The Disney Refugee Takes a Bride

I’m a little more than three weeks away from my next trip! This time my DW is, finally, coming to Orlando! I’ve mentioned in the past, but for those that don’t know, she only “likes” theme parks. She loathes waiting in any queue. She also doesn’t want to walk 20,000 steps a day – no matter how many awesome attractions there are in between steps! Finally, she overheats easily. She really wanted to wait until as late in the year as possible to mitigate the heat.

Like a lot of you, I can talk about theme parks all day every day. She can’t. We made a deal that I wouldn’t bombard her with trip details until no more than 30 days out. I know her well enough to know what she will want to do to and what she won’t. Plus, having talked about everything over this year I’ve made mental notes when anything has piqued her interests. Over the course of the last couple of nights I’ve gotten all the guidelines for RD and hours, restaurant choices and attractions. She surprised me with a couple of additions and a removal of a couple others. She’s an incredibly fussy eater and miserably lactose intolerant. Out of the 80+ eateries at UOR, there were about 15 places that she could / would eat. I’ve let her pick everything.

I’ve reassured her, as I had to do with DD21, that I’m not “Disney Dad” when I go to Universal. While I’ve got an outline it’s not the minute-by-minute itinerary / march I used to make us do at WDW. I really don’t miss those days.

There’s really not much to left to plan out. My bag is still a 1/3 packed from my HHN trip!

On this trip we’ll be celebrating my birthday as well! That’s the only day we are going to RD. Typically, it’ll be 3 hours in the park, 3 hours midday break, 3 hours in the park again. The parks close at 7pm and I only have us staying that late twice to see night shows / lights. I am attending the Friday night Orlando Informer Meet-Up solo on Dec. 9th! Feel free to say hello! (Do it any time I’m there! I like traveling solo but getting to meet y’all for a bit would be fun!)

I don’t know how “Live” this Trip Report will be. I’m looking forward to spending time with her. I don’t want to be buried in my phone. (Even though I’m betting that’s how she’ll prefer to wait in queue! :crazy_face:) Our DD21 just “officially” moved out in October. We are having those nights now where we eat dinner and don’t have much to say! We need to make some memories! I think we’ll have a blast!

Here’s the list of places we are scheduled to try. Some I’ve done before and a couple of new things. If you have any questions or tips let me know!

Bubba Gump Shrimp

Catch A Rising Star Karaoke

Hollywood Drive-In Golf

Big Fire

The Kitchen – Breakfast buffet

Grinch Character Breakfast

Hard Rock Café


It’s been so hard to not spoil so many attractions! DW only got to see most of WWOHP, Seuss Landing, MIB and Springfield in 2018. I’m so excited to “show her around” Universal!


We’ll be at the OIM that night as well. DH will be joining us (myself and DS) for his first ever trip to Universal as well. I hope we have a chance to run into each other!


When I’m solo, I’ll definitely be “live”. I’ll post where I am and hopefully get to meet your family!! Once I know if / when I can ride Pteranodon Flyers I’ll have the rest of the night planned. I’ve got tickets for both the February OIM nights. I’ve got 15 places I want to try to eat during the event. (Mostly mediocre places that I’m not willing to “pay” to eat at normally) I’m dividing my dining into 5 locations per night. That looks more manageable! I see so many Vloggers try to eat it all in one night. They look soooo miserable before 10pm!!


Not long to go!!!
Super exciting!!!


I love the buffet at The Kitchen! And HRC isn’t very unique but we always enjoy it. Haven’t been to any of the others. Sounds like a great trip!

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I got to do The Kitchen on my Sept. trip. After all the pictures and my stories DW really wanted to go. HRC was her choice of where to go for a “safe” burger or generic ribs. She is a fan of themed dining. She’s also the one who wanted to go to Bubba Gump’s. (I mean she picked basically everything. My only choices were Big Fire and Grinch breakfast - both are places she wanted anyway!)


