“The Ocean chose ME!” A DCL Trip Report

I mean, it really does feel like that. A little more than month ago, this wasn’t even on my radar. And
then the opportunity was presented. I was already scheduled to be on vacation, so no additional or new time off was needed. The airfare, the only thing I have to pay aside from my incidentals, was, for whatever inexplicable reason, insanely affordable. There was no reason not to go. It absolutely felt like kismet, meant to be.

It feels like the Ocean chose ME. I mean, I am Moana :wink:

I’m sailing on the Disney Dream on a 4 night cruise out of Miami. There are two ports of call on this voyage: Nassau, Bahamas and Castaway Cay, Disney’s private island. There’s one day at sea as well. I’ll be with a group of TA colleagues and will be trying to see and do as much that this ship and this cruiseline has to offer.

I have a deluxe veranda stateroom on the 10th deck, just beneath the Spa and steps away from
the adults only pool area (cat 5A for those who want that info). I have plans to enjoy BOTH upcharge
dining experiences, Palo and Remy. I anticipate visiting the Rainforest Room and the fitness center. I
expect to visit as many of the lounges as possible (shocked, aren’t you? :cocktail:). I hope to take in all of the feature entertainment. And I hope to have a little bit of down time too, for some solitude and


If wifi allows, I will be going live for sunrise on at least one of the mornings so if that’s your thing
(because it’s totally mine) keep an eye out for me to announce which morning you’ll want to tune in.
And I’ll be posting not just here – where like @dboothsummers said, you’ll get the down and dirty – but also to my business Insta and FB pages where you’ll see only the best of the experience. I hope you’ll follow along, chime in with banter and questions and snark and all around fun.

Because when you can’t be at The Great Big Epic Liner Meet 2022, a decent consolation prize is to have a live-ish trip report right after that where you can be both alone and with all of your forum besties at the same time. :heart:

Here’s a link to the post in this thread with my insta info: “The Ocean chose ME!” A DCL Trip Report - #26 by OBNurseNH



Safe travels @OBNurseNH. Hope it’s a great trip!


Sitting at my gate for the last 40 minutes. Arrived to a very quite and nearly empty MHT at 0430 as planned. When I left my house (I live 10 mins away max!) the flight was on time. When I arrived here and went to the kiosk to tag my bag, it showed delayed.

Here we go!

No wait - delayed 14 minutes.

Apparently that accounts for a mandatory crew rest period. Someone needed to hit that snooze alarm this morning I guess.

I didn’t use mine!

But I did have a backup alarm set just in case.


For the love of all that is holy, WHYYYYYYYYYYYY do people crowd the boarding line area a full 10 minutes before we are going to even begin boarding??

I have crummy B37, btw. I considered using my complimentary boarding upgrade afforded by my SW card, but since I do have a stop at BWI (:nauseated_face: ) I would have had to use two (one for each leg) and that’s just dumb. I’m alone. I don’t really care where I sit.


According to @katielouhou it’s so people can put their bags in the overhead lockers :woman_shrugging:t4::rofl::rofl:


But you board in order on Southwest so there’s really no point


I did not mean to delete my post and apparently it’s now irretrievable!

Anyway, what I said was that according to @katielouhou in this post it’s so you can put a bag in an overhead locker.


I’m so excited for your cruise! We did this exact itinerary 5 years ago and it was fantastic. Have all of the fun!!

Looking forward to hearing about your dinner at Remy. It was one of my favourite meals ever. Please let us know how the Rainforest room is working for this cruise. I am hoping to book that when on our Christmas cruise on the Fantasy.

Good luck with your flight. Enjoy the experience!


And apparently according to @Jeff_AZ in this post you need to be worrying about your middle seat.

I need to know more about this. What’s wrong with the middle seat?? Does it have an ejector button or something?? :thinking::thinking::rofl::rofl:




Then why was @Jeff_AZ so worried about it? :woman_shrugging:t4::laughing:

Squishy seats are good, right?


No it isn’t. I fixed it :woman_facepalming:t4::rofl:


You guys seriously hit the stateroom lotto!! Do NOT miss any of the shows. So excited for you!!!


I flew American Airlines this trip to get a nonstop. We were boarding Group 6 but I knew where my seats were. American also offered to check carry on bags at no cost. I would fly SW again if the flight cost less than AA and is nonstop


On the ground at BWI with just enough time for a biological pit stop. Flight should be boarding in 5 mins. Better position this time.

Beautiful flight this morning. Got a clear view of NYC. Here’s Central Park and a distant view of Lady Liberty

And the required wing and clouds shot


It’s good if the cushion is squishy, not if you’re squished between two people’s thighs. :joy:

Have a great trip, @OBNurseNH!


Safe travels! I’m a chicken when it comes to cruising because seasickness, but I’ve always been thiiiiiiis close to booking one. What’s your insta again? I don’t think I follow you on my business profile (@cultivatefinancialpeace).


You are so polite!!
I can’t believe this is the same person who throws out so many TWSSs!! :rofl::rofl:

Great NY pic :star_struck:


You can names your alarms? :exploding_head:


Ah, gotcha! :laughing:
I guess it depends on whose thighs :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: