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I look at you as a math professional that has the ability to be strategic. You have the benefit of not needing someone else’s input. As you receive information you can tweak your plan without upsetting anyone else. You worked for it and deserve it. So change as much as you want and enjoy your trip when it comes.


Just poking my nose in to say that I think your posts (whether ones about changing your mind — or as I see it, improving your plan) are utterly delightful and bring me much joy. I do not think you are a nut. You are obviously a master planner who’s going to have THE BEST trip!!


Personally, I have enjoyed reading your posts and not because I think you are an idiot. Disney planning is complex and would imagine a lot of us make many changes to our plans even if we aren’t openly sharing our changes. I’ve been contemplating for weeks about adding two days to the beginning of our upcoming trip to attend Galactic Nights. There are just so many factors to consider. I understand what you have gone through. The changes you have made do make sense.


Also I think you poke the most fun at yourself, which is why folks think it’s ok to join in the fun :wink:


I do try to be self-deprecating. Perhaps I’m being oversensitive. I just wanted to explain myself a little.

That is definitely part of the appeal of the planning. It is a complex logistical exercise and I enjoy the challenge of it. I was particularly satisfied when I added the Wild Africa Trek to my plans because that resulted in a cascade of changes that really improved the entire trip as a whole.


I would say we all tweak a thousand times before and during our trips. You are just more vocal about it. We don’t think you’re flaky or an idiot. We love to know the reasons people change their minds about things as they are planning. It helps us make the best decisions.


Now I want to do the trek…


There are two reasons for this.

First, I find it really helpful to put things down in writing. It allows me to clarify my own thinking.

Second I am — if I may be so bold — a teacher. I like to be helpful to others. I like to explain things to other people.

And third — of the two reasons — I feel a desire to “give back”. I’ve got a lot out of these forums and I want to play my part in passing on the knowledge and experience.


Personally, I love your posts. As you’ve said, all of your changes are in service of improving your trip. And your humour makes them fun to read.

I’ve been pretty set on my hotel and dining reservations from the get go, but I waver constantly on how to organize my park days and fastpasses, especially for MK. I just haven’t started posting about it yet (waiting to be closer to our 60 day mark).

Don’t worry about how others perceive you. I’m pretty confident that just about everyone feels like I do!


I believe I told you already how much joy you bring me. I tend to change my plans, that explains why I always end up with split stays. I just cannot make up my mind. I will admit I am an ADR hoarder since I always have five plans going at the same time.

No, I think you are one of us. I am not sure if it is a compliment or an insult- but you are a liner and I am glad you are here.


Oh DanielMatthew…


It’s okay, dearie.

We know you’re not an idiot! To the contrary, really.

And pretty much nobody plans a WDW vacation without changing a thing! Just most people don’t tell every change. You should be all up in my head around my approximately 22hrs-on-property visit in June! I can’t decide what to do and change it hourly!

And anyway I’ve been rather bored around these parts without your wit and banter. So stop feeling badly on the beach and come back and play!


That’s a nice photo of me. I do like isolated beaches.


I actually look forward to your posts and always read them because of your honesty. I think we are all on here trying to use and share experiences to make the most of our time in WDW but what you do is take that further and account for nearly every minute. That’s just smart when you work out how much money it’s cost for your holiday and all those minutes … £0.26 a minute for my family and I. Keep doing what you do and being who you are … peace out :v:


Matt, you are not an idiot. You bring a lot of fun to these boards, and I enjoy the banter, wit and charm - not to mention the photos.

If I have over-stepped the mark with the banter, then I apologise.


Oh fun! Now you’re talking my language.

I estimate my trip is about 40p per minute. I earn around 70p per minute, so WDW vacations are actually incredibly cheap and I should do more of them. Yay. Isn’t maths fun.


Wait, what?

I missed this, first time through. How dare you double time on us!


I was worried someone would say this. No-one has anything to apologise for. I can be weirdly sensitive sometimes. I live on my own and have surprisingly few friends in real life. I have a shockingly poor personality in real life. Awful.

That makes perfect sense to those of us that love Disney math.

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