The MagicBand conundrum

Several weeks ago now, Disney suspended the ability to pre-order MagicBands for your hotel stay.

But now there are rumblings of Disney switching to mandatory on-line check-in going forward (starting in July?) to avoid unnecessary contact with front desk staff, etc. It makes sense.

But then…what about MagicBands? They are the key into the room. How will guests check in on-line and enter their rooms without MagicBands? Will the use of smart phones to access the rooms become mandatory? But then…not all smart phones are necessarily compatible with the NFC technology. (My phone, for example, doesn’t have NFC.)

I’m sure Disney will work it out…but it does make me wonder if, when folks can pre-order their MagicBands, we can use that as indication they really will be opening up (at least the resorts) soon.


US residents receive the bands in the mail a week or two prior to the check in day. I think think when they open up the order process will be a good sign of planned resort openings.


The last time I looked it appeared that you can order the regular free magic bands. Just not the premium ones.

Nope. Still blocked for me.

And I’m talking about what you get for your room stay…not what you can buy on shopDisney.

I think it could indicate that some of the rumours about them opening to locals first could be true. It would only take a few days to ship MagicBands to anyone within the US who doesn’t already have one. They probably aren’t expecting many international visitors for the first few weeks or month.

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Indeed. I see international guests being out of luck for a while…but, then, I worry they might even limit out of state guests. Hopefully they let us in by August! :slight_smile:

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So am I.

Just did this:

And so I selected the red magic band:

And I confirmed my choice. Then Disney confirmed it.

Huh. Weird. Because I’m not even given the option to get that far. The place where usually you click to bring up choices is gone.

There is nothing to click on. Even the Mickey/Minnie pics do nothing.


Also, the top of the page has this notice:

I wonder if Disney failed to disable this properly for the UK/non US?

I was wondering about upgraded MBs for cancelled trips.
Have US folks still been receiving them or have they been refunded as part of the cancelled trip??

Just wondering because we’ve paid to upgrade our bands for our POP night in July, but being UK, they won’t be posted to us.

If our POP night is cancelled, are we just out of pocket for the upgrade?

I get the same thing, and I’m in the US.

Out of curiosity when is your trip?

Although they will likely mandate online check-in, there will still be a need for some in-person services at hotels. I think MagicBands is one of those.

Maybe they can do it contactless, but it’s a situation they’ll have to be prepared for. Maybe they could do like Amazon lockers? and you get a code/locker number.

Perhaps…although then the problem is they are forcing folks to touch the same things repeatedly. Maybe if they keep hand sanitizer there after you pick it up it would be okay. :slight_smile:

I’ll admit, I’m not personally impacted. We had purchased MagicBands for ourselves before we ever intended to stay on site. But I was thinking about it more generally.

You can unlock your room with your MDE account on your phone.

I think they will work it out.

Yeah…but doesn’t it require your phone supports NFC? Or, can you unlock your door without actually placing your phone near the door? In which case, it is using just some kind of internet access.

What now?

You don’t hold your phone to the door. You unlock by pressing the button on the phone.

Ie I can unlock my door from down the hall of my kids get there first and want in.


Ah. Interesting. On a resort tour video I watched, the lady pushed the button on the phone, and then held the phone next to the door handle…so I thought it was using NFC.

If you don’t have to do that (she must have been doing it unnecessarily) then it is just using basic internet to send the unlock…which is smart. :slight_smile:

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It uses Bluetooth

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Well, it would have to be BT LE (Low Energy), which, again, would be problematic because not all phones out there support BT LE.

Hmm. Interesting. Now I’ll have to think about this more.