The Disney IT rant thread

Disney customer service can be really quite exceptional. It’s one of the reasons people keep coming back.

But Disney IT is the worst, most unreliable, most frustrating, festival of incompetence of any company in the world.

Once again my MDE is messed up. But that’s only the beginning of the horror. I tried calling yesterday but got bounced back and forth in the call system without ever getting anywhere near tech support. So I completed the online form.

Their response: call us. Ugh. So I’m trying that again. I literally just got the message that the tech support helpline is experiencing technical difficulties.

How has Disney got this so wrong? I don’t have this issue with any other company.


You have to pay extra for the disney deluxe IT service


Or burn through two Tier 2 IT requests before getting another Tier 1 IT request that can actually help you.


OK, that was legitimately funny. I feel @heidelj didn’t quite land it.


Sorry, that’s the best I can do. Maybe you need to make the right language selection at the start of your call? :wink:


How come they have so many wonderful details at the parks, where everything feels like perfection, and yet MDE is so bad?! A lot of (most?) clients do most of their interactions with Disney online or with MDE, and yet it is nowhere near the quality level of the in-park or phone experience. Disney really should prioritize Software engineering at least a bit more.


Hugely to my irritation, I got through to someone this evening who was helpful and competent and I think my issues are now all resolved.

For now, obviously.


IT is backstage. I think I’ve read that the backstage areas can be pretty crummy for the CMs who use them. May be mistaken but that’s what I recall.


I heard it was because Disney cheaped out on the IT and are paying the price for it. Wouldn’t be the first time they’ve made false economies. Have you seen the photos of TSL falling to bits?


No, was that on here or somewhere else?

Somewhere else, probably. Just transfers peeling away, SDDs coils breaking, SDDs tail being removed, etc.

But also, not planning ahead for covered waiting areas, etc.

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The standard should be indoor air conditioned queues.


Agreed, obviously.

I was amazed at how beat up TSL was in December. Particularly AS2.

Didn’t they hire foreign people to do IT, made the American staff train them before they were laid off?

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I have had difficulties with my MDE, as well. MDE has me listed as 10 yr old, so of course, I can’t adjust any ADR’s. I call and all techs say I’m showing as an 18+ adult on their end. Three separate phone calls and over an hour and a half on the phone, I kindly asked to just be transferred to the Dining area and they were able to adjust my reservations for me. Multiple Cast Members tried to fix my account, but it still shows 2 different ages, one for MDE and a different one when I call.
Disney can create amazing movies, amazing rides, amazing experiences…but the online tech area lacks in some instances.

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I feel this thread should be followed by a Megan/Harry exit rant… to complete the set


You should start one of those. I would love to read people’s opinions on that! :rofl:

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No ranting from me on that subject. I fully support them. The British public, fired up by the British press, are monsters. They are doing exactly the right thing.