The camera box was back with Tink and Chewbacca (updated)

Got our picture with Tink at MK last night and they were using the dreaded box again. We did Mickey as well and he did NOT have the box.

What, exactly, is “the dreaded box”?

no photo person - it’s an automated camera

Ah. Okay. I hadn’t heard it called that. Now all is clear.

I hate the photo boxes. Not only does it put people out of jobs, but the quality is so generic.

Here’s a photo with a CM taking my photo with Tink


Here’s the Photo Box -



We’re going to do the Tink photo in a few days. Can we use our own cameras too?

Yes. There is still a CM there to usher people in & out. They’ll take it for you on your phone & etc…

Had they removed it? It was there in May.

They haven’t been removed, but back in October WDW said they were going to refrain from using them.

When I was there the week of October 20, it was the box (not a CM photographer). The photos were not good. Last year, we had a CM photographer and the photos were great. The box really cheapens the experience and the photos.

Sorry @davej, we were there on the 27th and had a photographer.

Ugh the box camera was with chewbacca too, just 30 minutes ago

We had horrible experiences with the box this summer when we saw Chewbacca and Olaf. The focus was on me standing on the sideline while our DS was visiting with the characters. The pictures were absolutely awful.

We got great photos with the boxes with Chewy and Vadar on 11/16. There were attendants to tell you when to look though. Seemed so weird.
Olaf had neither on 11/13.


The CM that is there should, at a minimum tell the group where they need to stand donthe box doesn’t focus on them. All of our Chewy photos are of my husband"s rear. Kylo was mildly better as we were all up there with him, but still not framwd.ornfocused well (July trip).

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Yes I agree. Our pics were good when cropped, but the CM should really have warned my mum that when she was bending to put her bag on the floor at the side of the room, the box was taking pics of her backside.

That’s pretty much how our Chewy photos are, too, except they are of me. :rofl: The CM’s there didn’t say anything or direct us in any way.

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They need white lines on the floor! In the photo zone, or you can bend over here to put your bags down! :rofl:


See my pic above - No direction, just a few flashes while we were talking to Tink and then waved off. They are “fun” candid pics, but I prefer a posed picture.

Pictures don’t seem much better than before they pulled the boxes. So, you’ve only experienced camera box back with these two characters? No other ones yet? Leaving in 14 days…

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