Thunderstorms at MK - what will still be open?

Looks like our first couple hours at MK tomorrow will be stormy. I’d love to go in with an adjusted plan. What typically closes for storms? On our list for tomorrow: under the sea, Pooh, buzz, ETWB, Dumbo, castle photos, silly sideshow, meet pooh, people mover. Any recommendations on how to keep my plans from falling apart? We have raincoats and a stroller cover.

Additional questions: What about meet and greets that are typically outdoors? (fairy godmother, for example) Do any of the food kiosks close? (Sleepy Hollow is on our list)

I believe the only things that close are BTMRR, 7DMT, GBS, AO.
Meet and greets are moved to a covered convenient location nearby but aren’t cancelled.
No stores nor food kiosks close so sleepy hollow is good.

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Splash Mountain also closes in a thunderstorm.

If you have a FP for anything closed in the rain, you will get an anytime Fastpass to ride it when it’s back up.

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Thank you! I grabbed a 910 FP for Dumbo so we’ll see if that closes. An anytime FP would be nice. Looks like the heavy storm will be past by opening and the rain over around 1030 so we’ll power through.
Sad to miss out on wandering Main Street and castle photos before park opening. I was excited to save some park time there.

How does that work, exactly? I mean, does the system automatically know that the ride was closed and you hadn’t used your FP, so it converts…or do you still have to show up in your time window and they will convert it then? I can see someone wanted to stay nicely inside while the downpour is going on, only to have their FP window expire.

From what I’ve heard, it’s automatic in the app.

It’s automatic. As soon as the ride closes, Disney sends you a message telling you and it converts your FPP to an anytime FPP. It’s better than that because the FPP is also for any ride (in that park, except for things like 7DMT, FOP, etc, unless the original FPP was for one of those).


Okay. That makes sense. Thanks.

Hence “Nighttime Lotto” — if a ride closes near to park close the anytime FPP is valid the following day. So close to park close, find an FPP for any ride that closes in the rain. Then pray for rain.

Ah! Good to know. I never thought about doing it intentionally…but I had read of people having a FPP when it rained at end of day to get one the next day.

Which leads me to a follow up. Does the system allow you to book a FPP for a ride that is currently closed for rain? Like, what if there are FPPs available for Jungle Cruise and it starts to rain. The ride closes due to rain. Can I still book a FPP at that time? And does it then convert to an anytime FPP? (Just wondering if this is a nickle slot machine, or a quarter slot machine!)

According to @jeremy1002 from Backside of Magic, it is possible to do that and thus instantly get yourself an anytime FPP. Though you may need to be quick. I think.


This is what we’re attempting today so I will report back. DH has a Dumbo fp. I will modify one of mine as soon as Dumbo goes down.
Radar looks like just rain by park opening so I’m not sure Dumbo will close.

More evidence that reading weather forecasts is a fool’s game.

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So true! And I don’t think it helps the stress levels either

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Actually, I like it when there is predicted rain for early in a day at an amusement park (as long as it isn’t expected to be rainy all day) because it tends to keep the crowds down significantly. So, predicted rain can actually have a silver lining.

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While I was in the World 2 weeks ago, SSE went down, right at the beginning of my FP window. 15 mins into the window (or so) it converted to the aforementioned Anytime FP.

I immediately went in and booked the earliest SSE FP I could find - which started in about 10 mins.

Guess what? it was still down when that window opened, and it converted as well.

Realized I couldn’t really use any more Anytime FPs in Epcot that day and so I stopped, but I could have kept going.

ETA: Granted, SSE was 101 for mechanical, not rain, but the principle should still apply.

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Interesting. So, now we should not only be hoping for rain, but hoping for ride break-downs! :smiley:

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Don’t hope for them during my trip please!!

This has been recommended as a strategy, actually.

There is a table somewhere of percentage of the time particular rides are down. Booking FPPs for those rides is recommended for precisely this reason.

I know TT is one that goes down a lot. Though there aren’t enough decent / difficult to get FPPs in Epcot to necessarily make it worth booking TT in the hope of getting a conversion to an anytime.

But there are rides in MK that are worth a punt.

Never you fear. I’m smart enough to know that “hoping” for something has no actual bearing on the fulfillment of that hope (except for those things for which self-fulfilling prophecy is possible).

So, whether I hope for a break down or not will not actually bring about nor prevent a break down! :slight_smile:

It would be an awesome super power, though! I can see it now. Next blockbuster hit. HOPE-Man! (Or, HOPE-Woman!)

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