Thunderstorms predicted for our Animal Kingdom day

So May 13th is our primary AK day, and now has this weather forcast:
Thunderstorms. High 87F. Winds ESE at 5 to 10 mph. Chance of rain 80%.

We are going no matter what, but I’m trying to figure out if this means lots of scattered showers, or non-stop rain? I’m from the northeast, and thunderstorms are typically short-lived. I’m hoping this sounds like just standard Florida weather to more-experienced folks.

If it is non-stop rain, how would you adjust your TP?


It’s Florida, it rains. Often a short lived afternoon storm, other times all day. I wouldn’t alter my TP at all. Poncho up and crack on.

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This. And I am now adding that phrase to my book!


Yes, we are definitely still touring! I understand most of the rides will continue operating so long as it isn’t active lightning. I was wondering about whether the Maraharja and Gorilla trails and the UP! show should be swapped for other things if it planned to rain all day. Just trying to understand the nuances in a Florida weather forecast. The days that say ‘scattered thunderstorms’ are so much easier to understand. But I can be flexible (sort of): I can see this as an opportunity to create an alternate plan!

This will be our first time with an ECV though-- how do you handle that in a Florida rainstorm? Can you drive it, so long as there is no lightning?

Yes you can but it’s a good idea to cover the electrics with a poncho.

Just saw it’s going to rain almost everyday my entire week 13th-19th but under an inch day (0.3-0.7 of an inch). I’m from Canada and I’m just wondering if that’s a lot of rain for FLorida and how many night time shows might get cancelled. We’ve plans and dessert parties for most…fingers crossed we miss none

They don’t cancel night time shows for rain. If there is lightning, they delay them, but once the fireworks have been set it’s safer to go ahead than try to dismantle them.

May 15 through 19 say scattered thunderstorms or PM thunderstorms, so I think those are the normal afternoon thunderstorms that are usually under an hour. May 13 and May 14 just say ‘thunderstorms’, so it isn’t clear (to me) whether that means a longer rain duration. I don’t think you can tell a lot by the predicted amount of rain given that everyone says the storms can be drenching. Although in NE, .7 of an inch is a lot and would signify several hours of rain.

Fingers crossed for both of us for our vacations. We are there for that same week. At least the good news is that the standby queues for NRJ and FOP may be tolerable, but-- like you-- the shows are important to us.

There is no RoL show on at AK on May 13th by the way. (I got a call regarding a reservation-- show is cancelled for that one day.)

Good luck to us all!! We are doing AK and ROL the 17th and are looking into ponchos now…how much are they at Disney?

Far too expensive! Get them at Amazon or your local dollar store. I ordered two packs of 10 from Amazon for about a dollar each… and this was before I saw the forecast! The 17th is our second AK day-- that’s also when we have RoL planned!

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Perfect ty just ordered off Amazon! Hope we all have an amazing trip and maybe the rain will keep the crowds down a little…

Highlight of one trip was riding EE in the rain. They don’t close up anything or cancel any shows other than F! Crowds disappear, no lines on anything, I second the poncho up and crack on suggestion!!

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“Poncho up and crack on!” That’s awesome. :smile:


I think the wording of the forecast is dependent on the chance of precipitation. I don’t think it has anything to do with the length of the storms. For example, if the forecast is 30% it often says Isolated T-storms, 40 - 60% it usually says Scattered. You get higher than that and the chance is so good they just say T-storms.
We are there the 12th - 20th, and the biggest thing is it will constantly change. What was 80% this morning for the 13th is now 50%. poncho up and crack on! Awesome!

I had no idea what I was starting with that phrase!


You are looking at weather that is 5-7 day away. As you may be able to tell by my name I fish and have followed weather reports up and down the east coast to plan fishing trips. One thing I’ve learned is that weather is unpredictable. One day they say rain next snow then nothing but clear skies. I fish with extra clothes shit pants jackets (get wet once on a 8 hour trip when it is cold and you learn.) Pack a poncho, extra socks, maybe extra shoes, travel size baby powder.

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We buy ponchos before out trip, put them a small mesh bag with a draw string, and hang them off our fanny packs. Easy to take out when when need them, and the mesh helps dry out the ponchos after the inevitable Florida afternoon shower.


you started a GREAT thing. Love it


In the spirit of Poncho up and crack on - curious as to what everyone does with the ponchos as you ride. One example - Test Track - part of the wait is outside, part inside. Part of the ride is inside, part outside. Keep ponchos on the whole time and ride in them? take them off and put back on as you approach the ride? Does Disney care that you ride in a wet poncho?

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If they run the ride in the rain, chances are they aren’t going to care if you get it wet with a wet poncho.

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