This is NOT a live trip report (9/14 - 9/22, Pop & BWI)

I mean, I added the gift cards to MDE. Seamless! it was really easy. (I bet it’ll be easy to run through it, too)


I am looking into uploading/registering(??) our gift cards on the Disney gift card website so I can manage them digitally. Right now all I have are emails with serial numbers!

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This is new to me. Where were you able to do this? Maybe I have an old version…

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Ok, who else said Bayyyyyuuuuth and Say-ra aloud. :laughing:


I don’t judge a book by its cover (else I would assume this is the super cool kid and the other one is the bad one)

I always tell my kids they are each my favorites: I have a favorite daughter and a favorite son! How lucky am I? :laughing:


Again… :heart_eyes:

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It’s when you’re placing a mobile order, when you get to the part about how you’re going to pay for it, it asks if you want to use the credit card that’s already tethered to the app or if you want to add a credit card or a gift card. Click where you add a gift card and follow the directions.

I’m not sure you can do it from any other part of the MDE app; I just did it on the fly while we were standing outside Casey’s. :confused:


That is great intel. Thanks!

Ask, receive, &c…



Ok it won’t save it there, you have to re-enter it every time. Save it in the notes in your phone if you haven’t already then you can copy and paste.

Also contact the photopass peeps and if you know the rough time they should be able to find your pic and add it for you with Mickey heads over anyone unmasked.



Thanks Wesley for showcasing that so wonderfully :heart:


This is Wesley. :wave:t2:

This is the spot Wesley picked to view HEA.

Wesley is THE MAN. :grin:


Ok so what if Wesley is really a liner and has been trolling you this whole time?!? That would be :exploding_head:


Did you pay for this spot or is it available for anyone?

Totally free! … Until the return of the dessert parties, one presumes. I expected it to be roped off, but here we are!


At least 5 times each! :rofl:

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As a person from rural south central VA, I adore this. My dad definitely says Bayuth and Sayra (and hose and mose instead of house and mouse, sebn elebn instead of 7-11, etc). I’ve lost my accent over the year of living in the Midwest and in southern cities but hearing that always feels like home to me :heart:


Less awesome day today – breakfast at Trattoria al Forno was very good – DH’s poached eggs on polenta with pomodoro sauce and fennel sausage was the great success of the day. The baked goods basket is meh; the fruit platter with yogurt is very good… but the fennel sausage thing is just WOW. The press pot coffee is great, and the bellini is yummy, too.

We got in line for rope drop at a totally decent spot in the crowd. Contrasted with the MK, Epcot opens up about 25 minutes before posted opening. We went straight to the Land and asked for a front row at Soarin’ – magical!!! Amazing! Beautiful!!! I cried; my bad kid cried; Wesley put up with us. LOL

Then we did Living with the Land, one of our favorite things in Epcot, and we missed the boat tour guides/narrators very very very much. Taking them out of the attraction was a huge mistake. But we still loved the ride and almost did it again immediately.

Next was The Seas. We skipped all the lame stuff and went in through the gift shop. Sea turtles! Manta rays! Sharks! MANATEES!!! That was fun until it wasn’t.

I was already dripping sweat by this time, and I am a delicate flower who does not do well in extreme heat. Something about today just hit me wrong. I put on the neck fan and pulled out my umbrella for shade, but they didn’t help much. We went around SE, got lost, and then went around something again to find Mission: Space. We rode the Orange side, of course, and it was so good!!! Even better than I remember!!! I had been a little hesitant – I’m so much older now; would I become nauseated? Fortunately, I was not affected at all. After hanging out in the AC of the gift shop for a bit, we headed out for the F&W stands.

Unfortunately, it didn’t take long at all to realize that I could not handle the heat. We stopped at 3 stands – the Flame thingie, Australia, and Ireland – and after that, I had to get back to the room. A cold shower and a long nap were very restorative, but I"m still not 100%. We’re doing laundry and I think Wesley’s going to go to the Belle Vue Lounge for a drink in a bit – I hope he is, anyway. It rained just a little while ago, and I love this resort so much.

I do want to get back to Epcot – I need to thank the Phoenicians, and I need to see the twinkly sidewalks in the new entry courtyard. I Need Those Things.

…and it’s a good thing this isn’t a live trip report, because today was just …impossible.


Oh, Bay! I hope you can get back tonight and do some of those things and feel good doing it. Maybe just not having the sun beating down will help.