The return of Mickey's No-So-Scary Halloween Party is official, now called Disney After Hours Boo Bash

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The #HalfwaytoHalloween fun begins tomorrow morning, May 7! Throughout the day, we’ll be sharing nothing but treats including a special announcement


I would be the happiest mom on the planet it MVMCP came back with all the bells and whistles and no masks. I’m over-hopeful, I bet.

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O em gee

Well I’ll be paying attention to this announcement, as I’m hoping they have the Christmas Party as well since we have our trip after Thanksgiving.

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I suspect you are being a little over-optimistic.

I don’t see them announcing anything about masks not being needed until much closer to that point (whenever it is).

And I don’t see them wanting to commit to specific things at the parties until closer to the time, so I expect it will be something very generic and vague like “exciting and new experiences”.

I don’t think there will be a full parade, at least not announced. Fireworks though are definitely on the cards by then. Trick or treating though, modified at best.


I agree about the masks. But I could see an announcement about a party happening. Looks like Broadway is planning to open full capacity in September, so why not a Disney Halloween party in September/October?

Oh yes, I edited my post.

This will be about the parties, and they will be happening. I just meant in terms of the specific details.


If this announcement is the Halloween party return, there will be a 99% probability of the return of the Christmas party as well in the near future.

Unless there is a big returning surge of Covid. :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:


I don’t know ofc. But masking COULD be optional by November. I have to hope. I must!!


:jack_o_lantern: excited! hopefully MNSSHP will be announced. We are there middle of October.

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I’m hoping it is too. We will see!

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The idea of adding MNSSHP to my solo trip in early October is exciting. I wonder how they will balance this with the anniversary events of the first weekend in October.

The planner in me is very frustrated in not being able to figure almost anything out since everything is constantly changing!!!

This is a HUGE question mark for me.


Maybe those of us that will be there at that time can coordinate information and planning as we get closer. There are so many variables and possible options!!

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Touring Plans is still showing fairly low crowd calendar for the week I am going on my trip (Oct 23-31).

Most everybody I chat with is expecting very busy crowds and the resort bookings are slim pickings. @len @SteveBloom , is the official prediction from you guys that October will still be a 4-6?(not including Oct 1).

I’m excited about this being almost a truly normal vacation.


It’s really too early to know. The current crowd levels for October are assuming there will be parties. At MK the days with low crowd levels are the days we expect parties. Take a look at October 2019 or 2018 for a “normal” October.


I gotta believe both Halloween and Xmas parties will be back this year. There is so much momentum with decreased COVID restrictions across the country in the past two weeks. These parties are going to happen, I’d bet my fav disney pin on it.

I thought masks might be around until 2022, no way they stay that long. We are vaccinating enough people and numbers are dropping fast nationwide. This summer capacity will be up, distancing will be down and a lot of attractions and restaurants will be reopening. This is officially the beginning of the end of COVID-19. Disney needs the parks to be profitable sooner rather than later. The path to that is obviously more capacity and more offerings like the parties. They aren’t recalling all the cast members and college program kids to stand around. Get ready for more normal WDW, because it is coming and soon.


Thank you @MagicFinder


This year’s event is called boo bash, and it will run from 9PM to midnight, with guests entering as early as 7 PM. No pricing yet, but guests with resort reservations will have first crack at ticket purchase. Event runs from 8/10-10/31. APRs not needed.