This is gonna sound so stupid

…but I need to ask so I’m not wasting money. This is actually the first time I’m going to be flying anywhere, so the concept of luggage tags and locks are new to me. hehe Like I said: “stupid”. :slight_smile:

Regarding Locks:
What’s a good brand/price for luggage locks?
What’s better, the combination lock or the key version?
Anything else I need to look out for?

Regarding Tags:
I’m taking the magical express, do I even need luggage tags? Or do my yellow sticker-tags qualify? (I imagine they’ll be on my bag even on the return trip home)
What’s a good brand/price for tags?

In your opinion, should I buy a luggage scale? There’s a 50lb limit for each bag, I believe, and I really doubt my bag will go beyond that but I’m still on the fence because there’s still that possibility that it might.


Personally, I don’t bother with luggage locks, so I can’t help you there.

As for tags, if you’re taking DME, you’ll also get luggage tags from Disney (one per person), so you don’t really need to buy them on your own.

If you’ve got a bathroom scale you can at least approximate the weight of the bag by weighing yourself once, then again holding the bag. If it’s close, then you might want to look at more exact measures.

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“bathroom scale”… hahahahah holy crap I didn’t even think of that!

As far as the luggage tags from Disney, are those like actual tags (like PVC cards or something) or do you mean the big yellow stickers?

No such thing as a stupid question. We’re all friends here! These are good practical questions!

Check out this link for info including locks:
TSA travel tips

For tags: Still include a tag with your name and phone number. I read recently that you shouldn’t put your address on them as it could tip off people that you’re not currently home. That makes me laugh since these days everyone advertises their every move on social media.
The regular tags aren’t for Disney’s purposes like the Magical Express tags. They’re more for identifying your bags should they become lost on either leg of the journey.

You could just use your bathroom scale, if you have one. I am freakishly good at determining the weight of our bags… I once checked out at Boardwalk and the bag weighed 49.7 lbs!


The Disney provided tags are hard plastic, basically credit-card blanks, with plastic ties. You’ll get them in the same colors as your MagicBands.

Here’s my Orange “Pluto” tag from my last trip - you get these with any package reservation even if you aren’t taking DME. (We drove.) The back has spaces for name/address/phone.

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Disney only sends a tag if you purchase a package through them. The tags (not magical express) come with your magic bands. If you did not get a package then you can just get a paper tag on a string and attach it to your luggage. You will need to take the yellow magical express off your luggage to fly home . What will be very important is having something on your luggage to make it look different when all that luggage is on the belt at pick up (a bright ribbon or something).

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Not a stupid question! We use zip ties instead of locks. We were worried that if someone randomly selected our checked bags to search they would cut off our locks. Not sure if that’s actually a valid concern, but there it is. If you go with a lock, I would get a combo lock, as I wouldn’t want to worry about losing the keys. I also weigh with our bathroom scale and that has been accurate enough to work.

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I fly a lot for work. I’ve never used luggage locks. You should ALWAYS have some sort of identification on your luggage. Mine has a window pocket where I can slip in a card with my name, address, and phone number. If you get DME tags that allow you to do this, you shouldn’t need anything else. If I bother pre-weighing my luggage, I use the bathroom scale method.

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I usually have a tag on the outside of the bag with my name and phone number, just in case the suitcase gets lost. I also put a sheet of paper just inside the bag on top of all my stuff with my name and contact information, along with where I’m going, and when. Example: from MSP to Orlando on 6/21- checking into Port Orleans French Quarter, Disney World. Checking out 6/30, and returning to MSP. Just in case something happens to the tag on the outside of the suitcase.

I also usually put a full outfit in my husband’s suitcase, and he puts one in mine, just in case one of our bags gets lost…

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Locks: TSA will remove, destroy if your bag is selected for search. Money wasted.

Yes, you need luggage tags. I put one inside as well as outside. DME tags only get your bags where they need to be but won’t help a lot of your bags are lost.

I’ve never bought luggage scale. Did have to redistribute contents across bags once at curbside because one bag was over weight. Mainly not necessary IMO unless you have a very large bag and pack it full

Most airlines require a identifcation tag on your luggage, name and cell phone are enough. I use a luggage keyed lock when I travel to other locations and use my suitcase for items. A keyed one works for me but if you are sharing with someone or tend to lose things, use combination. What kind does not matter for thieves or TSA, they both can open them.

You need to remove the Magic Express tags once you get your bags in your room. They are not good for return and may confuse the image readers.

Always use a luggage scale.

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I have always travelled with locks on my luggage. Security/TSA have all the keys to open them if they need. But these days, I guess it’s your choice. I use keys, but I have a purse to store my keys where they won’t get lost. Heck, even if you do lose them, security can open them for you.

You can get locks that say "TSA approved, even combo ones. They have a thing that TSA can use to open them if need be. If you’re buying locks, I’d look for that on the package.

I also use a scale, but that’s just my preference. You’d be surprised how much things weigh! If you do get one and you’re taking it with you (because you want to weigh your things on your return trip), then make sure it’s light weight and doesn’t take up much room

Always have some type of identification on your luggage. I was watching one of those Border Security shows and a guy was flagged for bringing contraband in. The suitcase was generic, but no tags, just a bright green strap so he’d know it was his. Well, he stood there and refused to claim that suitcase, saying it wasn’t his, even though it looked just like his. They went back to the baggage claim area, and sure enough there was another one with a bright green strap on it. Had they had a tag on the suitcase with their id, the mix up never would have happened.

Now, you don’t have to have a fancy tag, just a paper one, but really, you can get decent luggage tags at the dollar store, so you might as well have one that won’t get pulled off. Some people also choose one that’s very distinctive so they know their suitcase from someone else’s almost identical suitcase. (remember the suitcase with the green strap!)

I like to use the ECPAT luggage tags. They are very visible, come in many colors, and promote anti-trafficking. .

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Save your $$, skip the lock. Valuables should be left at home. Luggage tags are absolutely necessary. Don’t over pack. Do laundry on site to save weight on bags.

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Bathroom scale at home never helps us - our bags are never in danger of being overweight before we leave home. We love our small and practical travel scale because we are a family of shoppers on vacation…! You just attach the strap to the bag handle and lift the bag to see how much it weighs.

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Zip ties are good cheap alternative to luggage locks, and a small one can be snipped with nail clippers (permitted in carry on, or pack in outside pocket of suitcase). This won’t prevent a determined thief but it’s a minor deterrent and a thief would likely go for an easier target. Plus if your bag has been opened, at least you’ll know. It also prevents the zipper from opening accidentally and having your stuff spill out.

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We use TSA approved locks as they can be opened by security without them breaking them…I know thieves can too but it is a good deterrent.
I would use luggage tags with your details on in case the airline lose it, I also put my details in the luggage in case tags come off.
50lb is a very generous allowance…on most flights I have been on it is usually around the 25lb mark per bag…which I have never gone over and I pack a lot!
Cases are good for clothing and hold-alls great for shoes, toiletries etc…make sure you detach the long handles on any hold-alls, the airlines don’t like them.
I have flown quite a bit, mostly international, so I hope my advice is helpful!
Have a safe flight :grinning::flight_departure:

Also another point! If you are only allowed one bag each, try not to overpack them so you have room for any souvenirs etc you want to bring home. We are a family of 4 and only use 3 bags departing, with a spare hold-all in one of those bags, then use all 4 coming home, so we don’t have a panic on how we are going to get all those plushes, light Sabres etc home! The trickiest souviner we bought home was a 2 foot storm trooper, with gun, which my DH insisted he had to have, thank goodness we had a spare bag…don’t know what security thought when that bag was scanned!! :grinning:

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Ignore me completely about weight limits! I’m thinking of kg’s not lb’s…we use kg’s in the UK :blush:


Thank you all so much for the replies! It’s really helped! The luggage tag thing that’ll come with my magic bands is awesome.

I hadn’t even considered not running with a lock, but kinda glad to know that if I don’t pick something up a ziptie will work just fine.