That's it. I'm breaking up with you

This last month or so has been wonderful. You’re terribly sweet, funny and of course good looking. We’ve had good times. I’ve loved your witty banter, your photos and your stories.

But I don’t know if our relationship is healthy. You are enablers. You spur me to excesses and feed my addiction. I keep planning more and more. I don’t know where it ends. Maybe we should see other people for a while. Just until I’m stronger.


Wait. No! I want to come back.


lol - good luck with that! :grinning:


I know how you feel!!!


I don’t know if we can trust you, now. You have revealed you have the heart of a two-timer.


Just like any relationship, the one with Disney can be saved by having a baby. :smiley:


I am going on a cruise in February. It was amazingly inexpensive. Since it leaves out of Port Canaveral and I’d need a hotel in Orlando anyway, I thought I should go to Disney. If I’m going to be be there for one day, it may as well be two.

But now, with the opening of SWGE and the Epcot Flower and Garden I just want a little more time. It is just a few dollars here and there and since the tickets cost less per day and the airfare is paid…

I am thinking of trying Dave’s DVC. AK value for wha I’m paying for Pop. I’m having some self control issues. It’s alrighr to blame you, right?


I have a feeling you’re going to blame us anyway.


No. Please. It will never happen again.


This is why I can’t go. You have all the right answers.


Yes. My thoughts exactly. In a healthy relationship, the SO can do no wrong. But here, we can do no right.

I think if you TRULY want to prove your dedication to the relationship, you need to plan another WDW trip.



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I will! I’ll do it for us.


Look, you are making a quick emotional decision here. Maybe take some time to visit the parks and relax before you jump to any conclusions. We are all here to help you [plan].


I read the title of this post, and thought it was going to be @mousematt’s WDW tantrum of the day. :wink:


Do it! Do it! Do it!

That is an outrageous lie.


So we are done with Disney Loathing? Or just for today. :thinking:


I think your overreacting. As long as someone is benefiting from this relationship (including you), it has to be a good thing.

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“today”…you mean “lunch hour”?


I’ve been on touring plans for years, but joined in on the discussion group only since January 2019 for the Dopey Race Weekend to try to meet up with other Liner runners. That trip was going to be the last for a while. I blame @MouseGirl42

Then reading the discussion got me thinking I’ve never been to Disney at Halloween and MNSSHP – oh! and I could do the Two Course Challenge at Wine and Dine race weekend! So booked my DVC at AKL and persuaded DD21 to join me for a long weekend. I blame @Dreamer

Then discussion and trip reports got me self-pitying that my littles are now adults and I miss them at Disney and Oh! – I book my DVC AKL points for a week to take my adorable nephews in December – that solves that. I blame you all.

Then I read all the Wilderness Lodge love in discussion and oh! why don’t I buy a third DVC contract so, yeah, now a Copper Creek contract. Totally blame @PrincipalTinker

And then of course I had to use the points so yay! Jan 3-7 stay with DD21 after the holiday crowds but before she has to go back back for college.

Then I read all the discussion on SWGE – and I’m disdainful because Star Wars (which I adore) is not Disney but then I realize Wait!!! Star Wars Race Weekend April 2020 will be the first time with potential run through SWGE and suddenly!!! I’m registered for the Kessel Run Challenge and have a split stay (which I also read about on the forum but would have never thought of as fun otherwise) at CC and AKL. Too many to list all at fault here

Then I realize that I have a free weekend during a work trip in LA and having read everything that the DLR advocates say about how DLR is better than WDW decide, hmm, just to be fair I should give DLR a try and Yes!!! I get 2 nights using my DVC points at the Grand Californian and spend 3 greats days at DLR with my DS28 and his GF! Mostly @Wahoohokie 's fault

And thinking about all my runDisney challenges I suddenly realize that one is missing when I check in on the forum runDisney discussions and Yes!!! I’m registered for the Fairy Tale Challenge February 2020 for Princess runDisney weekend and staying on my points at AKL. I guess this one might be my fault. Might be.

Clearly the fault lies in this Liner relationship, not in me – I’m with you @debbborra. Oh, and I should be working so this is your fault. :slight_smile: