Thank you! First trip to WDW starts in the morning!

Just a quick thank you for all the help! I’m beyond grateful for all the great advice, reality checks and opinions. I got up at 5:30 this morning and finalized all our plans, double checked all fast passes and dining and finalized our WalMart list for the little things. Our flight leaves at 5:30 am tomorrow and without this group (and my sweet local Disney friend), I would be immensely unprepared.

I can’t wait to start my very own trip report!


This kind of slack attitude is not really what we’re looking for here.

Plans should be checked multiple times a day and changed on at least half those occasions.

Luckily you have time to realise that your plans are a catastrophe and remake them, reallocating parks to days and switching out all FPPs and ADRs.

Or maybe you don’t want to have a good trip.


Have a great trip!

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LOL…This is probably a closer representation of my trip planning.

Be sure to post your pics in the “Where in the World” thread. :smiley:


Have a magical trip!

Have fun!

I hope you’ll check in to let us know how it’s going — or when you get back, how it went!

Have a great time!

Have a magical time and travel safe

So excited for you!