Ticket Price Increase 2022

Don’t take this as gospel, but per Mouse Savers, ticket prices are expected to increase shortly. Buying though UT will allow for a refund of 95% if you don’t use any of the initial purchase. This refund does not currently apply to Universal.

Guess I’m buying tickets tonight and rolling the dice. We all know tickets are uber-expensive, so please perform your own due diligence.


I had already bought my tickets for our December trip to WDW…but I just bit the bullet and bought UOR APs for our May 2023 trip precisely to avoid any potential imminent price increase.

This won’t effect previously booked trips correct? I have a trip with hotel and tickets book through Disney for November. I assume the price we have is locked in, but what if there is a room discount/sale in the future? Would that only effect the room rate or could ticket prices go up with the lower room rate?

Prices can’t increase once booked; they can only be requested to be dropped if a deal comes out prior to your trip that would have allowed you to book it cheaper if you had waited.

Clearly, I don’t know if the increase is going to be $3 a day or $20, but I ain’t trusting the mouse when it comes to saving money :moneybag:


I trust the Mouse to save his own money, not mine!

Mousesavers usually knows their stuff.

Tickets bought. 60 day countdown can commence.

February is typically the month for ticket price hikes, so they are probably on the money. I needed 1 ticket for our October trip (DH is using an AP voucher, and I have a TA ticket, but DS didn’t have one) so I went and bought a convention ticket last week because I figured this was coming.

Does anyone know if this already happened (today is 2/1) or when it will happen? We are on the fence about whether or not we want to activate our AP’s for our upcoming March trip. I haven’t been paying attention to ticket prices.

There is nothing official. Mousesavers is saying it is likely to happen anytime based on the fact that price increases in February are common, and there wasn’t a price increase last year, so they are due.

Of course, it is entirely possible that Disney will keep ticket prices exactly the same as they are.

… pausing for laughter …


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Of course, it is entirely possible that Disney will keep ticket prices exactly the same as they are.

… pausing for laughter …



Can we buy 2023 Disney tickets (April)?

Is February the typical ticket-raising month at Universal also?

If I recall correctly, the last couple of times Disney has increased the “average” ticket price, but the highest and lowest tier price per day stayed the same. In other words, more days moved into higher tiers and/or tier prices changed and/or more tiers were added.

Technically no, but you can buy tickets and apply them toward the cost of the new tickets. IMO, not worth the hassle since you will have to pay the difference in price.

yeah mine as well wait. Thank you

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Here’s the blog you were perhaps thinking of.

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Yep, that’s exactly the one! Thanks!

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Universal typically follows suit with Disney, so expect an increase at Universal shortly after any announcement from the mouse.

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Also, to reiterate…Universal tickets are NOT refundable from any ticket broker or Universal themselves. My oldest daughter and I are doing one day at US/IoA that same week but I’m not buying until we officially make the trip so I will likely be paying more at that time.

Check Undercover Tourist. We bought our tickets for our December 2022 trip a few months ago…however, the UT refund policy is only for 365 days, so keep that in mind.

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