The Bad Advice Thread

OH… I didn’t think you were doubting. I was totally impressed w/ appliances! My one DD said it looked nicer than her place :wink: My only complaint was that the front loading doors on w/d were facing the wrong way. Dumb complaint. My DH said the king bed was too short.


Sorry to be there bearer of bad news! I’m going to miss it too. I never took it all that seriously, but it was fun every once in awhile!


We took our first family trip when kids were DD6 and DS9. My wife and I hadn’t been to WDW for 15 years or so.

We strolled unthinkingly onto The Great Movie ride with our only thought being we’d warn DD before the Alien scene and avert her eyes.

Well, we get put in the first row of the ride. CM guide is nice… then the gangster CM takes over the ride (we completely forgot about this) fires off his gun during his spiel, walks up next to my DD, looks down, says “Hi Kid!” and then drives us off.

Took us a few minutes to get DD to understand it was part of the ride and just a performance.

She is DD14 now and still calls us out on it. :smiley: