The Non-Disney-Regulars Trip During Covid - Sep 19-25 2020 Trip Report

First off, this trip would not at all have been possible without all that I learned from you all on this board! I hope you enjoy hearing how our trip played out.

Backstory: The trip was originally to occur April 25-May 1 after a year and a half of planning and learning to Disney like a regular. This would be a first-time trip for all the kids and a first-time-since-being-kids trip for most of the adults. When covid diverted those plans, we rebooked for Sep thinking there is no way we would still be concerned with covid by then. Wow, how naïve that thought was. But as Sep approached, we weighed our options and decided to give it a shot. This wouldn’t be the vacation we originally planned, but this would be a once in a lifetime change to visit the parks at such low crowds and spend time seeing things that we would have bypassed otherwise. We hoped the “magic” would still be there. Both boys (DS2 and DNephew2) will be 3 by the end of 2020, so we just managed to get them in to the parks for free.

Group: Me, DH, DD5, DS2, DMom, DBIL, DSIL, DNiece6, & DNephew2. Yes, that’s 9 of us.

Plan: Sat fly in, Sun AK, Mon MK, Tue DS, Wed HS, Thur EP, Fri fly out.

Hotel: We booked AoA Little Mermaid (3 rooms). But since it was not open yet, they moved us to CBR preferred rooms. My room request (through TP) was for 1st floor, nearest skyliner, and all 3 rooms near each other with 2 connecting. We were placed in Barbados, and all of our room requests were fulfilled (thanks TP)! While all 3 rooms came with the extra 5th person fold-out sleeper, we did not use it. My BIL & SIL did though to give each kid their own bed (no kicking).

Goal: Find enough “Magic” to convince DH to take our family again in 2 years.


Saturday – Arrival: The flight out on Delta was great. The protocols to social distance made us feel safe and were well executed. They seated our 9-man group in the back 2 rows of the plane. It was the first time flying for the kids, and they all did great! They were really fascinated with it all, especially DS2 who loves anything transportation. And by some miracle, DS2 wore his mask with no problems for the entire trip! You guys, this is a huge accomplishment. He had full on meltdowns about the mask prior. This was a huge anxiety for me going in, and he was a complete champ! I highly recommend the lighter disposable kid-size masks with mask lanyards for the young ones. The airports seemed fairly quiet, and we had no issues finding and getting on the Magical Express. We were notified of our room numbers while waiting for the bus, and CBR was the first resort stop. We got to our rooms, changed into swimsuits, and headed to the main pool at Old Port Royale. The kids had fun in the kiddie pool play area, although DS2 had the big bucket of water spill on him. He refused to get in the water after that. I had placed a Prime Now order prior to our flight and was notified to meet them at the front when they arrived. Bell services loaded our groceries into a van, drove us to our rooms, and unloaded the groceries for us. So convenient! I almost didn’t place an order but am so thankful I did and will definitely do this again in the future! My kids are super picky, and buying them their own meals only for them to take one bite would have really irked me. After the pool, we all settled in for the night and our AK day on Sunday


Sounds great so far! We did a Prime order also and it was a life saver. Can’t wait to hear the rest!

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Was wondering if Prime orders were still available, definitely doing that for our trip next week. Can’t wait to hear your experiences. We were supposed to be there the same week as you back in April/May! I’m hoping you guys had a wonderful trip and that there’s plenty of magic for the littles; it’s my DS3 first time too!


As far as I know, bell services won’t accept your Prime Now order on your behalf. You just have to be there to accept the order.

Sunday – AK: We made it out of the rooms a bit later than expected (shooting for 8, more like 8:30). Let me say, it was easy for us on this trip to lose track of time. The little ones really dictate our timelines. And well, its hard to keep track of the time when you are just happy to be in the happiest place on earth! We went to the bus stop at Old Port Royale and saw 4 buses for MK without a single AK bus. The only family waiting in front of us said they had been waiting for an hour, so I kindly called the front desk for assistance. After some time on the phone, the kind lady said a bus would arrive in 5 minutes. It was a few more than that, but I was happy to have made the call even though DH teased me for being a complainer (I was not!).

Once there, we went through temperature check, security check, and magic band touchpoint with no line. FYI for those with small kids, DS2 did NOT like getting his temperate checked. This odd-looking thing pointed directly at his head freaked him right out. Throughout the week, we learned that they could measure him on the back of his neck while we held him. I would carry him up to the checkpoint and kindly explain he didn’t like it, and they would scan him without him even knowing!

