My trip isn’t until April and I am starting my Hollywood Studios touring plan. It would be great if the tiers could change. :slight_smile:

What are my chances?? Or are we thinking the Mickey ride and maybe all star wars rides just get added to tier 1 eventually?

A girl can dream right?

WDW has been completely silent on the future of FPP / tiers at DHS. Not even a rumor floating around. I’m hoping they’ll say something once they implement FPP in SWGE which, hopefully, will be before MMRR opens.

Thanks! Maybe as it gets closer something will slip!

There was some warning about the latest change… maybe once someone who is booking 90 days out can select Mickey ride.

My next trip is this coming Feb 4-8 and was wondering the same thing. For now I’m planning a day based on no FP in galaxy edge. My 60 day windows opens up the day after RoR opens, so hopefully by then any additional extra hours, after hours, or FP info will be known.

That’s my plan… see what we can do with FP as is. But change in tiers and if we could get those FPS, would make our day easier, but I’ll just prioritize. The Mickey ride is saying 90 min wait right now on my plan. No way we would wait in a line like that. But no data yet so hopefully will be shorter!

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I’m going at the same time, so I’m interested in what you come up with. I am assuming there will be FP+ in SWGE by then, because I really don’t think we can get our act together for rope drop. That’s one reason none my plans are ‘final’ (the other being which FP+ I get).

Yea I think it has to change unless new rides continue with no FP. My current plan has possible EMH for MK my HS morning. And we are staying right there so my plan is to go there then head to HS after rope drop. Assuming hours don’t change :joy:. But I have no interest in being in a big rope drop crowd so this is my plan and more tiers would help!

I’m a little suspicious that the lack of FP at SWGE has a lot to do with the new hotel.

A Galactic Starcruiser stay will likely include special or unlimited access to SWGE, and perhaps that’s why there’s been no official mention of FP for that land. I know the hotel probably won’t be open for at least another year, but it’s easier to never have those FP widely available than have them and take them away.

At any rate, we won’t be coming back until we know how this is going to play out because I’m a huge SW fan but waiting in long lines is just not my thing. I’d rather be patient somewhere else- like Hawaii- while I’m waiting for them to figure it out.

That’s an interesting idea. Could be! I really just want toy story land and new Mickey ride in different tiers. Too much to ask?? :slight_smile:


Even if they could split up based on likely riders that would be great. So instead of all Toy Story in Tier 1, make Alien or Mania Tier 2. Same for the thrill rides. Having almost all the rides in one tier makes it difficult to do without long lines or at least two days. Touring plans help, but there is only so much it can help with so many rides and one fastpass.

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Possibly, however the stats show that FPP actually makes lines longer. By not offering FPP during the soft / grand opening they have been mitigating not having 2+ hour queues and upset guests.


Yea I’d take alien as a tier 2. My young kids liked it!

This is what I’m thinking. The old Tier 2 rides go back and the move TSM and AS2 to tier 2 as well. Tier 1 both SWGE rides, M&M and SDD. I would be shocked if a new M&M ride wouldn’t be tier 1.

Also curious what they’ll do with Epcot when they open the 2 new rides.

Yes! Would love this!

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True, but I doubt that making lines shorter is Disney’s real goal in the long run. What I’m saying is that they may never have FP because this particular land is going to be tied to an immersive experience. If it’s going to remain immersive, then no one else can be there when hotel guests are.

In other words, there won’t be FP because the de facto FP will be a two night stay in the Galactic Starcruiser.

Disney has already announced that SWGE will have FPP. They just haven’t said the date yet. SWGE and/or FPP for SWGE will not be exclusive for the Galactic Cruiser guests.

This is untrue. If you are in a ride queue then you aren’t buying anything. While Disney does inflate queue times to manipulate guest traffic they want you in as many shops, restaurants and paid experiences as possible. The rides are just the draw to get you into those up-sells.

BTW - I’m not trying to be negative or trolling. I’ve worked in the theme park / family entertainment industry all the way from the in park / front of house (Entertainment, Guest Services, Operations) to Corporate Management for 15 years. I just don’t want you to think I’m “making this up”. I’m well versed in how theme parks & Disney operate.


The Star Wars Resort experience is likely to include a visit to GE, not unlimited access at any time.

The WDW management are tacitly admitting that opening new rides without FP+ is moe efficient at reducing stand-by wait times, thus keeping more guests happy. For that reason it is likely that the Mickey train ride will follow the same pattern and open without FP+

What they decide to do going forward is anyone’s guess though. And it will be interesting to see if they do the same for Rat, Troy and GotG.


I must have missed that. I didn’t think they have said anything.

Albeit that they are disappointed with the numbers at the opening at GE, there are suggestions that they are delighted with the way that the ride is operating without FP+. There’s even a suggestion that this is causing them to pause the plans for paid FPs.


Which is code for, “We aren’t getting nearly as many people riding this nor excited for SWGE as we thought, and having people pay for FPs when the lines aren’t actually that long is a losing proposition.”



Things have definitely gone quiet on the paid FP front. But given how popular the VIP tours are proving, I think people would pay for access to the rides. But they may well wait until some of the up-coming big rides are open.