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I’ve been playing catch up with various podcast feeds lately, so just binged a bunch of Disney Dishes and I think I have a great solution for both Disney and Florida.

  1. Florida abandons the idea of building a prison in Reedy Creek
  2. Disney re-themes the Halcyon to Andor’s Narkina 5
  3. Florida sends low-level convictions to Narkina, pays Disney per capita
  4. Instead of inmates assembling Death Star parts, they assemble Mickey Beanies and Goofy Hats for the Character Industrial Complex
  5. PROFIT.

In case anyone wanted to see it but hasn’t, here is a link to the trailer for Space Robots in Outer Space that was referenced on the show


I just finished this week’s Disney Dish. Does anyone else think Disney is going to have an issue using Fast Pass exactly the way it was before? If everyine pays the same anount for it, should anyone get priority booking? Or do you think it will open up one day at a time for everyone?


I am hesitant to guess what they will do.

Personally, having gone through all the iterations, more and more my preference would be to pay per ride. ILL only. Genie+ ends up being really useful on 2-3 rides per park and kinda worthless / stressful to use for anything else. I don’t know that I’d save money by doing ILL, but I’d have more flexibility, and return times would likely progress more slowly, as we have seen with most ILLs.

ETA: At Disneyland Genie+ is much more useful because you can get through all the LL rides (which are virtually all headliners – LL is not offered on most Fantasyland rides, for example) in a single day by park hopping. It’s harder to do that at WDW.


I reaaaally hope that they don’t switch to a pay per ride model. @ThorKat had a guess as to Disney’s plan for Genie+ that I think is more likely to actually happen. Which do you think is more valuable to more people – to pre-book LLs or to book them all the day of? I think Disney will charge more for whichever they think there is a higher demand for.


I would pay more to be able to make a decision at the time I’m there to ride something for a price. But I’m probably in the minority. If Genie+ is going to stay the way it is (i.e., not moving to ILL-only), then I agree adding a pre-book option is the easiest way to placate the most people.

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I agree and I think the higher priced one will be plan ahead. More of a guarantee of getting your heart’s desire. Want to roll the dice? We’ll cut you some slack and offer a small discount if you wait and plan day-off.

(I said this up thread somewhere)


I think you’re right. Which will mean most people pre-book and certain rides will have no availability for day-of Genie+ purchase.


Just like the old FPP days!


Listening to today’s episode and I completely agree with @Melanie re FP+ vs Genie+. Nice job summarizing the issue (if she happens to be on here). I almost always take short trups, so glad to have someone represent that perspective!


Yeah I have similar thoughts about the difference between the two. I think a nice compromise would be to book just one beforehand so that you don’t have to do the 7am thing. Sometimes I benefit from the FPP model, sometimes the G+ model would be better.


Ooh so you would start next ones 2hrs after park open or after you tap in for that one you’ve booked?

I like it.

I honestly do think we are going to see a hybrid. And that “book ahead” will cost more.


How about each guest has two choices when purchasing tickets.

  1. Choose 3 G+ attractions ahead of time with the possibility to get more the day of.
  2. Choose to wait til the day of, just like currently.

Basically you get to choose FP+ or G+.

But what about ILLS? I would say keep that to day of only.

Will be interesting to see if resort guests get another perk incorporating this incoming change or ILL bookings.


The rules of this are what matter. Do they open one day at a time for everyone? Or does length of stay matter? And would they hold some back? I.e. if I chose day of. Are they all going to be terrible times, or worse, gone for the day.


I don’t have a huge preference of G+ or FPP+. My only hope is that if they do G+, let me at least go ahead and purchase it for the length of stay ahead of time. We went last August, but had booked prior to June when they stopped pre-selling G+. I still had to get up before 7 am to get my computer ready for BG1 and my phone loaded, but that doesn’t bother me when sometimes you are leaving your room around that time to RD. But having to get up even earlier to make that step of purchasing G+ and hoping it doesn’t glitch is worrying. Going in September and will have to do that extra step each day.


Before they make any changes to the current Genie+, they should probably fix this one

Executive Summary: AP holder couldn’t purchase Genie+ during last trip and today still can’t … Flash, nobody at Disney can figure it out including IT Department.


@len just finished listening to this week’s episode and wanted to weigh in on the MK ETPE question you posed - which, maybe I’m not the right audience for it (have two littles - 4 and 7 - and we’re a once a year trip family), but my answer is: I don’t care how much time the ILL saves me on the day, I’m going to buy it to avoid the crush of rope drop in the am.

And, for what it’s worth, this has been my longstanding (and dare I say only?!) issue with Touring Plans - I’d rather wait 10 minutes each for 10 rides (for a total of 100 minutes) in a day than wait 30 minutes for one ride and 5 for the other 9 (for a total of 75 on the day). If your team could find a way to build a program that allowed you to set your maximum wait time threshold (even if it winds up spitting out that you can’t do x, y, z rides), that would be life changing.

Related: the fam and I are headed down end of this week and our MK plan is exactly what you’re hypothesizing - we will buy ILL for 7DMT and rope drop PPF.


On today’s Disney Dish Podcast, @len gave a nice plug for @JJT 's DVC discount search.

Highlighted some amazing DVC values.


“Will stuffing dollar bills in your ear fix it??” A new DD classic line.


What was the DVC website that was mentioned on the pod this week? Was driving and couldn’t write it down

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