The Great Disney T-Shirt Hunt!

My wife and I have been spending countless hours scouring Etsy for unique Disney T-shirts. Yes, the trip is still more than 2 years away…but we have to do SOMETHING to fill our time.

Anyhow, I’ve been narrowing down my choices, and she’s been narrowing down hers. We do plan to get one set of matching T-shirts that say “Best Anniversary Ever” using the Disney font and Mickey/Minnie ears.

But I’m trying to find a particularly cool version of one of the “Please Stand Clear of the Doors/Por favor…” T-shirts. I found one I really like the look of…kind of a retro look with the Monorail and Disney “D” on it, etc. But unfortunately the seller turned it into “Please Stand Clear of my Vacation”. Yeah, no. I mean, to me, that one doesn’t even really make sense. Anyhow, I have contacted the seller about possibly changing it, but haven’t heard back.

Here is what the design that I LIKE looks like, just not in that color:


I’ve seen several other variations of the “Please Stand Clear…” shirt, but none of them are as cool.

Anyone have any suggestions as to such a search (NOT found on Etsy, since I’ve seen all there is to see on Etsy)?

Not a suggestion for something else and ultimately useless to you I guess but I really like the one you posted ! :slight_smile:

Maybe you’ll prefer this one ?

Yeah. I’d buy it in a blink if they hadn’t substituted “the doors” with “my vacation”.

Actually, with a little sleuthing, it appears that the person selling the T-shirt probably bought the original image from ANOTHER Etsy seller who sells digital downloads. I can find the digital download of the same design (but in color). That same seller also tells the digital download (in color) with the “doors” version as well.

So I doubt the seller of the T-shirt can customize it. But perhaps I can pay extra for them to buy the same design as the “doors” one. Not sure.

For some reason, that website isn’t working for me.

You could try, they have a bunch of Disney designs and they have many styles (t-shirt, tank, etc.) and colors. There seem to be a lot of Disney crossover options too (I have a Toy Story/Hamilton shirt) and I get emails about discounts all the time so they end up being pretty cheap.

Thanks. They have several monorail options, it seems. I’ll have to see if there are any I like!


Here is the image:

But my favorite is this one:


Okay. Thanks. I actually want the Spanish as well, otherwise it just isn’t as funny. (To me, at least.) Sorry I didn’t make it clear.

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Yeah. I’ve seen a lot of variations on that one. I like the one with a grumpy Mickey saying that, but the matching shirt is Minnie’s saying, “I do.” :slight_smile:


Now this one is funny. Too much of an inside joke, though:




Here is one from redbubble that might fit the bill:


I like the castle. (It would be even BETTER if were Epcot’s Spaceship Earth, but beggars can’t be choosers!)


Just happened to see this on an Instagram feed that followed me:

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You need to talk to @larrielaine I’ve seen her work she could probably make what you want to the TEE.

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I sent you a PM @ryan1! Thanks Joe!

Thanks, @joefishing209! And thanks @larrielaine!

Wow. That was timely!

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