The Disney IT rant thread

Best description ever! I agree with you completely!


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I have to confess that I am not extremely well-versed on the subject. I found Harry and Meghan to be interesting and somewhat appreciated their going against the grain on much of the royalty business. But, as an American, I don’t have any kind of stake in the royal system, and I watched it more for entertainment than anything else. My opinion holds no weight in this argument, but I have greatly enjoyed reading the opinions of people who are more educated on it than I am.

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I do 100% agree with everything you said here!


Your opinion is and always will be of enormous interest and importance to me amiga. On this and all subjects.

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Yeah, I hear you… as a Mexican, the last royalty we cared about was before Christopher Columbus set out.

As an American, I care about Burger King and Dairy Queen


True royalty indeed!

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That made me laugh!! What little I do know of the situation - I do feel sorry for the press Harry and Megan have gotten. But I feel that they are slapping away the hand that is/has been feeding them so to speak. But wait - they still want to hold on to that hand a bit, when and how they want. And they say they don’t want to attention of the press - but continually do things that draw attention to themselves. I have posted on here before that the whole thing just seems so odd to me - all the way back to their marriage. I wish them the best - but this is whole - “we don’t want to be royals, but we still want some of the perks” is making it almost bizarre. Didn’t they disappear for a while?

ETA - and how do they imagine they are going to suddenly become “financially independent” and continue to live the same lifestyle?


How do you really feel?


Hmm. This is one of those threads that’s going to get me banned again if I’m not careful.

Prince Harry is an enormously admirable young man. He lost his mother — herself an extraordinary human being — when he was 12. He was told to walk behind her coffin in public on the day of her funeral. He was great scarred by this.

Unlike, say, the current US president, Prince Harry saw active service in the military. This was no ceremonial role. He served side-by-side with ordinary soldiers in the battlefield. He didn’t have to do this. He could have got out of it very easily. But he wanted to do it.

His commitment continues to this day with his substantial work with injured armed service personnel, e.g. with the Invictus Games.

The UK press loves nothing more than building people up and then destroying them. They are proven liars and manipulators and will stop at nothing — hacking dead girls telephones is not beyond them — to publish a story and inflame their readers. Harry believes the UK press were responsible for the death of his mother and he saw how quickly they turned on his wife, Meghan. He loves her and is determined to protect her. Good for him.

Let’s talk about money. The Royals are damned if they do and damned if they don’t. If they don’t earn a private income they are condemned as scroungers. If they do they are condemned as profiting from their privileged status.

Yet, isn’t the US president paid out of the public purse? Does he not live in a house owned by the US people, furnished and decorated at their expense? Is he a scrounger? Are the regular redecorations of the White House for each president a scandal?

So what’s different here? The finances of the British Monarchy are extremely complicated. Some property is owned by the Queen and her family personally, some is owned by the State and the Queen is the guardian of that property. The Queen has a duty to maintain the public property. She cannot let it fall into desuetude and disrepair.

Frogmore House is one such property. It needed renovating. Just as the White House is being renovated, in fact. The cost of this ultimately came from the State. It should do. We own it. But the cost of the fixtures and fittings were paid for by Harry and Meghan from their own funds.

What funds? As has been mentioned Harry inherited a considerable sum from his mother. Just like Donald Trump inherited money from his father. Meghan made a good living as an actress before she married Harry. Both are millionaires. Harry receives money from his father, who gets it from his earnings from the Duchy of Cornwall.

Harry receives a relatively trivial sum from the public purse via the Sovereign grant. This isn’t a handout. He works for it. He performs a public role. Just like, you know, the US president does.

What about the cost of protecting the couple? What? — are they not to be protected? They are super-high profile targets for kidnap or assassination. Just like Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump, Jr, both of whom receive protection paid for by the US people. Harry’s protection is mandated by law. He can’t opt out of it, even if he wanted to.

Harry saw what happened to his mother and he saw what was happening to his wife. He acted immediately — you might say impetuously — to protect the second most important woman in his life after his mother, who he couldn’t protect.

There is a rather sterile argument about process and timing. Under the circumstances I think he can be forgiven for being a little trigger-happy.

Too much debate on this subject is characterised by ignorance of the facts, envy, malice and — yes, I’m sorry, but yes — racism.

Personally, I wish the two of them nothing but happiness. I think they have a lot to offer the world and hope they are able to continue to do so, while being safe and happy.


I was legitimately curious, since I didn’t know anything about it. Except what @quicha taught me, which may not be accurate.



I am completely trustworthy. Living Wikipedia leaks. Really.
I just need those three digits on the back of your credit card.


Was this exit in response to a specific item? I thought it was the build up of a few years of pressure. I hope they find happiness wherever they end up; I actually like both the young royal families. But I do wish a more delicate exit had been orchestrated. The extra effort would have played out better and they are smart enough. Unless I missed a specific spark.

Why mention that Trump didn’t have military service though? Many US Presidents do not… While I do think it is wholly wonderful that Harry has served, I don’t take anything away from those who do not. Maybe this is another US/UK difference. Do most UK leaders have service records?


I agree with a lot of what you said, my heart breaks when I think of that little boy following the coffin and I think he has grown into a courageous and inspirational man. I also don’t blame him for wanting to protect Meghan. I do think they want to have their cake and eat it. And I don’t have any opinion about Meghan particularly, I don’t really know anything about her. But I don’t believe that most of the criticism coming her way is racist in nature. I think Harry is loved in this country, and people would rather criticise the newcomer than him.


Not politicians, no. But most of the male Royals do some service.

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Agreed. I don’t think anyone is wishing them peril. Just our long-standing curiosity of the royals. I thought we were merely observing the situation. This is why I lurk - and will return to the shadows.

I have no idea why Trump was brought into the discussion. That is an entirely different train wreck.

@sanstitre_has_left_the_building can’t help himself.

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That’s remarkable!!! Im sincerely impressed. WTG :crown:

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No offense was meant to anyone @Amy_L. I think it’s merely a comparison of the type of leadership currently in office and the similarities between both. Not once did anyone remark on one being better than the other or anything. It’s just facts been stated.

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