The future of Springfield

Yes, I enjoy that bit.

The bit before that is dull :sleeping:


He actually said something about Link responding to the Epic Universe Announcement. It sounded like he was quoting something perhaps Universal may have posted on X or something. That’s the part I would like to find out.


Thanks! I definitely have writing patterns. Maybe I need to get a copy of Grammarly?? I see it advertised a lot for people who overuse phrases in their writing!

I appreciate someone else saying it. Thanks! Maybe we’ll get all of these thnigs, but I haven’t seen or heard anything with evidence.

I know there are Theme Park Stop Pateron supporters here. After how confident everyone says these things are going to happen I presumed they had a bit of information from behind the paywall!

My apologies, but I’m ignorant about this. What is TST? If you do theme park reporting & I never realized I’ll feel so silly!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Ok… I had to go do a little digging…

This is in reference to the “Hold me Beer” meme that gets used / templated for humor.

I did the transcript of the video:

As we enter the Lost Continent we have a comment from one of the characters from Legend of Zelda - Link! In response to the Epic Universe News, Link says - “Wait a minute…Hold my beer!” - Ok Link, we’re ready! Anytime you want to make an announcement about Legend of Zelda taking over The Lost Continent you go right ahead buddy!

This truly, IMHO, sounds like he was doing a bit. Either with a subscriber or in reference to the meme he may have seen before recording…


Well, if you’re right, that’s disappointing. Both my wife and I thought he was actually quoting Universal “quoting” Link, which then explains why he was commenting about ready for there to be an announcement about the Legend of Zelda.

If it was all a joke, I’m annoyed.

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Theme Park Stop

You just mentioned her in the paragraph before this. The consensus view is that she’s the most trustworthy source of park news. Everyone else is just clickbait rumor mongering, or just recycling what she had already uploaded

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I didn’t translate TST as Theme Park Stop… I thought “T.S.T” was an acronym . I didn’t understand it was an abbreviation - “TStop”

All good!

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Thank God.

I thought Erik was referring to The Satanic Temple.


LOL! I think it’s hilarious that’s the first acronym that came to your mind!! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


I was joking :rofl: Thank you Google!


Yup! He has a niche, not to knock him. But rumors aren’t his forte.

Erik, I’ve talked to people. Also Alicia at Theme Park Stop is also saying the same.


Again, he makes good entertaining videos but he has been a source of bad rumors before.


I would be honored to be associated with them

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“Rumors suggest…” and “…is now rumored to…” both in the first 20 seconds

I lost count of how many times the word was used throughout the video (along with “expected” and “likely”)

Nothing is factual

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“Rumors” is standard language for respected reporters, until the company makes the official announcement. It’s a matter of professionalism.

That’s why Alicia waits to drop the “rumor” language.

It’s happened 50 times in Epic U the past couple of years, and all of her “rumors” turned out to be true so far.

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