The Plaza Restaurant as of late for dinner

Last night, my wife and I were talking about switching a few ADRs around. Originally, we planned to eat at Steakhouse 71 on our last day just before the Christmas Party. But for reasons I won’t go into, we decided to switch our S71 ADR to earlier in the trip to our MK evening (when Extended Evening Hours are in effect).

This left us, however, with an empty spot just before the Party. We really just want something easy, preferably at or near MK. We ate at The Plaza during our 2020 trip. My wife’s cheese steak sandwich was delicious, and my homestyle meatloaf was…horrible. (I couldn’t even bring myself to finish it…how can you mess up meatloaf so bad?)

But now, the cheese steak sandwich is no longer on the menu. There are a couple other options on the menu that seem like our speed. (We aren’t fancy eaters, so something basic is fine.) I’m thinking about the burger, and my wife is thinking perhaps the steak salad. But I’m wondering if anyone has been lately to comment? We already know The Plaza isn’t a top choice, but we like the fact we would be right there just before the party. I just want to know if the food they are serving is decent now. (Not including the meatloaf, which I’ll certainly never order from there again!)

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I did not enjoy my dinner there in December at all. I know Tony’s gets flack for being basic Italian, but it was surprisingly good to me and where I plan to dine on my MVMCP night this trip. Especially if you can sit on the patio.


What did you eat from there, out of curiosity.

I think I had the monte cristo. I tried to find the pictures, but I couldn’t find them. The whole experience was rather regrettable. The restaurant was cramped and loud and pretty devoid of character. And worst of all it has no real view despite being located in the hub.

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We were fortunate to sit in a location where we had a lovely view of the castle while we were eating.

Anyhow, the Monte Cristo has also been removed from the menu! (And yet…the meatloaf remains.)


I actually sat in the solarium :rofl:

I would take a look at Skipper’s Canteen. Both of my meals there (October and January) were excellent.


Skipper’s is our favorite MK restaurant of late. Nice atmosphere especially if you get a good guide who is into being punny. Liberty Tree Tavern is likely another to consider - solid family style options.

Last thought is picking a restaurant at WL or one of the monorail resorts. Lots of good options - basically depends on how much you’d like to spend. Kona Cafe was surprisingly good for dinner when we tried it pre-pandemic and is a little different than the normal selections…

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Part of the motivation for rearranging things is because Kona Cafe might be closed when we go. It closes for refurbishment without a reopening date, so we are assuming it won’t be available.

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What about Geyser Point at WL?

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That will slow you down if Kona is closed. Guess I wasn’t paying attention to August closures. Mea culpa.

The other off the beaten path one to consider is the Grand Floridian Cafe - prices aren’t bad (for Disney), food was good. We were there summer of 2021 and were happy with the meal. Especially good if you’re looking for an excuse to visit the GrandFlo. It is also not crazy busy for dinner it seems which can be a nice relaxing option versus one of the in park options, but it of course depends on what you’re looking for that night…

Thanks. The menu looks like it has some nice, unique options!

Looks prix fixe, although a good Thanksgiving dinner option from the looks of it.

I don’t know if I want to do something that doesn’t take an ADR, because otherwise we could make a trip to WL for nothing if it is too busy. Having said that, I love WL, and it looks like a beautiful setting

Interesting. I hadn’t even considered it because, well, I was afraid of a pretentious feel at GF, and because I had wrongly assumed GFC was not a table service place. But the food options look good. We do plan to visit GF at some point to see the Christmas decor.

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That’s my plan for party night

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Yeah I get that.

GFc is great and totally not pretentious. If you wanted to check out GF anyway I would definitely choose it. Just be aware they do close some time after lunch and before dinner so plan accordingly. I think their lunch menu is stronger than their dinner menu. Skipper Canteen is great if you want to stay in the park, especially if you love Jungle Cruise


Excellent plan!

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I can confirm as a non foodie that last summer DH and I had very nice meals at LTT and GFC. LTT is probably a little more variable due to location etc. but I remember the food being fine. There may have been some dishes that were better than others but nothing sticks out. GFC is I believe where we had chicken and waffles and it was excellent and not pretentious at all! Service was outstanding!




Had never had it before but it was soooo yummy!!

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I wanted to do Steakhouse 71 for a late big lunch before MNSSHP this October, but for some reason, the one day is not available for ADRS, even with a leading reservation. The day before and the day after are, as is that day of the week the week prior. Its super annoying and I’m watching this thread to see if i get any inspiration.

We had lunch back in May at GFC and we really enjoyed it. Neither the restaurant or staff were “stuffy”, the food was quite good and I thought reasonably priced for Disney. My DH and I have it on our list of places to go back to eat if we ever need a midday break from MK.