That was then, this is now

If you Google info about wdw you may find a lot of information that although it once was true- it is now bad advice or just plain wrong. I am hoping that we can gather that all in one place as a quick reference. So, think of all the old tricks, shortcuts, and hints!


Fast Passes:

Once upon a time there were “fast pass runners” . A member of your party ran ahead and got the FPs for everyone in your party. Today you would be running around the park looking for FP machines that were removed years ago.

Until May 2016 you would make FPs at midnight wdw time (I am not getting into Eastern or Daylight Standard time) as your window hit day 60 for an onsite stay or 30 days for off site. Now (May 2016) FPs can be made at 7:00am day 60/30.

Old: The 1st three FPs could be made ahead of time and additional one were made at a kiosk.

April 2016: 4th FPs can be made on a mobile device or at another park.


Cancelling tier 2 FPs to make additional tier 1 FPs:

Before recent FP changes (April 2016) if you hooked FPs in Epcot or Hollywood Studios you could cancel the tier 2 FPs and after you used your tier 1 you could go to a kiosk and try to get another. Now, if you cancel your tier 2 FPs in Epcot and try to hook another tier 1 at Epcot- you will not be allowed to book until you use the tier 2. You also cannot just let them lapse- they do not count as used (May 2016)


I’m trying to think. It all gets muddled in this brain. LOL


I have another!

Pre 2015? Refillable mugs: before your trip “some people” would google the current design of the refillable mugs. Of course others really didn’t care and they would just bring any old refillable mug and use it on your trip. (Many interesting threads in chat were created on this topic) If you did buy a mug it was only intended for use at the resort you are staying at.

Now: there is a chip in each mug. For a while the mugs costs a different price and were good for different lengths of time. With these changes mugs were also allowed to be used at any resort.

Now, the mugs are activated for a determined time (word has as of May 2016 that it is 30 days?). An old mug could be used for ice water and may get you dirty looks if you used it for coffee😉


Interesting thread - I’ll try to think of some outdated tips that are still seen out there.


You cannot yell “Andy’s coming” to the Toy Story characters. They WILL NOT fall to the ground


You can still see what’s available FP wise before canceling current selections. How to check for FP availability in another park without losing the current FP selections


Thank you!

Thought of another!

You used to have to scan your ticket and fingerprint in order to use FPs. This is no longer true. Someone in your party sleeping? Take their MB and use their FPs! You have a friend with an AP- yup- you can borrow their MB, have them book FPs and use them.


You used to be able to ask to ride in the front of the monorail. You can no longer do that. No guests are allowed in the front. :frowning: (One of my most hated changes)


I miss that, too. I still have my “monorail pilot’s license” in my wallet!

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But can you now book a tier 1 FP in a different park? Say I FP Frozen at 9am , then cancel my others, can I book a Beauty & the Beast FP in HS?

You no longer have to book 3. Just book Frozen and then book your other park once Frozen is done!

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Thanks, I’m not planning it, but it’s good to know what you can do.

Another thread made me think of this one:

Once upon a time you used to be able to pick up the phone in your room and talk to the front desk, bell services, house keeping. Now? You call a call center. If you have an issue they issue a “work order” they can see if the “ticket has been picked up” but they cannot tell you response time. Not your experience? This happened twice in April 2016 to me (in my defense I was with a 20 month old and who would know that dumping chips all over the rug would be funny?). At AKL the response was over an hour with the above conversation. At Poly it was much quicker but they did ask what resort I was calling from…

I did not know this!

All of the trash cans in Tomorrowland are just trash cans. I miss PUSH.


Push isn’t there anymore?! That was one of our favorite distractions!

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Nope, Push was sent to the Great Garbage Dump In The Sky last year: