The Walk from DHS to EPCOT

38 days out from our Spring Break trip. We had planned on doing the whole first day at Epcot but, since we have Park Hoppers (first time since 2003) and there are morning EMH at DHS, we are thinking about hitting DHS for a ride or two and then walking to EPCOT for Rope Drop and a quick dash to Soarin’.

Are we putting ourselves under too much pressure? I’m thinking DHS at rope drop will get us a Slinky Dog ride (a first) so we can evaluate it before we hit DHS for real on day 4. The only other time we’ve made the walk between EP and DHS it was a very leisurely stroll without any time constraints. (IIRC it is about a 15 minute walk if I’m walking with purpose).

Personally, I would think so?

[spoiler]While you’re right on the time frames, you’re still gonna cut it close to a point where it probably wouldn’t even be worth it.

Mainly because the line for RD into HS is going to be forming for an hour (at least). So you would basically need to race through Epcot (and whatever ride you’d do), then race through the EP/BW/HS walk, and then still only be about 10-15 minutes early to RD which means you’ll likely find yourself still in a deep line for SDD.

Epcot is deceptively long, I feel. From the main gate to FEA is a solid 10 minutes at a good speed of walking. So figure another 3-5 to get to International Gateway (cause it’s the opposite way and a bit of a longer walk I think?), 3-5 to BW, and then 15-17 to HS’s gate. Without any rides, you’ve already eaten up a full half hour’s worth of time. And this is assuming you’re traveling as fast as I’m figuring here (average 4-5MPH of walk speed), which…with littles… I would think that isn’t going to be possible.

Setting everything to spoiler to avoid confusion with my total “derpness”

I think so. It sounds stressful.
And if you walked with a purpose you probably could make it in 15 minutes, but again I think that’s stressful.

If I’m reading this correctly, Randall1028’s response is in reverse of what you’d like to do?

You are asking about hitting DHS EMH, and then hitting Epcot for RD, correct?
You’ve got an uphill battle if that’s what you’d like to do. I would think it’s ALL about your timing to be at the front of the pack for DHS. If you are one of the first few ppl in line to enter for emh, then I’d think you can hit SDD, and then maybe one more different attraction before you’d have to bug out, if you wanna get to the IG for Rope Drop. Give yourself 25 minutes for the walk. The IG is a little more chill for RD than the main entrance, so you have that going for you.

The issue is that at DHS, everyone will be heading to SDD. If you are late showing up and find yourself deep in line, you might be better off doing RNR or TOT before heading to Epcot. TSL might turn into a complete mess VERY quickly during EMH, but RNR and TOT might be better because everyone’s trying to check out TSL.

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And the path to Epcot first goes along the HS parking lots, which because of the construction is narrowed by construction walls, so you will be going against masses of morning arriving people who have parked and are walking TO the entrance of HS – not likely to allow speedy walking. It sounds stressful and unlikely to result in a good experience to me.

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Exactly. The last time I walked it from Epcot to HS the construction really added time to the walk.

It was great for @MouseGirl42 's favorite Miles 23-25 of the marathon because the construction walls created shade and it was getting sunny and hot by that point :-):stuck_out_tongue: But the path was cleared by runDisney for that purpose… Seriously, you will be salmon swimming upstream – in a narrow stream.


I’ve never done the walk so I can’t speak to that, but SDD seems like it will take a little bit longer than I’d feel comfortable leaving time for. Especially if you truly want to rd Epcot as well. Would you consider doing the other two TSL rides instead? I think you could ride each of those twice in the amount of time you’d be waiting in line for SDD.

Thanks. With no personal experience with TSL (last visit was 2015) and none with the walk, I felt I should talk to the experts. I’ll stick the the original plan.

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oh geeze, you’re right. I got it completely backwards. Go me. I got stuck on “first day at Epcot” and then read “DHS at rope drop”

Sorry. Reading comprehension… sometimes it ain’t there.

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Is taking the boat an option instead of walking? That’s what we plan to do when park hopping between these two, but without the time restraints of the OP.

It is, but there are clear constraints on taking the FriendShip.

Walking, you’ll start the trek right as you leave HS, and, short of dodging people, have nothing to wait for until you hit the IG.

Taking the FriendShip, you will (probably) have to wait for the boat to arrive, and it will make 3 intermediate stops before arriving at the IG dock: the Swan/Dolphin, the Boardwalk, and Yacht/Beach Club docks.
It is unlikely, IMO, unless the stars align perfectly, that taking the FriendShip will be faster than a motivated walker.


It’s all the college stuff that muddled your brain. I hear it takes a couple of years to get your brain cells back… (at least I’m hoping I get MINE back)

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Well, hmm. I’ve been out of college now for about 24 years. I’m still waiting for them brain cells to return.


Oh no!!! Don’t tell me that!!!

We are planning to take the boat from Hs to Epcot, but I have allocated an hour for us to do that. Will an hour be enough time?

Worst thing that ever happened to me is my Masters. 8^} It killed all of my reading brain cells. I’ve been attempting to regrow them for years. I think, hope, they are finally starting to return!

That should be enough time.

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Well, I suspect having children stunts one’s ability to regrow brain cells. So as long as you don’t have children, it’s all good. :wink:


Not a problem. When I was writing it I was pretty sure I was being as clear as mud. I just interpolated your post, flipping and saw that your point was similar to all the others, that it was probably not worth the stress.

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