Tickets automatically extended

I checked MDE this morning and my dining and FP’s are still there (for now) for July 16-20, but they’ve automatically extended my ticket dates to 9/26/2021. That is somewhat of a relief, because they were third-party tickets purchased through Getaway Today and that’s the only piece I can’t get my money back on. I am definitely rescheduling, probably for next summer unless they offer some sweet deal for this winter that I can make work with my schedule. If the tickets were refundable I would probably cancel entirely and go to Universal instead.

Still no email from Disney with info on my specific trip and how the reservations will work, but I’ll share when I get it. I won’t cancel until I know the details.


Mine still are only extended to 12/15/2020. Hopefully that will change.

My tickets never extended the first time, this is the first change I’ve seen. They were still always tied to my specific dates. Which made me nervous but I’m glad they are being flexible on that at least.

Same here. I hope they get extended.

Interesting. I was frustrated to wake up and not have an email fro Disney directly. My trip is all still intact in MDE. My tix still set to expire 9/7/2020. Booked on fall FD.

I tried to call Disney this morning at 7am and got an automated message saying they are unable to modify any reservations at this time. It did not even give me the option of talking to a cast member. Also, when you go to the “Chat” on MDE, it is now not active. You mouse hovers over it and says how all the cast members are busy helping other clients and to try back later. I have THREE trips booked between June 17th and October 27th of this this year. Each trip has extra events added on: H2O Glow, EMM, MNSSHP…it adds up to quite alot of money if I want to cancel the trips but it looks like Disney is not going to let me call to cancel at this moment. Not sure what to do…I have not even gotten an email from them officially cancelling my June 17th trip.
I really don’t mind what Disney is doing…I am all for being safe! I just hate how they are going about doing it. Their announcements leave more questions than answers and now I want to cancel everything, get my money back, etc. and wait for everything to die down…they don’t give you the option to by calling them. I don’t want to cancel on MDE, because I want to verify that I will get my money back for the hard-ticketed events first. I don’t even mind being on hold for 8 hours, as long as I get to talk to cast member. But right now, it seems like they are not even giving you that option.

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It’s frustrating! Hopefully we’ll soon know more.

exact same here and we have the same dates, I just check out 7/21. No emails but everything still shows clear on my end and my tickets are extended. My friend who I have on the reservation as well got an email but me, who actually made the reservations, got nothing

So, I just checked my tickets - ONE of them has been extended to Sept 2021. The other 3 are still Dec. Weird! I hope it’s just still all being processed. I don’t want to have to call, it’s such a pain. I’m glad they’re doing this, though. It would’ve been hard for us to reschedule for 2020.

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Weird. Same here. Two of our tickets now have a Sept 2021 expiration, but rest are still Dec. 2020. I’m sure the others will follow suit soon enough.

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Are your extended tickets for children? That’s my one strange one.

One child. The other is my wife’s ticket for our December trip. But her ticket for our August trip still says Dec 2020.

My email finally came. Same as others have posted but here it is. I had booked the lightsaber building, so it looks like I would be able to rebook that as well.

An Important Walt Disney World Update

As we plan for the reopening of our Disney Resort Hotels and Theme Parks, we are keeping the wellbeing of our Guests and Cast in mind. And we’re here to help you as we introduce new procedures focused on delivering an enjoyable and magical experience for everyone who visits.

To manage attendance and foster physical distancing during this unprecedented time, we will be changing and suspending some Park experiences. In addition, we will also be introducing a new Theme Park reservation system.

Also, please note that upon reopening, Extra Magic Hours will be temporarily suspended.

Unfortunately, these new measures have required us to cancel any dining reservations, experience reservations and FastPass+ selections you may have made. We recognize the inconvenience this poses and we’re deeply sorry.

However, because you have valid Theme Park admission, you will have access to the Theme Park reservation system before new tickets are sold to other Guests. There’s nothing you need to do at this time. We’ll be contacting you soon with details on this new system as well as the process of making new dining and experience reservations. If you have previously booked experiences, you’ll also be provided with first access to make new reservations.

We’re putting great thought into helping you return to the magic and appreciate your patience.

At this time, while systems update, we are temporarily suspending all modifications. However, you have the option of canceling your entire reservation at any time.

For more information, please visit, call 407-W-DISNEY (934-7639), or contact your travel professional or Member Services.

Select third party operated restaurants and certain other experiences may not be cancelled

My tickets - cancelled April trip - are still showing a Dec 15, 2020 expiration date. I have an October res right now for which my dining reservations are still there, but I read somewhere else (non-official) that they are working on May-September reservations first.

Just checked again. Now THREE tickets are Sept 2021.

Not sure of the way the system is ordering the process of updating the tickets, but from the looks of it, it isn’t in any particular logical order…problem just based on some unique ticket identifier.

In any case, I expect by the day’s end, all tickets will have the new expiration date.

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My tickets for August were all extended to September 2021 today.

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No email. No ticket extension. ADR’s still showing on my account. I guess I will get it eventually! My dates are August 16-19.

My ADRs are still showing. I’ll be postponing though till next summer once the Call Center resumes. The CM on MDE said to check back in a couple of days.

For those of you that have a memory maker paid for, apparently it will just carry forward.

One of my tickets (my husband’s) is extended now through 9/26/2021. My daughter’s ticket is still showing 12/15/20. Now I wish they’d extend my AP through 9/26/21 :sweat_smile:

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Maybe they are releasing by location, I still haven’t gotten an email despite a package and a gazillion ADRs booked.