The passholder drawback

While I enjoyed a great many things as a Passholder on my last trip (shorter (sometimes) entry lines and discounts to name a few), one thing that really bothered me was the way the passholder has to prove they are, indeed, a passholder.

Maybe this is just because I didn’t have my custom MB yet, but is this the way it always is?

You have to carry your ID, your AP Card, and your MB into the park to take advantage of anything in the parks? Then, when making a purchase anywhere, you have to fish out your ID and your AP card and flip it over so they can verify the name on the ID and AP Card match.

This seems wholly inconvienant for passholders. What’s the point of having a special MB if this info is not going to be held on there?

I guess because your AP could have lapsed?

It’s the same for DVC. I have to have my card and ID. And because I don’t drive, I have to carry my passport around, which is a real PITA.

I think the reason is it would be possible for the MDE info to become out of date. So you could have been a member / passholder when the reservation was made, but unless MDE is going to access the AP or DVC membership database in real time, you may not still qualify.

Also of course, within the park or at a resort or DS, you could give the band to someone else. Hence the need for ID. Only you are entitled to the discount / perk etc.

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But as a Passholder, you’re allowed to have guests, and the discounts carry over (I exercised this several times throughout my last trip). If I’m handing over my MB to someone, how is that different? I think a MB + Pin would be far better.

It just seems weird that we’re required to jump through an extra hoop just to take advantage of something we’ve paid a lot of money into.

I’m fairly sure the rules say that you as a passholder are entitled to a discount. Not that any of your friends can have a discount without you being there.

As a DVC member, DH and I can take advantage of the perks. Our sons cannot, unless they’re with us. We cannot give them our card to get the discount at a shop or restaurant, or get into the members’ lounge.

But the real time access to verify you’re a passholder would likely take too long.

This is true for many amusement parks with annual passes. They have to prevent people who like to buy one and share it around with others. With the annual pass, you are not buying convenience, but increased access/benefit. To have said increased access/benefit, they have increased verification.

With great power comes great responsibility! :slight_smile:

Unless they started to implement a MB system that ALWAYS requires some biometric information as well every single time (which kind of inhibits the fun of it), they have to use another means.

It was very inconsistent in April. I never carried my ID or card all week because they just looked it up in my account. And then near the end of the week someone wanted to enforce card and ID. I told her I know she is just doing what her mgr asked her to but that if I had been instructed at the beginning of the week to carry both it wouldn’t have been an issue in that moment.

I started putting my pass holder card and my ID in my phone case after that.

One trick in these cases (at least for US citizens) is to also get a passport card when applying for your passport. I think it costs only $30 more when you get it with your passport, and then you have a much more portable government issued photo ID that is good for 10 years.

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Yeah, but many amusement parks don’t have MBs… which is kinda the crux of my issue. Disney made these things and access sooooo simple that reverting to needing to check physical IDs, for a small percentage off in-store purchases, feels extremely archaic and jarring.

Additionally, should they tie it to a MB only where someone might be able to borrow it, as mentioned the biggest risk to Disney is the 20% off in stores (because access to the parks requires the finger print). At worst, Disney is still getting 80% of retail (at inflated theme park prices no less) and possibly even an extra sale that they otherwise wouldn’t have made.

Now, the argument that “it is only you who gets the percs” is valid, but it feels a bit hollow when no information is actually recorded when they check your AP information, as hinted at by @OBNurseNH’s recounting. It’s just a visual check.

I would argue they are one and the same. Convenience = Benefit. Having a “passholder only” entrance into the parks (which were often far shorter than the normal lines) and having photopass bundled with tickets (so that I don’t need to rebuy/link/maintain) were two great conveniences I experienced on my last trip.

Because here’s another issue: my name that is on my AP is already wearing off a bit (permanent marker ain’t what they used to be!). What happens if it does after a wet ride and it’s not realized until you go to use it?

Yeah but the MBs have relatively unauthenticated access to your hotel room (and all belongings inside), so why is a small discount more protected than hotel access?

And make no mistake, I totally understand this is a “first world problem.” heheh

No such thing as a passport card here.

Not true, really. I flashed my AP (info, on MDE) for DD, DS, and DH to complete transactions themselves. They called me over to register when they got there, I showed my pass, and then I wandered back to wherever I had been browsing. So it extends to guests, whether it’s supposed to or not.

My point was that while many of the benefits might be convenience benefits, you are buying the AP for the BENEFITS it offers, not specifically for everything to be more convenient. So, I wouldn’t equate the two, even though many benefits are conveniences.

Ultimately it is a case of the misdeeds of the few have to ruin it for the many, though. People are always finding ways around the system, so this forces them to put in safeguards against those misbehaviors…which, unfortunately, means making it less convenient at times. If everyone was honest, it would be AWESOME! :slight_smile: Unfortunately, that isn’t the reality.

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I am curious about this. Last visit, why my two sons were hanging out with this girl who was there with the AP, my DS14 wanted to buy the big Epcot Spaceship Earth, but didn’t have quite enough money. She said, “Oh. I have the AP and can get you the discount.” So, she saved him enough money that he could afford it. I’m not sure if that is technically allowed or not, but it is what happened.

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Far as I know, it is. I also extended my AP Discount to a stranger who was buying something for their daughter. The cast member knew full well that I wasn’t with them, but let it through anyway without an issue

I mean, what are they going to do, really. They say no, so then you buy the item and the stranger pays you. Same same.

exactly. But he also didn’t check AP creds until I went to make my purchase, which they had already left by the time that thappened.

Yep, which is why I added the “US Citizens” caveat.

We know where you live… :wink:

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Haha! Just that you were replying to @Nicky_S who is also in the UK.

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Sadly the is no such document for the UK. Actually Disney say that a UK (or any foreign) driving licence on it’s own is not sufficient, although DS found it was fine on our last trip when he had just turned 21.

I believe it’s because of the date thing - you know, how you Americans can’t write them the right way round … :wink:


Ohhh so you always say “The 31st of May, 2018?” instead of “May 31, 2018” when someone asks ‘what’s today’s date?’?

…Yeah, that’s what I thought.

We write it like it’s said verbally…so if you Brits would kindly stop being backwards, that’d be swell :slight_smile:

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I don’t like how most write them, as a software engineer. Should be most significant first. YEAR-MONTH-DAY Makes sorting so much easier!

But I’ll point out that I’m tired of Britons taking issue with “herb” being pronounced with a silent H. UK English used to pronounce it that way as well, but eventually changed. So, actually, Americans have that one right and then the Brits went and changed it without reason! If you study the etymology of the word, you’ll find that it is correct to keep the h silent.