This is NOT a live trip report (9/14 - 9/22, Pop & BWI)

Wow. I already have a dumb Q. Isn’t there a spreadsheet somewhere that says what time you’re supposed to be at the bus stop if you want to rope drop a park? Because I can’t find it, and here we are, awake and rarin’ to go, but I have no idea when we need to actually go!

We arrived late yesterday afternoon. I couldn’t figure out where our room was or where we were supposed to park, so we actually went to check-in – just like the old times! It was awesome. We got an Earning-My-Ears trainee with a trainer, and he was so eager to help! He wanted to teach us how to get a boarding for ROTR. I let him do his thang, but frankly, he was not as well versed as Liners. He did have one good tip: If you are in the park trying for a 1:00 BG, go find a quiet place away from the crowd; do not go to ROTR. LOL!

Our room is nice – it’s been 15 years, but I think the remodel is very good.

[Couldn’t figure out how to upload a selfie here, so just imagine sweaty grey-haired lady in a Pop Century room]

Took a 20-minute nap while DH watched ESPN, and then we headed off to the Disney Springs bus stop. Quick trip to DS, walked around, got lost. It’s soooo pretty!!! I nearly cried. A nice security guard helped us find Sprinkles, which I never got back to later. Wandered down to the West Side and were still way too early for our Jaleo ADR, but we checked in and begged for mercy. They offered outdoor seating, but I said no – ROFL! We waited only a bit and got a table in the bar.

I could rave for days about Jaleo. I had been looking forward to it so much, I was afraid it would have to be a disappointment. It Was Not. Oh, my goodness. There was a special tasting menu offer for 37 bucks that we could not resist. We tried so many divine little things! The famous chicken fritters are better than advertised. I ate mine so slowly to taste all the things going on in that filling! The spinach, the gazpacho, the watermelon skewers – everything was just wonderful. The waiter asked early on what our pace would be, and we told him to take his time.

DH got the wine tasting to go with it; I had sangria… and a cachaca and coke… and an espresso with liqueur. I failed to steal the paper menus the waiter brought, and now I can’t remember everything! Argh. But it was sooo good!!! Highly recommend!!!

We managed to have an amazing meal for under $200, and I would not hesitate to go back. In fact, we need to go back because I really wanted to try the iberico ham and cheese board. LOL!!

After dinner, we waddled to the bus stop. So hot and sticky down here! A quick ride back to the Dod – er, I mean, Pop – and we were snoozing before 11:00.

Today – and again, this is NOT a live trip report – MK! BWI! AK and Yak & Yeti! And hopefully… back to the MK for HEA!!!

It’s so good to be back. :smiley:


Great first day!!! Looking forward to reading your not live trip report! :slight_smile:

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Sounds like a great first day. Here is a link to the spreadsheet

Since I have my Google drive on my phone recent opened sheets are usually easy to find!


That’s awesome

We came around the corner, saw the Castle, and I said, “it looks bigger.”

DH said, “That’s what she said.” :sweat_smile:


I scored mine directly outside of ROTR. YMMV

You look LOVELY! And not at all sweaty or old! :smiley: Fabulous, dahling!

Gotta get this onto my trip plan one of these times! Reviews are consistently excellent, and the executive chef - ?Jose Andres? - is a Really Good Human (and we always want to support Really Good Humans)

OMG you guys are too cute! :smiley:


Ah! Hello BFF.

(is TWSS?? :laughing: )


There’s, like, nobody here, y’all.


MK Sacred Space ™


I think you need a badge for that.


DH Wesley and the Casey’s chili cheese dog he’s been anticipating for 15 years!


So, how is your husband responding when you tell him you have to go to Sacred Space and things like that? :laughing:


He’s surprisingly easy to get along with while on vacation! :heart:

ETA: honestly, the Sacred Space was shady and quiet so it was a very desirable location even if it hadn’t been a Liner tradition! :heart_eyes:



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OK do you call him Wes?

PS Do we know YOUR name?

LOL, no, we call him Wesley, and I’m Bay! Just like my user name! It’s short for Elizabeth and because I moved to East Tennessee when I was ten and everyone called me Baayyyuuuth instead of Beth. My family thought it was fun. But even they couldn’t keep up with all the extra syllables!

We are in the Boardwalk – fifth floor, with a view of one end of the YC, the Dance Hall (men are working on it), the Swan (those are fish!), and the BWV. Gorgeous!!!

There’s construction on the walk downstairs. Hold on, I’ll get a picture…

We did the MK this morning – second in line at the rope for Tomorrowland! Space Mountain was a walk -on, but the jerk in front of me took his mask off, so we won’t have a picture. The guy in the gift shop showed it to me. We had proof! For a minute! LOL

Then we walked on at Buzz, Wesley’s 2nd favorite attraction in the MK, and I discovered tendonitis in one’s thumbs makes this ride a lot less exciting. It was still good!! But the broken parts since 15 years ago are pretty sad. I always like spinning the vehicle in the starry tunnel. :frowning:

Then across the park to HM, which was a walk-on, and then Sleepy Hollow for that waffle and iced coffee at the MK Sacred Space ™, thence to Pirates and finally Jungle Cruise. JC was the first real queue of the day – it said 45, but it was really just 20.

After the excellent and beautiful JC, that’s when things started to fall apart. Back to Tomorrowland for the PeopleMover, but the line was long and in the sun, and I was a sweaty, sticky, frizzy mess. Wesley got some water and we sat in the shade a bit, chatting with a CM about football. (He chatted. Wesley tried to keep up. I nodded my head.

Then we booked to Casey’s, which was only taking mobile orders, and there were no tables anywhere in sight. I figured out how to mobile order, y 'all!!! I uploaded my Disney gift card to the app and everything!!! You CAN teach an old broad new tricks!!!

So when we got our food – really quickly, honestly – we trekked back to the Tomorrowland Terrace to dine. So quiet, so cool, so nice!

Now I’m waiting to meet my bad kid at the Screen Door to help them with their Disney gift card purchase. They’re here with friends for a wedding. These plans were made totally separately of each other, but we’ll be hanging out together at Epcot tomorrow.

As soon as that shopping task is finished, I need a cool shower. We’re due at Yak & Yeti at 5:15, and I neeeeed to cool off!


Was this supposed to say something else or are you just really blunt? :thinking::joy:


I call both of my kids bad; that way, neither of them knows which one is actually bad. :smiley: (They’re grown-ups, so they have probably figured it out by now.)

However! This one has a mohawk and tattoos, so if that’s any indication… you can draw your own conclusions!


Being a southerner I always have to say names in the most butchered southern pronounced way before I can commit to it (for a pet example). It would be hard coming up with childrens names bc I absolutely would not want them pronounced that way ever. Example my dad’s family pronounces Sarah as Say-ra :pensive:


When you say app, do you mean the gift card site or MDE?

I am taking notes because I have some gift cards I need to manage during our trip in two weeks.