

At SSR it is called Sealy Posturpedic Sayer Prolux Ltd VIII. But they renamed it. It is now called the Sealy Posturpedic Dunmore Soft.


took waaay too long for me to realize that wasn’t saying “shop Hollywood Brown Derby.


So…our new mattress arrives tomorrow.

Which means…when they said it would take 5-8 weeks…they really meant 2!


That’s a “bank error in your favor”! Nice to see it go in that direction these days.

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For sure!

So…assuming that we end up loving this new mattress as much as we did when we were at SSR (there is always the fear that the “love” of it was due to exhaustion!), I’ll highly recommend using this company in the future. I’ll report on that in just a few days, I guess!


Yes please do! Our mattress is (gulp!) about 20 years old and I love those hotel mattresses!


Loving the new mattress? Or no?

Well…there is a story there I was waiting to tell. But I’ll provide an update.

So, we received our mattress a few days ago. Initial impression was that, while comfortable, it honestly did NOT feel like the one we slept on at SSR. However, we had purchased a new mattress protector for it, which we weren’t happy with. (It was “waterproof” and was rather slippery and noisy to sleep on, so was just not ideal.)

So, a couple days ago, we replaced the mattress protector with a NEW mattress protector. This new one has more of a quilted top…almost comforter-like. Much much better. And it did help with the mattress…but still, I just don’t feel like the new mattress actually is the same.

Yesterday, I emailed the company and expressed my disappointment that the mattress I was TOLD was the same as what we slept on (I had provided the exact name to them) clearly isn’t. I’m now waiting to hear back from them.

It isn’t that the mattress is uncomfortable. It is definitely a decent mattress. But we absolutely LOVED the SSR mattress…and this one…not as much. I expect we might end up getting a mattress topper for it to bring it to that next level we were expecting.

In the meantime, I’ll report back if I hear from the company. But I wanted them to be aware that what they were claiming is the same, just a new name, clearly isn’t the same.


:thinking: It will be interesting to see how it works out.


So, normally, they don’t allow returns, for example. Which is understandable. It isn’t like I’m buying from a local store or anything.

But what is unique in this situation is that I had, upfront, contacted them and told them how we had waited until we were back on Disney property to get the actual mattress we loved, and determined the exact name…I even photographed the label…and then asked them about it, since that model was no longer listed as available on their website. They specifically came back in response saying that the Dunmore Soft was the SAME mattress but with a new name. It is all documented in email exchanges directly with the company. So it isn’t like they can claim I just bought the wrong mattress. I went to great lengths to ensure I did NOT buy the wrong mattress.


Do you think part of it is that it needs to be broken in? Just wondering because I’m still hoping the new mattress I bought last year will someday feel more like the sample one in the store. :frowning:


Well…I’m not sure a mattress should need to be “broken in”. Because if sleeping on it over the course of a few months changes the dynamic of how it feels, that doesn’t bode well for the longevity of the springs.

The trouble with laying on a mattress in the store versus in your own bedroom is that in the store they do not have anything on the mattress to modify the “dynamics” of it. That is, there are no sheets, no mattress protector, etc. These can impact how it feels in real life for sure.

Years ago, when we bought our previous mattress (about 20 years ago), we actually bought a DIFFERENT mattress first. Crazy expensive, but it felt AMAZING in the store. We got it home, and slept on it a couple of weeks…and HATED it. We eventually returned it, and exchanged it for an even more expensive mattress that was MUCH MUCH better. This is why, this time, we waited so long to be SURE we loved the mattress at Disney where we got to sleep on it several nights to be sure.

I don’t know how I would possibly be able to tell if a mattress I slept on weeks ago felt the same as a mattress I slept on last night. :rofl:

I like mattresses that are a little “broken in.” I usually sleep better on older mattresses.

In our case, the mattresses at SSR were instantly amazing to lay and sleep on. SO comfortable. But the new one we just got…isn’t. Comfortable, but definitely not the same.

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