Universal is not Disney when it comes to accommodating food intolerances, but it may be helpful to let each establishment know she’s allergic to dairy (even if it’s not a medically tested allergy). They will provide her with information about ingredients that she may not otherwise know about, to avoid getting accidentally lactose-d. Just because something doesn’t have obvious cheese or milk on it does not mean it doesn’t contain lactose in the form of an ingredient not listed on the menu. The last thing anyone wants is to be sick like that on vacation. Walking around wondering if you can eat anything, and assuming you can’t is a miserable state of being. Ask me how I know. :slightly_smiling_face:


Been managing my wife’s dietary issues for 30+ years. Thanks for the tips! I have been going all year with my AP. I scoured every menu!! She only eats meat (all types - PLAIN! No sauces or condiments - maybe ketchup), French fries, bread / buns and plain/fried rice. This is not a joke or hyperbole!! Then I have to look out for dairy! I wasn’t joking when I said there were only about a dozen places for her!

On this trip she’s eating fried seafood, steak, eggs & bacon, ribs, a hamburger and a steak sandwich. I love to cook. However, I make the same 5 - 7 things during the week that she can/will eat. Then I cook for myself / make next week’s work day lunches on the weekend!! :crazy_face: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :rofl:


This plan sounds great Larry!

Will you visit any pools during your breaks? Sapphire Falls would be a cool place to show her.

Trip on the water taxi to sight see to Portofino?

Bar 17 for the view one evening?


I believe it. Universal is difficult to navigate food-wise when there’s a restriction as prevalent as dairy. You and she sound very well-versed in navigating her needs. I’m similar to her in that I eat the same thing for breakfast and lunch every day. It can get incredibly boring, but it’s better than being sick! Be careful with the fried seafood - there’s usually a milk or buttermilk dredge involved. And also the eggs - if they are scrambled you have to confirm that they don’t water it down with milk, or use powdered eggs reconstituted with milk. I hope you both have a great time!


Looking forward to following along


She’s really not into those things. Her ideal vacation is to stay at home and have me cook her favorites / bring her things!! It’s really a big deal for her to come to Florida. I have long time friends that have only met / seen her a handful of times! :crazy_face: (When I introduce her I frequently start by saying, “See! She’s real! I told you so!” ) :rofl:

I suspect we’ll take the water taxi to HRH / The Kitchen (or at least on the way back after breakfast)
I’m really not sure how much “partying” she’ll do. She’s pretty quiet. However, every once in a while she’ll surprise me. I’m kinda hoping after a strong drink at Rising Star she’ll loosen up! :crazy_face:

I just reviewed my plan for the 1000 time and got to another stopping point. I really only have time to show her most of the parks and most of those things only once. She gets two rides on Hagrid’s and two on VC. This is going to be a very slow paced trip with optional long breaks. How long we stay in the parks is up to her. As long as I see the Macy’s parade / meet the Grinch / see Hogwarts and WWOHP Christmas lights I’m fine.

However, starting on day three I’ll probably drop her off at the CityWalk bus stop and explore on my own until she’s ready to return. Once she’s comfortable seeing how easy it is to get back to the hotel room, I’ll go do the few things she’s not interested in… (Holiday WWOHP shows / Characters)

My final trip in February is going to have more of this type of exploring. I am staying at Aventura then and going off-site to other area attractions then. Plus, I’m doing both nights of the Feb. OIM. (I figure you only live once. Might as well do everything! I’ll find the funds later :money_mouth_face:)


Ah, I see! :slightly_smiling_face:

Do I recall she likes to stay at the hotel and read? At least she knows how to rest/relax while on vacation, no matter where it happens to be!

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Wow! Great memory! Yeah… it used to frustrate me so much! It felt like wasted money. I’m ok now, as I understand that how she vacations. If she’s having fun, then I’m having fun. I’m really enjoying being a solo traveler. I can’t renew my UOR AP in 2023, but I’m not done going places! She’s always welcome to tag along, but now that I don’t have to bring a child anywhere I’m excited to travel again!


My family of 6 (including me) will be there same night too. Had APs for a few years, and was there last in February, but feels like a long time ago, and I’m excited to return and have everyone else experience a meetup (DW and I have done one before). DD8 most excited about finally being tall enough for VC.


Have you ever done the buffet breakfast at Boma at Disney? I’ve never done either—currently have them both booked but can only do one due to time constraints, so trying to decide. Any thoughts?

Yes, Boma is one of my favourite breakfasts at Disney. I would give it the edge over The Kitchen. The selection is probably bigger and obviously it’s at AKL which is lovely.


Boma is my favorite breakfast on all of Disney property. All of us love it! (And now I’m wondering if maybe we should head there too……)


Take that WDW talk back down the street! UOR Rules!


Next week when DS and are at UOR, we will be eating a late breakfast at Boma…:blush: