This Was Supposed To Be A Solo Trip - A Trip Report

I am way early with this report, but I have questions and rants. And the rants likely won’t make it into a live report. Plus … I am super excited to get back to the World. Single digit dance!!!


First question. What’s the easiest, less time consuming way to convert E-Tickets to the park to actual tickets?

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I’m here for the rants today.

Also–9 days!! Fantastic!!


E tickets being electronic tickets? And you want a hard ticket media as opposed to using a magic band or magic mobile?

Visit any guest services booth for that assistance. The one at DS is reportedly super quiet all the time if that matters


First Rant:
Freaking Mears Transportation. Nope! Never again. If you followed my last visit (not a full report) in November then you know my horrible experience with Mears. Sorry for the re-telling, but something happened recently that ripped off the scab.

It was departure day and Mears was supposed to pick me up at 4AM. I was outside Kidani Village waiting for them at 3:45, per their request.
I had been awake since 6AM the day before, btw.
Late night chucking it up with family I hadn’t seen since Covid 2020. (They weren’t scheduled to depart until early afternoon, so at least someone got some sleep.) There I was. Standing outside Kidani in the wee hours of the morning. Alone. Their speaker system playing sounds of animals of all sorts. At around 4:10 on the clock, I phoned them. Where are you? They (two different people, including a supervisor) were so rude!

They ended up sending one of their taxis, which was not the arrangement. He was a horrible driver. A speeder. Felt like we made it to the airport in 15 minutes. I was drunk from tired and proceeded to rip on the supervisor from after he hung up on me. And I wasn’t even ripping on him before that. Just asking questions for which they had no answers. For example: If I hadn’t phoned - were you going to leave me hanging?

I wrote a scathing review of them on Google. And I included the names of the supervisor and the woman who answered the phone. The thing that ripped the scab is they responded to my review, and I just learned about it a few weeks ago. I have a Gmail account/email that I rarely use, so I missed it. They refunded me $16 in December. I missed that, too.

Confession: Now that everything is digital and online - I don’t balance my checking account.
I know some of our accounting and budgetnista friends are judging me right now, but I feel like I’m not alone. :smiling_face: How do I post a poll within a thread?


Okay, so if linked in MDE there is nothing else to do. Just scan MB as normal?

It’s not my e- ticket, btw.

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fortunately you have me. I barely even look at the balance, let alone balance the balance


Yes. I’m not sure I’m understanding why you think it wouldn’t be.

I’m going to assume you mean you’re asking this question on behalf of someone else, and not that you have the ticket, that isn’t yours, linked to you in MDE with intent to use it?

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IKR. I kind of generally know what’s in there. That’s fine by me. I receive a push notification anytime a purchase is made, and I log on every few days to check for debits.


Correct. For my 23 yo niece who is making this solo trip not solo. She … just … purchased … her … tickets … last … might …:eyes:



I get very grouchy when my planned solo time - anywhere - gets crashed.

Your niece is fine if she linked it to her MDE - she can scan her MB as normal. No need to do anything else.


I’m a solo traveler as well. I make it very clear to my family & friends that there are times I will invite them, but typically I’m going to Orlando by myself. I did all my years as “Dad Tour Guide” that planned everything and made all the details happen. Now, I get to go to the parks & actually enjoy them instead of trying to juggle everyone’s needs.

Hopefully, she’s a niece you like! Maybe she’ll be open to following your plan and just tagging along!

Always remember… your trip might not be going perfectly, but there are dozens (or more!) people right here that would trade places with you instantly to be where you are! :blue_heart: :orange_heart: :blue_heart: :orange_heart: :blue_heart:


Me too! But a few things happened and I changed my mind about being solo this time, which shocks even me. :laughing:

First thing: When I was there in November it was my sister’s trip for her granddaughter. She invited me to tag along. There was lots of acquiescing on my part, and after a few days I missed my solo time immensely. My sister is not a Disney person, and she just needs to face it. By day four she’d turned into a 2yo. Complaining about everything and actually being upset because I scored BG’s for us for Tron (which we missed.) In the early afternoon she scoffed and said she was going back to the room. Another person in the party said they were, too. No harm for me. I decided I was going to hop to HS. My niece piped up and said “I’m going with Tee Tee.”
(That is what my nieces and nephews have called me their entire lives. I would not be shocked if they didn’t know my real name.):laughing:

I was stoked she said she wanted to go with. Like - is this a future Liner in the making. She was a trooper. Asked lots of questions, shared things that she loves about WDW and DL, etc.
After the trip, she talked a lot about wanting to do another trip in the fall. Without her Mom. :joy:

Second thing: On a random day in December I received a phone call from my husband in the middle of the workday. I immediately thought something bad had happened, but no. He’d just gotten off the phone with his Mom who wanted to know if we wanted to go on a European cruise to Iceland and Norway. (All expenses paid.)
With two nights in London afterwards. What??? I don’t have vacation time like that, but by golly I was not saying no to that. (My boss agreed to let me take the time off unpaid.) Through the planning of that trip (July), I still cannot get over the generosity of my mother in law. Which moved me to invite my niece on my solo trip. I knew she wanted to go in a bad way.

She had to pay for her park tickets and flight, so not as generous as my MIL. :laughing: However, she’s scoring big with a stay at POR Royal room, one bedroom at Boulder Ridge and the dining plan.


So true. Thank you for the positive words.



Wow! I’m glad you could make that work - what a beautiful gift!

I love this most of all :heart:

If you bank online, do you balance your checkbook (checking account)?
  • Yes
  • No
  • Sometimes
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Y’all can see how I roll. I put an option for “sometimes.” :smile:


I don’t either. I have my own process for budgeting, but what’s more important is watching the activity to make sure nothing out of the ordinary hits your account.

(Of course, if you write a big check, you should make sure you have enough cash in your account for when it clears, and if it doesn’t clear timely, follow up with the party you sent it to. That’s a big reason you are supposed to balance your checkbook.)


Did they teach you that in accountant school?


That’s true. I guess I interpreted it as a little more vague than that. I track every penny our family spends, but don’t necessarily “balance” our checkbook each month bc checks are pretty much obsolete. I do make sure the balances match at the end of the year, though.