The Most Magical Story On Earth

Anyone else watching?

The opener, Christina Aguilera singing Reflection just SLAYED me

I am enjoying the historical look back even if it’s, so far, nothing new to me.

Each time I see these kinds of shows I am just so struck by what an amazing person Walt was, and Roy too.

Anyway… I can’t be there right now so this is a good alternative


Yes! We are watching. DS14 especially loves Disney documentaries so we have seen them all. I agree that I haven’t seen anything new but it’s still very enjoyable! It helps (a bit) with the FOMO of not being at WDW today.


Yes, DH & I are watching. It’s fun to have him see and learn about all the historical and behind-the-scenes things that I’ve been a fan of for a few decades.

I liked the music the orchestra just played. It was a good blend of songs from movies, with pyro. I might need to find just that segment to replay as needed.

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I set my dvr to record it. Can’t wait to watch.

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My treeeeeeeeeee



Is this a Disney+ thing? I haven’t heard of it.


It’s on ABC.

Anyone else get the feels when Tom Hanks described his daughter’s reaction to seeing Woody at WDW? She burst into tears and said, “You’ll be part of that for the rest of time!”


Yup :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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heck it got me just reading your post

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Did you all notice that the special showed The Great Movie Ride for MGM, Hollywood Studios. So who was the idiot that decided to take it down and replace it with a cartoon? My bet is on the new CEO which they should get rid of at first opportunity. He has NO clue what WDW is all about, Just making money is his thing but he is about to lose it if he keeps doing what he is doing

The decision on MMRR far precedes Chapek. Blame Iger. Frankly, probably most of the things Chapek is getting blamed for was actually initiated under Iger.

I really hope this gets uploaded somewhere. We missed it because Friday night is dedicated solely to Ted Lasso.


Oh that stinks.

Have you checked YouTube?

I have it on my DVR to watch again

ABC’s website said it’s going to be streaming on Hulu :crossed_fingers:t2:

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I love Tom Hanks more than anything else in the world. I can’t wait watch.


Yes, it is possible Chapek is not to blame but it’s hard to imagine Iger being responsible as he has brought the parl so far since Issner who dam near killed the stock with the problems of ABC.

Great! I missed it. Got sucked into watching Squid Game on Netflix. It’s so disturbing you can’t look away. Binged it from 5p to 2a. :grimacing:

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It’s on ABC’s website, , on the homepage. It’s in the group, “Latest ABC Episodes.” It shows the running time as 1 hr 14 min - must be minus a lot of the commercials. I haven’t viewed this version, to see how it compares to what I saw broadcast.

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I have only just started this, but I’m enjoying it! I do love the musical performances and the orchestra in the dark in front of the castle is so cool. (Side note, how do the people in the wings stay on the beat if they can’t see the conductor?)

I found the full length videos of a couple of the old shows that they used clips of. I haven’t gotten through them all yet but they are super cool look backs.