The Professor becomes a Captain — a (non-Disney) cruise report

I get you. I’ve seriously considered making my Alaska summer 2022 solo cruise a family event (this was originally June 2020, then 2021–gee, I would have been there right now…). But, a big part of the idea was for me to check out cruising and see what it’s like before putting down $ for 5 whole people, given cruise prices. I’ve also considered bringing alone just one of the older kids.

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Mousematt, I get why you canceled one of your 2 cruises, and why it was DCL. DCL is really, really expensive, and you seem to have had exactly the same type of thought processes that I’ve had re: cruising in general. I got interested b/c I saw someone’s trip report about a DCL cruise on this forum (it was lizzeanne, actually), and then eventually saw all the different types of cruise offerings other than DCL. I am really awed by the huge ships of Royal Caribbean (and most of my friends who’ve cruised have been on those) and the elegance of Princess etc. I definitely think that saving and time off (time away from Calvin too) for a Disney vacation in the future makes sense, especially with the ever evolving regulations about international travel. To me, DCL is still on the short list of trips I'd like to do, but to justify the for it I want to first see what another, cheaper cruise is like to see if it’s a kind of trip we’ll love. I really hope that the cruise you’ve kept is wonderful. :slight_smile: