The littlest thing means everything

I just wanted to say, in a thread all its own and not buried in a trip report (because I want to make sure everyone sees it, whether they follow trip reports or not) that it means everything to me that so many of you think of me, snap a pic, post it, and tag me when you see the Tree Of Life :heart:

I’ve been wanting to say this for a while now. But have held back. I’ve even started this post more than once and decided against it. Because it does feel a little weird.

But it also feels important to say.

I want you all to know that it really does mean the World to me. It makes me smile every time, can lift me up when I’m feeling down, and warms my heart not only to know that you are reminded of me in that moment in your visit to the World, but that you take the time to say so.

Thank you :heart:


I don’t think I tagged you when I shared this photo Saturday morning because I was pushing a stroller when I took it and couldn’t post it right away so it got lumped into a later photo dump. But no joke every time I enter I think, “gotta take a photo for @OBNurseNH!” And it helps me to stop and appreciate the tree more. So thank YOU! :green_heart:




I would add, if I may, that I do the same thing for other Liners. I think of @LTinNC82 see I see her DH in iasw; I think of @heathernoel’s Maggie when I see the bird in MMRR; I think of @Julianne_fki and @JustKeepSmiling when I see the SC gate in HS, or @ThorKat when I figure out which song I got on GotG … and on and on! Liners rock! We make WDW special.


Same, even if I hardly ever actually post the pictures because I’m a TR flunky. I’ll have to start remembering to actually do that that :flushed:



I think of all of you in different spaces, too :heart:


Hey now…don’t make it weird :lady_beetle:

I have so many places throughout WDW that remind me of so many of you. You know where I think of you? MS in MK at the flag retreat. That’s where I first met you and you gave me the longest, tightest hug that somehow felt like it made up for all the hugs we’d never had before in all the years we’d known each other only virtually. Oh snap. Now I’m the one who made it weird.


I make it weird all the time. I kinda think that’s maybe an “all of us” thing :laughing:


Oh and you know when I think of you? Any time I leave AKL or see a box of Lucky Charms. Also any time anyone talks about walking to HS I think of your sweaty death march :rofl:


I think of you when it’s after 8am and I’m in the room still, and I’m just waiting for The Knock.




Society, possibly, has made us distance ourselves. It’s too common to find out that this or that person is more important to us than we are to them. We let ourselves practice withdrawing and not really sharing.

It’s more than important to say what you did. It’s imperative. It’s the way forward. Reaching out to folks and being sincere and frank about how they make us feel and how we feel about them. These connections are what we as a society need. More than ever.

Thank you, Jen, for bravely getting it said.

finally ! ! !


I’m glad you said that… I’ll make sure to properly tag your name next time, even if ThorKat isn’t there to remind me. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yeah I’ve had more than my fair share of “get the F out the room” knocks.


Love that you said this! But also truly - I love seeing your tag in so many tree pictures! And I think it was you who described seeing so many more carvings on the tree then I’d ever noticed before that made me realize there were so many other paths on the backside of the tree that I’d never had a chance to wander before! And I’ve converted my kids to loving looking at all of them too, and that’s how I got them on ITTBAB the first time (to see the dinosaurs at the base of the tree). And now those weirdos love it and are sad it’s going away too :slight_smile:


And how I think of you and @katielouhou and those lovely strangers at La Cava del Tequila


I may not always tag you in a picture but without question every time I see the tree I think of you.

Over the past several years there are so many places in WDW that remind me of Liners. Too many to mention but when I am in one of those places it brings a smile to my face. I am so grateful for the friendships I have made here.



I love you all. Seriously. I had no idea when I started posting in here that it would lead to so many real life friendships. I also have many spots in the World that bring a Liner to my mind when I pass by :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Agree with all of these and adding that I think of @Jeff_AZ every time I see a unicorn plushie :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:, @Dreamer every time I see an awesome tee, @TheSafetyLady every time I see a well-dressed nuimo, @JJT whenever I see a particularly lovely spreadsheet, @joelbruick every time I get BG1…

And I just wanna appreciate @OBNurseNH for teaching me to appreciate the best park as it should be appreciated. I do think of her every time I’m luxuriating in it’s awesomeness


What is wild to me is how often in real life there are things that remind me of you all.

Music certainly - I will never hear Conga the same way, and anytime Beyonce Crazy In Love is played, I think of the entire group from the heart thread. I know that thread drove people crazy, but the comradery there came at a time I really needed something like that - which is why it is such a happy connection when I hear the song. (Just one of dozens of examples of this group lifting me up).

Llamas, sangria, harry coos, anytime someone says “always” (yes, that is a sentence), haikus, the random list goes on and on.

I am blown away by how unexpectedly and extremely touching it was to be mentioned here.