This should be every Liner and every visitors thinking when going to the parks

Andrea and I changed the words to a Disney Song “Cirle of Life” and it helped to deal with all the planning, the parks, and the stressed out people. We decided to share it with all here. Would love to hear your thoughts and if it helps you with your planning or your trip.

From the day we arrive in Disney, And, blinking, step into the park
There’s more to see, this trip, than can ever be seen, More to do, than can ever be done today
There’s far too much to do while here, More to buy than can ever be bought
But the sun rolling high, Through the magical sky, Keeps keeps us all on the endless quest
To visit Disney, And all that it holds
Through the crowds and the touring plans, To Walt and Mickey
Till we find our place, in that magical place
In Walt Disney World, the most magical place

This is from the Circle of life and even the words from the the song can be used to help you stay in a good mindset as things happen, rides break down, you get cut off, your MDE isn’t working, the place you want to eat at, you can’t get in.
Does anyone else like this or use other Disney Songs to help them deal with all that you have to deal with there.


thanks fir sharing!! it definately made me laugh out loud!!

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