The Disney Parks Character Thread

I saw this photo on the Touring Plans Blog and it made me wonder, why don’t we see Dumbo in the parks anymore?

Of course the answer is obvious … this is the stuff of nightmares for young children. :joy:

In any case, I thought I’d start a thread for characters. Feel free to post below:

  • What are your favorite characters that are rarely / never seen in the parks these days?
  • Which new characters would you like to see?
  • Which characters need a makeover?
  • Which characters in another Disney park would you like to see at the one closest to where you live?
  • Questions / answers / links to other threads about characters

Or, anything else character-related you’d like to share. Anyone have old pictures with characters? I’d love to see them!

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I have this one from 1991. I only have it on my phone because another thread earlier in the year required it.

I don’t know if he was ever in the parks, but the ghost of Christmas present from the Muppets Christmas Carol would be a fabulous M&G

I’ve never been a fan of how Jack Skellington looks in real life.



Would like:
A little off IMO:


ETA - We met many Marvel characters at DLR and it is one of the reasons we prefer DLR.


I agree with all of the above. Marvel is a good shout (although as the question is which character you want from another Disney park would you want in the one closest to you, then it’s a bit silly that I want the DLP characters to go to Florida, but the truth is that I’m always more likely to visit WDW than DLP :rofl:).

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Love it! Scottish Goofy? Where was that?

Just not the creepy Ghost from Christmas past, please! :joy:

Love this - Marie from Aristocats, right?!

Yeah I think all the “human” characters with masks look a little creepy, IMO. Not sure you could do Jessie as a face character though. :thinking:

I think Woody looks great! But Jessie … I think her head’s too fat or something.

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Yeah he’s on the better end of the spectrum.

Speaking of, on DFB recently they made fun of Fancy Nancy:

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Oh my!

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That was in Canada, Epcot.


She’s like Jessie with laryngitis :laughing:


From 1992 -

I agree that Jack Skellington needs a makeover. He is one of my favourite characters and I can never understand why they couldn’t get his face right. It’s not hard!


The answer to pretty much all of these is VILLAINS!

I was so looking forward to my first DLR trip because I could meet The Evil Queen / Dr. Facilier / Queen of Hearts & more!

Oh! Bring back All of Tinkerbell’s Pixie Hollow Friends! My DD18 loves to meet them as much as Tink herself!

Make over = Jack Skeleton! Sally is a face character, but they put him in that awful mask!



The big hits with my kids right now are Ralph & Vanelope, Ian & Barley (Onward), and Moana & Maui. Would be nice if the newest characters made appearances in the parks.


Oh my goodness, my daughter would absolutely melt if she saw Marie. I don’t have a lot of the kids’ Disney favorites as downloads, but I definitely have Aristocats. I think I have a pic of her with Marie from over a decade ago, that’s the last time we saw her.


My first trip was in 1991 and we have SO many pictures with Roger Rabbit who was almost one of the fab five back then and in all the promotional materials and my favorite Sing Along VHS. I just watched the movie for the first time a couple of weeks ago (because of the Prop Culture episode) and I’m not surprised that he’s gone now!

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It’s always surprising to me that he was such a fixture during those years. Roger Rabbit was a huge success and a cult classic, but not super family friendly! It’s not quite on brand for Disney, either then or now.

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You can say that again!

I also had no idea that was where Toon Town originated!

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I don’t remember Roger Rabbit being there at all in 1992. I do remember being confused in 1989 when my uncle brought a Roger Rabbit toy back from DLR because I didn’t think it was Disney.

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Interesting! I will have to dig up some actual pics. I know I had very similar hair and fanny pack to yours!

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That’s not a good thing :joy::joy:

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