This is crazy, right?

So … something just happened that I’m not really willing to talk about. It’s nothing anyone needs to worry about. Except maybe me. Anyhoo, it got me thinking: should I be aiming to go to Orlando three times this year?

I’ve idly had a look at pricing and I reckon I could do an ultra-low budget six night stay for under $3,000. I’d fly economy (shudder) from the UK, and I’d stay at Endless Summer (great AP rates) because there’s nothing affordable at WDW. I’d eat cheaply. No merch. Just parks.

I don’t know what the hell is going on with COVID right now. Everyone in the UK seems to think it’s over. I don’t think there are testing or quarantine restrictions for the flight home. Probably testing to fly out to the US.

This is literally a completely random, not remotely thought-through idea. So I’m just putting it out there.

  1. Can you afford it?
  2. Do you want to go?

I think your answers to those questions are enough to make a decision. Although, you might have other questions to tack on such as, is there something better I should be doing with the money, etc.

UK’s numbers for Covid seem to indicate it is on the back side of Omicron…so, probably won’t be long and it will essentially be over there. (It will take longer in the U.S. simply because of the sheer size, but I expect we’ll essentially see the end of the pandemic by summer, and we’ll cross over into just being endemic.)


Let’s go with “yeah” to that one.

That’s a definite “yes”. I think. Why wouldn’t I want to go?

This Christmas — for the first time ever — I bought myself zero presents. Turns out: I have everything I want. I mean, I’ve been toying with buying this rug:


I could live without it.

I guess I’m just struggling again with the old “what’s the point of it all” question. June — especially the end of June — seems a jolly long way away.

February (I’m looking at the second week, based on pricing and crowd predictions) is arguably too soon. But there’s no other combination that works.


That’s a very cool rug, but I’d much rather have a trip to Florida :sunny::sunny::sunny::sunny::sunny::sunny::sunny::sunny::sunny:


Will it make you happy? Go!

I do think you will need help with the “budget trip” idea?


I’m flying Economy and staying at Endless Summer: what more do you want, lol!

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If it helps, I don’t love my Ruggable, though they are very easy to clean (I assume this is a Ruggable and not some rip off duplicate)


sounds like a challenge you should accept.

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Oh. That does help.


It isn’t bad by any means…but I truly had the thought the other day…I could’ve bought a cheaper rug and spent this money on Disney.


Bad news.

Sarah says she can look after Calvin. She is the dealbreaker. If she’d said no, the whole thing would be a non-starter. But she didn’t. So the decision becomes mine. And I have zero self-discipline and no impulse control.

And you lot are a bunch of enablers.

I’m doomed.


if it’s something you want to do, go for it!

do pins count as merch?


No. Nor do Starbucks ornament mugs.


The cheapest accommodations at UOR are actually two bedroom suites at Endless Summer: $104/night with my AP discount.


The FARTS festival is the best Epcot festival.

Also you know you will buy at least 1 pin. Don’t lie to us.


That’s actually a major plus for going. I really want to see it.


And you will and you will buy a pin at the festival.

Will you go to UOR at all? If not, I suggest looking for a hotel closer to WDW to save on Uber transpo.

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this is a great idea! (I’ll be staying at endless summer the week of Feb 15th too so I have to say this is a good idea, otherwise why am I doing it?)


Definitely. I have an AP.


Can someone get me US ticket pricing?

In the UK, there’s really only one option: a 14 day, park-hopping, water-parking, memory-making ticket, that’s $630. That’s too expensive and includes too much.