We headed to KS first (per my suggestion) rather than meander around and ride the first thing we came across. The wait wasn’t bad at all. It felt like we walked through the cue mostly. The kids loved it, and it was a great way to start our trip. When we got out, we grabbed a pretzel from a stand and threw on ponchos because of some rain. DH commented on the length of KS line at that point and said he would willingly follow TP guidance :blush:. But the rain got heavy, so we pondered whatever was indoors. We jumped in line for It’s Tough to be a Bug, only to find ourselves standing out in the rain, lol. But we got into the show and scared the kiddos, of course. From there, we grabbed Flame Tree BBQ, rode TriceroTop Spin twice, and headed to Dinosaur. Much to my surprise, DD5 decided to “be brave” and ride, while DNiece6 decided it was too scary for her. This is a huge role reversal, so I was nearly trying to talk DD5 out of it while we were in line. Although she did NOT like it, she said she knew she was safe because DH roared back at all the dinosaurs. We caught up with DM, DS2, SIL, DNiece6, and DNephew2 and went to Kali River Rapids. This was our first attempt at Rider Swap and got scolded for having 4 ppl in our 2nd group. We learned we needed to show that we were 2 different families both rider switching. The moms and girls rode first, then the dads and girls rode second; all while the boys napped. Everest was next, although we found that DNiece6 was just barely too short, while DD5 was tall enough. This made for an unhappy niece, but she was happy to hang out at Rivers of Light and watch characters. The non-riders saw the drummers, the classic characters, and Pocahontas. Meanwhile, I sat with DD5 and had the soccer-mom-hold on her on Everest. I love coasters but as I (eh hem) age, my motion sickness gets worse. Even with the prescription patches, I felt quite disoriented. In the dark, I yelled to my daughter, are you ok? She answered back with an excited ‘Yeah!’ Who knew I had a thrill seeker?!?! Her arms were up for a good portion of the ride (like DH had taught her)! After that, we were running short on time and headed to Pandora. Wow, amazing to see in person, although I wish I would have watched the movie again just before coming. We all rode NRJ together, which was a nice ride for the whole group even if we weren’t all Avatar fans. From there, half of the group jumped in line for FoP just before park closing, but again found DNiece6 was just a tad short. The nice castmember gave her a pass to skip the line when she is tall enough and comes back. So only DH and DD5 rode. I opted not to go due to the motion sickness, which tends to be worse with screens for me, even with some nice strangers trying to convince me I should go. To my surprise, DH came off saying it was the best ride he’s ever ridden! A little sad I missed out, I knew Soarin’ would be another opportunity for me to see if I was able to handle the screen rides. By that point, it was after 6. We had been surprised to find out the extended the park hours by an hour that day. Back to CBR we headed to figure out dinner plans. With limited options, we ate at CBR’s quick service, but weren’t real impressed with the food or selection. Off to bed for our MK day Monday!


I love that DD5 is a thrill seeker!


Screen rides make me sick, too. The Nemo ride on our second to last trip just about did me in. How was Micky and Minnie’s railway for you?

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They can’t fix what they don’t know about.

That’s my motto! :grin:

Regarding screen rides and Soarin in particular: I get sick to my head, not stomach. I find that if I’m getting overwhelmed, closing my eyes for a brief time and thinking calm thoughts helps a lot.

Still trying to decide if Flight of Passage is a thing. :thinking:

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Were either of the 2 year olds scarred by It’s Tough To Be a Bug? I can handle mine being scared, but not scarred :joy:

How was rider swap? Did you find that the Rider Swap line was much shorter than standby?

Did the little ones nap in strollers? I assume, but feel the need to ask anyway

I know you weren’t on it, but do you have any recollection of how long the wait was for FoP right before park close?

I hope your DH loves it as much as my Disney-skeptic husband did on our first trip as adults!

Good for you for taking initiative! I will never find the post in the 1300+ trip report thread, but @Randall1028 asked a CM about this and they said you should always call if you wait for a bus more than X minutes (I think 30?) and they will dispatch one.


Im pretty sure that thread got to over 3000+ :joy::joy:
It was like 30 mins


Oh that’s probably right! I remembered it was like 1/3 of the way to the limit which is 10,000 posts in a single thread.

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What’s a motto?


Nothing. What’s a motto with you? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:




Aweemaway, aweemaway.


Not a problem on MMRR. No motion sickness at all. But, I can’t say that Nemo gave me any motion sickness either.

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Good question! Only DS2 went on it, Nephew was napping. DS2 was scared, but not scarred. Forgot about it the second we walked out. No lasting screaming, lol!

Useful for popular rides like 7DMT, not so much for Kali. Its basically the equivalent to Fast Pass, so merges with the line at a given spot.

Yes, DNephew2 more than DS2, but both are good sleepers so no issues. We didn’t force their normal schedule though. Even DD5 was asleep by end of our last park day.

Not bad, it felt like a half hour. Not sure what the posted wait was.

I think he did, especially Galaxy’s Edge!


I never would have called if it weren’t for the experiences I’ve read here. It never hurts to ask at Disney!