The Disney Refugee wants you to WIN A PRIZE!

Step right up!!! C’mon… Step Up…Win a Prize!! You might already be a Winner!! Take a guess & win a prize!!

Good morning! I decided to post this here, under Universal posts, as I’m rewarding everyone that has kept up with my “Disney Refugee” Trip Reports this year.

I’ve put EVERY coin I’ve encounter into a jar for a little more than a decade. It got pretty close to being completely full and I decided to go ahead and empty it. My DD20 is already scheduled to go with me to HHN this year. However, I saw multiple flash sales on hotels / flight for a last minute trip to Universal in August. While I do have the funds in the bank account I felt a bit guilty splurging on another trip that wasn’t scheduled / budget. That’s when I remembered “The Coin Jar”. It’s been such a fixture in my home that I almost forget it’s full of cold hard cash!!


I hand counted EVERY SINGLE COIN in this container.

What’s this mean for you???!!???

I thought it would be fun to see if anyone could guess the amount of money accumulated over a bit more than a decade.


Bag 2

This Touring Plans bag is the perfect size for the lockers at Universal! If you don’t want to give a stranger your home address or need a bag – Don’t fret I’ve got a couple “consolation” prize ideas.


  • One guess per person / address

  • Guesses are whole US Dollar – (I’ve rounded down the final total. There, obviously, was some left over change that didn’t make a full dollar. It didn’t feel right rounding up with money that wasn’t actually in the jar)

  • You can “go over”. This isn’t “The Price is Right”. If you guess an amount that is $10 higher than the actual amount and someone else guesses an amount that is $15 under the actual amount, the guess that “went over” = WINS

  • In the event of a tie the person who got their guess in first is the winner. (If someone “snipes” you with a number that $1 higher I will figure out something for each. PLEASE… don’t be “That Guy” and do this though unless you truly feel $1 higher would be as accurate as possible) :troll: :troll: :troll:

  • All rules are subject to change or updating as I see fit. This is supposed to be fun. If I think it isn’t fun due to someone trying to exploit a rule or something I’ll amend anything I want!

CONTEST ENDS SUNDAY JULY 10, 2022 at midnight. Winner and final total will be announced Monday July 11, 2022.

I’ll ship your bag as soon as you give me an address!

I know some of you like stats, so I’ve included pictures of the dimensions of the jar and the box of rolled coins!






(It’s hard to read, but the weight was 52.2 pounds) :sweat_smile:




If you have any questions or rules suggestions, I’m sure I missed some way to exploit this, please let me know!

You can post your guess here or DM’s are open if you want it to be a “secret” guess!!


This is so fun! My guess is $527. My bff coworker and I are so good at guessing stuff like this that our coworkers swear we cheat somehow. This is going to be interesting.


Yay for you collecting all that change! I’m guessing $590


I’m going to guess $480.


I’m so happy people are playing along. FYI - I do have a couple DM’s / “secret” ballots.

My family & I all made guesses. My DW talked me out of my original guess - which would have been pretty close!! I still “won” between the three of us. My mom, whom only saw a photo of the jar completely full, actually got it almost perfect!! It was crazy!! :crazy_face: :rofl:

Oh! For anyone interested the container originally held Animal Crackers. I used to get the “munchies” more often than I do these days ( :wink: :sunflower: :sunglasses: ) and polished it off in a single weekend!


Terrible at guessing here, but I’ll play along because it’s fun. :smile: $684


I was mentally bouncing between 476 and 527 so I’ll be really excited if you win!


“All of it.”

…I’ll take my prize now. :upside_down_face:






I want you to know that you and one other person are who I had in mind when I said “someone” will figure out a way to exploit a loophole! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


This is fun. I’m usually a good guesser with jars of candy, but coins…:thinking:



(because NH)


I will add that coins are GROSS!! My hands got filthy each time I rolled a batch. I was never bashful about picking up every coin I saw on the ground over the years. Gas stations seemed to be a cornucopia of loose change on the ground. So I know it was my fault for leaving it like that when I put them in the jar.

However, after the SECOND time my hands burned / itched after rolling coins I used latex gloves going forward!! :fire: :gloves:


IMHO - I also thought this game would make a practical demonstration. I’ve always heard stories about people who did this and it added up to be “enough to take the family to DisneyWorld!” Plus, I habitually see people using the giant water bottles from office water coolers and think, “It’s going to take a lifetime to fill that!! I bet they stop at some point.” I thought this jar was a far more realistic goal.

This jar was a great size so I saw progress and I marked off each year to encourage me to add more!

TBH - I haven’t used much cash this entire year and it was another factor in counting now. I’m pretty much cashless payments everywhere these days.

I have put this “coin bank” on my Birthday / Christmas list for future coin savings! Shouldn’t take me 10 - 11 years to fill next time!!



$640 – and apologize if that is too close to someone else. I couldn’t keep track of the other guesses.

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You are all good! I’m actually hoping most ppl won’t scroll around trying to be too precise and just have fun!

My worry was someone would see a post right before them and do it like this…

Bid = $200
Next bid = $201

Hopefully, no one wants the small Touring Plans bag that bad!!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(My other hobby is playing board games & some of my IRL friends are hyper competitive!!)


Can’t believe you hand counted!!! Our bank sorry that for free for bank customers.
Without looking at any guesses yet, I’ll say $654.
Enjoy the extra cash!!!


I think this is it (or close enough).


I asked my bank and they looked at me like I was an alien :alien: :space_invader:

The reason they gave was, “How would you know how much it was? We can’t verify what you say it is.”

It took me the month of June to do it all. However, I didn’t get “serious” about it until the last couple weeks. When I started counting it was a little bit at a time while watching TV. By the end I was counting and TV was the secondary thing!

@joelbruick - Take a guess! You might be surprised!! (Not saying @bebe guess is too high, low or trying to give away anything!)