Ticket changes

Anyone see the ticket changes coming to WDW? Not sure what to do - planning a trip in Feb 2019, reserved room only, still haven’t bought tickets. Do I rush and buy before 10/16 or wait and use the new system? We’re going at a cheaper time, so we may end up saving by waiting…what do you think?

Buy now. I would not expect that prices will be less than they are now.


I agree. My best guess is that the value season pricing will likely be what it is now or higher. Everything else will be a lot higher.


I am going to add another vote to buy now. I started to hear some rumors that this new model may come with an across the board increase.

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To tack on to this, would you buy an AP now too? DH and I going with our kiddos early May 2019 and again couples-only after Labor Day 2019. Can/should we get those AP’s now?

Personally, I think it is a gamble. But if you buy now at least you KNOW what you’re getting into. Waiting COULD save you money (since your dates are during one of their lowest time periods)…but prior to the announcement, you were planning to spend the amount you would spend if you bought them now. If it weren’t for this announcement, were you otherwise expecting there to be a “sale”? Probably not

If you buy the tickets now, you have the added advantage of them NOT being tied to a specific date nor a specific shortened expiration window.


Can you honestly imagine Disney decreasing the prices of anything? I’m wondering what will happen with convention tickets like through MVT.


I read in ONE of the blogs on the subject yesterday that the lowest priced range may actually see a slight decrease. But until Oct. 16, I think everything is conjecture.

I have a questions regarding ticket changes and using a TA like PDPH. We haven’t “purchased” the tickets yet since we haven’t paid in full but our package came with tickets included. No rush for me right? Because they have to honor those prices?

I just don’t see this happening at all.

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Packages with tickets included are unaffected by the upcoming change and are subject to terms/conditions in place at the time the package was purchased. This should apply to all packages including ones like you mention. I would contact your agent to confirm.

I was also debating whether or not to buy my tickets for a late January 2019 trip, but now I will go ahead and get them. Do any of you all know if upgrading to Annual Pass will remain the same? I wanted to buy discounted tickets and upgrade once I get there.

yeah, this is the first time using a TA so dont’ want it biting me in the butt and all that savings diminished…

It might not. But it isn’t without precedent.

I can see the argument why they might. Temporarily.

As a way to make this seem like a “win” for guests in SOME way, they release the new pricing with the ticket prices on their “value days” as lower than current prices. Not a LOT lower, but enough to claim it is an advantage. They would do this because NOTHING else about the change otherwise is beneficial to guests.

In the meantime, all other pricing goes up (or in the very least, stays the same). In the end, even if they lower the value priced tickets significantly, they are far better off because they are charging MORE for the days when most people are going.

So, let’s say for argument’s sake they lower the value priced tickets from current numbers (let’s use $80/day as an example average for ease) by $10/day. But they RAISE the most expensive ones by $10/day. Since attendance numbers on the busiest days could be DOUBLE what it is during their lowest days, they are still making a huge additional profit per day. In the meantime, those value-priced days they can have fewer employees working, which further offsets any potential “losses” that you might otherwise see.

Then, a year from now, when Disney does their usual ticket price raising, the “value” tickets will return to the current pricing, and everything else rises.

BUT, as I said, it is all conjecture and a gamble.

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It’s nice that you’re such an optimist :wink:

That isn’t optimism. It is recognizing the (possible) games Disney plays to get away with charging their customers, ultimately, more while trying to make people THINK they are getting some kind of benefit. The lower priced value tickets wouldn’t ACTUAL to be to benefit their guests…but to reduce the likelihood of backlash.

I think it will be possible that some tickets will be cheaper than others, but all could cost more than now.

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I would buy them now if possible. The vouchers will not expire until 2030 or so.

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Not possible. Definite. That is the crux of their change…to have differing pricing models.

The point of my post though is in the rest of that sentence: but all could cost more than now .