This 3 Post limit in La Cava is total BS!


What is the reason for this absurd limitation. People are asking for advice about a trip and sometimes you need to clarify and answer additional questions. Did someone actually complain about people posting too many times? I’ve been on these forums - actively - since day one (after 25,000 posts in chat before the forums opened). I see absolutely no benefit to this , and it certainly removes some of the fun of it.


It is kind of dumb. I can’t imagine the intent was to create a conversation punctuated by people asking to be set free.


@len, when this first started @david said it was done for a reason, but no one knows why. It is causing people in the daily chat to have to edit a post and say “help- I am in jail”. Is there a system reason for the change?


In general, forum software does this to prevent spamming. But I haven’t seen evidence that is a problem here. In the meantime, the change is problematic at times.


Sigh…another thread that I posted on but will not track for me…manually changing setting …again…


You are having so many problems. I wonder why.


She keeps tinkering with things.



I think I wear a cloak of invisibility…


As part of an automatic version upgrade, our forum software added this limit as a feature with the past 6 months. At that time, the default number of consecutive replies was set to 3. To be clear, this change was not done as part of some grand strategy on our part–it was simply a part of the evolution of our forum software.

Arguments can be made for or against this sort of limit, and the default of 3 appears to have been a “balanced” choice. You can find topics on our forum software’s discussion board ( about that sort of thing.


There’s a 3 post per-day limit?


Ahhhh…is this 3 replies? If so, I just upped the limit to 6. See if that helps.


No. It is a three post in a row, max, limit. So, if someone is responding to a series of posts within a single thread individually, you can only do three in a row before you have to wait for someone else to post.

ETA: Oh. Cross-posted.


Also if you try to respond to the same person three times in a row (I was trying to give someone touring advice) it locks you out as well.


Thanks for bringing this subject up. I was equally confused by it because I have never seen anyone complain about people posting too many times. It was unclear what the motive for the change was.


It is now 6 posts in a row. Tried and tested.:slight_smile:




So happy that @len fixed it to be 6. I’m curious what “in a row” means as it suggests some kind of timer, or is it perhaps just if nobody else posts between any of yours? When I worked night shift w would often be the only one up posting in the night and would sometimes have several replies to a thread in a short span of time relatively speaking and certainly without interruption. I just want to understand how it works.

Well I’d also like to understand why it was initiated but that’s not going to happen lol


From David’s post above it sounds like it was part of an update of the software they use rather than implemented by TP staff themselves? Although if Len can override it, I may be totally wrong!


New funtionality of the newer forum software, which probably defaults to 3. To change it would be a configuration override, which is what Len did. So I don’t think it was an explicit change to do it, only that it came along with the software updates.


Ryan is correct here. We at did not change any settings until Len altered the the value to 6 from its default of 3. There is no “why it was initiated” on our end since the change was part of an automatic software upgrade. Folks can look for discussions on if they are curious about why the authors of our forum software added the feature, chose the default they did, etc.

In case it helps anyone understand the effects better, note that the setting is described as “Number of posts a user has to make in a row in a topic before being prevented from adding another reply.”