The Trip That Wouldn't Be

The Travelers: me, my sister DS, her daughter DN and her daughter DGN, aka the karate kid
The Destination: US Open, 6A karate tournament at Coronado Springs, WDW, June 2020
The Lodging: 4 nights at Coronado Springs, reserved October 2019, tournament discount
The Tickets: Armed Forces Salute military discount to be bought in March (not available in 2019 anyway)

The Prologue:
March: pandemic postpones the US Open. New date, December 2020, lodging reservations moved to December. Tournament discount still. All ticket sales temporarily suspended.
WDW opens, park reservations required, still no ticket being sold.
Finally tickets being sold, bought, park reservations made, but US Open cancelled for 2020.
Still, tournament promoters and Disney agree to honor resort reservations for December. Do we still want to go? Heck yeah.
November: a 1br villa at Saratoga Springs becomes available for exchange thru RCI. Do we want it? Well, sad to say goodbye to staying at CSR but Saratoga again! Heck yeah.
But wait, the SSR dates leave us needing a night at the end of our stay, which is the same as our last night at CSR! Hello again.
December: days before we leave a second SSR 1br becomes available for exchange. Do we want it? DS and DN say heck yeah, two bathrooms. We’ve put in a room request for a Paddock bldg, and traveling together link the second 1 br. We decide to check in when we arrive to get our complimentary magic bands. We’ll use them to go between our two villas.

Departure: first day, it’s raining but that means the sun is not in our eyes. Our Tupelo hotel is easy to find and has a handy in house restaurant.
Second day, on the road before 6, we lose an hour today. It’s raining but the sun is still not in our eyes. We’re making good time but we begin to realize day 2 has more miles than we anticipated. We’re not arriving anywhere near the time MDE deposits DN at SSR. But that’s ok, she’s lead on the first 1 br.
Mid-afternoon on day 2, we notice the first 1br is no longer showing on My Disney Experience. I call some Disney number. Trinidad discovers “remnants” of our reservation. She reaches out to DVC. Eventually it’s discovered our reservation was canceled as a no show. Eventually we’re issued a 1 br reservation to replace the canceled one, here’s your new number. Btw, I’m now lead on that 1 br. But thank you, dear Trinidad!
Check in: our villas are in 2 different buildings, in 2 different areas of the resort. Duh, new reservation. At check in we’re quickly handed off to Matthew, a manager type person who has a wonderful mask, very second star to the right but for CMs only. We’ve asked Matthew can we down grade one of the 1 br to a studio and have connecting units. He says, I’ll check availability. Amazingly, we wind up with a dedicated 2 br villa in the Springs area. The remodeled unit is so cool! Our previous 2 br, 5 years ago, was a bit tired looking. Thank you, dear Matthew.

Also, instacart canceled DN’s food order, not once yesterday afternoon but twice. DN was beside herself by this time. She found a phone number, and after I called, we had the order reinstated, cancellation charge removed and delivery went smoothly.

Plans for first day, Sunday (today), are sleep in, late lunch at Kona, activate AFS tickets at MK and maybe recon MK to see how the new touring normal feels. DS is leery of how quickly she’ll get too hot.

I’d like to post as we go. Ain’t much guaranteed in this world, tho. :wink:


Our 2 bedroom - no carpet!


Look at the new “sofa sleeper”!


What caused the no show cancellation and the cancelled instacart?

Canceled instacart the first time was “inability to contact customer”. Maybe cuz of being in the airport. Or on the plane.
Second time we don’t know. DN was looking at her phone - no contact.

We don’t have a clue as to why the room was a no show at maybe 3 in the afternoon on an arrival day.

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DN started getting teary eyed. “It’s just like it used to be”.


That sofa bed is amazing! Does it fold into the wall like a murphy bed? Looks way more comfy than a normal sofa bed.

It pivots down from the wall, while the couch back moves forward and down out of the way. Very comfy bed. I’m very short - most hotel beds are a chore to climb into. This bed is awesome in all respects.

Lunch at Kona was good but the desserts were the best. DGN had the key lime glass, DN had the tapioca while DS and I shared the s’mores glass. As usual, dessert was the best part of the meal. DGN has the photo of the desserts. DN has felt ok all afternoon, so the dairy free must have been successful.
After activating our tickets, we headed to Adventureland for PotC and Splash, then some snacks at the Marketplace, Peter Pan and some photo pass silliness in front of the Castle.
We’re definitely not theme park commandos as we were ready for the Saratoga bus at this point, 7 pm!

I don’t know how we’re going to manage all day at AK tomorrow.

Cutest thing: little princess - maybe 7 months old - sitting on the pavement on Main Street with her dress all spread about her while the photo pass photographer and one of her adults tried to get photos. She had the most confused look on her face. Such a cutie.

We saw fireworks. Missed the reindeer but saw other cavalcades. They’re keepers in our opinion. DN had to buy the Child back at Saratoga getting food at Artist Palette.

Trying to RD AK tomorrow.


My favorite character.


Is she the fairy godmother?

Yes. :sparkling_heart:

On the Hakuna Matata bus at 7am.


Waiting on the FoP riders to exit 8am


There is clearly some sort of special rider groups going on. Very occasionally the main line will be held up while a group will jump in line.

Glad you made it here!

There are VIP tours — I’ve seen Plaids leading groups, so that may be what you are seeing. or maybe DAS?

Have the best day ay AK!!!


Maybe DAS. Haven’t seen any plaids.

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Walking from FoP to Dino we caught the bird flight! Too amazed to grab a phone while they were flying . . .



Nice sunlit outline on the tree, @OBNurseNH.


What a beautiful way to start a Monday!

I am so far behind on all of the current trip reports that are ongoing. I am hoping to catch up soon, but appreciate the tag in the meantime!!!