The World's Longest UOR Trip! (For our family, at least)

We are just a few days away from leaving for our family trip to Universal Orlando! This is (for us) the World’s Longest UOR trip, because we will be arriving May 7 and leaving May 16, staying on property, which gives us 8 potential park days. (Actually, 9…but we aren’t arriving on the 7th until later in the day, so first park day is May 8.)

The cast of characters includes myself, DW, DS25 and DDIL, DS23 and DDIL, DD19, and DS13. Sadly, DS21 will not be able to join us for this trip. DS23 and DDIL will only be joining us through Friday, May 12.

We will be staying at Endless Summer Dockside Inn. We stayed in Surfside Inn in 2020, and it was lovely considering it is a value resort. We felt it was nicer than Pop Century in may ways. Anyhow, this time we figured we’d give the sister property, Dockside a try since the rooms are virtually identical.

Our plans are somewhat loose, compared to the kind of planning we’d need for Disney, which will hopefully allow for a relaxed trip. With so many days, it is an experiment to see if we ever find ourselves getting bored. Here is the tentative schedule:

Saturday, May 6 - Start the drive down, stopping in Forsythe, GA.

Sunday, May 7 - Arrive at Dockside around 4 or 5, check-in, activate our seasonal passes, and then head over to Disney Springs for a Rainforest Cafe reservation.

Monday, May 8 - Rope drop (Early Park Admission 8 am) IOA and head straight for VC, then work counter clockwise around the park. Poseidon’s Fury is in the plans for this day as well, since it is the second to last operating day for the show ever!

Tuesday, May 9 - Rope drop (EPA) IOA and head straight for Hagrid’s. This will be our Harry Potter day, so focus on Harry Potter in both parks. At the end of the day, catch the projection show on Hogwart’s Castle…this is the final night of the show!

Wednesday, May 10 - Rope drop (no EPA available) USF and do, well, all the USF stuff! We also have a reservation in the afternoon for the Jurassic Park Escape room.

Thursday, May 11 - Water day. We’ll head into IOA a little later, dressed in clothes meant to get soaked in with the intention of just riding the wet rides. Get soaked, laugh, get soaked some more, etc. Once we’re thoroughly waterlogged, head back to the hotel to change into dry clothes. DDIL and DD19 plan to head back into the parks to do Harry Potter shopping and spells and such on their own.

Friday, May 12 - Say goodbye to DS23 and DDIL. This is a more relaxed day, but my DW and I plan to head to a Mexican restaurant off property for dinner, just the two of us (since Antojitos will be closed for refurbishment during our trip).

Saturday, May 13 - Do whatever! My wife and I will be heading to Ocala to meet up for breakfast with her parents, who are currently in Florida for the winter (although will be heading back to Michigan soon).

Sunday, May 14 - Happy Mother’s Day! Heading into the parks, and my wife wants to eat lunch (or dinner) at the Leaky Cauldron.

Monday, May 15 - Last park day to re-ride anything we love. We head back to Disney Springs in the afternoon, and have a reservation at House of Blues for our final meal.

Tuesday, May 16 - Check out and start the drive home!

I’ll be periodically updating this thread as per the usual for an obligatory trip report.


Sounds like a great trip!! Looking forward to following along.

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Looks like a good mix of thrills and relaxation! Definitely following along :blush:

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Who’s up for a Final Tour meetup?


You won’t.

Hold the bus!!
You’re throwing me a Disney curveball right out of the gate??

OK, I forgive you :+1:t2:

This is one of the beautiful things about having a long trip. It’s a great plan :smiley::sweat_drops::sweat_drops:

Sounds like a fabulous trip! Can’t wait to follow along…


I’m getting excited for you!! Definitely following along!


Here is a great plan that generally follows the timeline. With the low crowds, I think Hagrid’s won’t have a long wait later in the day. Just a thought.

Friday or Saturday you should definitely take the boat to see the Portofino area.


I definitely plan to do that…just hadn’t firmed up on exactly when. A lot of this trip is playing things by ear! :slight_smile:


I am not opposed…trick is coordinating it. We aren’t sure what time we’ll be hitting up PF. Best I can do is try to estimate day of and see if it works out.


A little snafu. We were getting my clothes out to pack, trying them on. Well, for those who don’t follow the weight loss thread in La Cava, you may not know that I went on gabapentin several months ago for Restless Legs Syndrome. It causes weight gain. And. Well. I done gained weight.

Several of my shorts and shirts were…well…uh…snug. so, I am now doing a bit of last minute shopping for some vacation clothes. :grin:


Good chance to get some new cargo shorts.


But of course!


A little depression after my dad died, plus I went off topamax (which I take for migraines, but which really suppresses appetite) for awhile when I had a kidney stone so I’m in the same boat. Fortunately I had two different sizes of shorts and swimsuits on hand because I just have way too many clothes.


This sounds great!!

I thought of @ryan1 when I bought some ladies cargo pants recently.


Almost to Atlanta. Stopping for dinner.


We arrived at the hotel in Forsythe. We will probably get to sleep early since we plan to be up at 5:30 am.


I managed to get, if I am generous, 2 hours of sleep. Pushing through. We drove to the middle of nowhere in Florida to visit my DFIL and DMIL for a few hours. (We got to see bear crossing road signs…not sure if I have ever seen that. Deer crossing, yes. Bears? No!)

We’ll be heading out in a little while to make our way to Orlando. Have to pick up my DS and DDIL from SSR, where we had gifted them points to stay a couple nights. Then…finally we will make it to our final destination… Dockside.


Safe travels!

We made it!